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Is It Just Me?

Author: Sean, Lou, and Jhoel

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Three longtime friends discussing life, love, and all of the inconsequential things in between, all while dropping casual shade and pretending to know how to podcast. Tune in for all the opinions you never wanted! Follow us on instagram @ isitjustme_pod
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Brounion Tour!  It's 2019 and we are back with the only episode of the year! This past week we traveled to Columbus, Ohio where we fell in love with the city and it's chili. We step into the world and culture of the Mid-West. How many times do you reunion with friends? Why reunion? Are you forced or make an effort to see each other? All this and less on a new episode of, Is it Just Me?  *Warning: there's a lot of giggles and chili.....Send us your chili recipes in the DMs on our instagram @ isitjustme_pod  Not Sponsors but we LOVE! check them out!: 
On this week's episode we talk about the worst feeling in the world. It happens to everyone, in a single day, a few months, or even a lifetime. How do you love? How do you cope after love? What the hell is love?! With our special guest Joan and her bulldog, we dive deep into the abyss of LOVE.
It's the end of summer and we are quite bummed :( This episode we discuss our love of swampy things, the summer glow up, and cosmic astrological beings. Also, is peeing in the ocean cool? Find out more on this episode with our special guest of Is It Just Me?!
Description: We briefly take you into our mini vacay in NYC where we played tourist, we twerked it, and we had not sooo much fun with a spacesuit! We’ll teach you how to deal with one of New York’s current troubles, slow walkers! Prepare yourselves as we convince you why we love New York City!!! We also started an instagram to add some faces to our voices and to show off our experiences!!! -------> isitjustme_pod
Episode 6 - Travel

Episode 6 - Travel


Is it by bus? A plane? Or even by train? No matter where you go or who you see whether it be friends, family, or just a solo vacation, there’s always some type of way to get there. In today’s episode we talk about the hardships and struggles of Traveling. Check out the roadtrip to Oregon!
Hitting the grind on your own time? Do you rise with the sun? How’s your daily poop? What’s the point of plants? Our special guest Joan and her bulldog came in for round 2 to talk about routines.
Episode 3- the BIG move

Episode 3- the BIG move


Big moves for our big boy Sean as he moves to New York! What’s the worst part of moving to a new city, how do you make friends, how long until you can call it your own? East coast or west coast? We can help you decide as you listen to the New episode of “Is it Just Me?”
This episode is all about the one day where we’re reminded of getting a bit wiser and closer to death. What’s the point of having cupcakes and friends at a birthday anyway? What’s your sign? Who cares? All these questions and more on this episode of Is it just me?
Inaugural episode of is it just me? Introductions to the cool cats and rants of epic proportion Welcome to the shadiest podcast...this side of the Mississippi
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