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We often overlook Islamic history as a learning tool. The history of Islam is not only important for Muslims, but important for everyone. Islam and the people who call themselves Muslims have made an enormous impact on our world. The Islamic History Podcast is about discovering that history in a fun and interesting way.
163 Episodes
Aurangzeb fights Afghans, English, Marathas, and Rajputs.
The Marathas and the Deccan are problems for Aurangzeb
A winner emerges from the fratricidal war.
The fratricidal war begins.
Shah Jahan's ambitions cause problems for the Mughals.
The death of Jahangir and the rise of Shah Jahan
As Jahangir grows sicker and more dependent on his wife and opium, a political scuffle begins.
Jehangir deals with a rebellion led by his son.
9-2: Akbar’s Death

9-2: Akbar’s Death


The death and legacy of Akbar the Great.
How did Akbar manage his sprawling empire?
9-0 Introduction

9-0 Introduction


Introducing Season 9 of the Islamic History Podcast where we continue the story of the Mughal Empire.
Akbar tries to remove all religious divisions in his empire by creating a new religion.
Akbar neutralizes the Rajputs using a combination of diplomacy and warfare.
Akbar is only a teenager when he becomes the Mughal emperor and everyone wants a piece of him.
India is in chaos and the people want Humayun to come back. Can he pull off one of the greatest comebacks in history?
After losing his empire, Humayun receives help from an unlikely source: the Safavid Empire.
As Humayun struggles to establish his authority, Portugal struggles to create a new trade network in the subcontinent.
With the Rajputs pacified for the time being, Babur turns his attention to his Afghan enemies.
Babur has two major obstacles standing in his way in India. One of them, are the Rajputs, a mighty warrior caste.
8-8: Babur and India

8-8: Babur and India


Babur begins his first raids into India setting the stage for the establishment of the Mughal Dynasty.
Comments (23)

Sadique Samm Morpheus

Jazakallah. Session 6 is such a terrible history. I went through immense pain listening all the way through. I am glad it is over with 6-14. A painful remainder how the Arab world have degenerated into a useless and excessively wasteful Ummah. While they are busy competing against each other for the tallest building on earth, Isreal, in connivance with the West to keep on grabbing Palestinian land. Gaza is our collective shame. The Muslim Ummah will continue to slide down into trenches of shame and anguish till Gaza and the rest of the Arab/Muslim nations are liberated from the shackles of Isreal/US alliance.

Aug 18th

Sadique Samm Morpheus

Masha Allah. I am highly impressed with these two episodes on Sheik Usman Bn Fodio. I am from Kano, a state in Northern Nigeria and have to confess my ignorance of the jihad which paved the way for my ancestors to become Muslims. The Sheik has done a great job. May Allah reward him with Jannatul Firdaus. Ameen.

Aug 28th

zahra imtiaz

hi, do you have episodes on the conquest of Spain?

Mar 30th

michel salameh

I heard most of the episodes related to the first years of Islam and they benefited me very much in knowing the history of Islam. However, while I was hearing the episode in which the subject of the Lebanese civil war was mentioned ,I found that it has several historical inaccuracies especially when it comes to the parties involved in the war and the responsibilities of each party in this war. The lebanese war is a very complicated subject where brothers stepped each other in the back and where allies became enemies overnight and its roots can be tracked back to the 60s knowing that the first massacre was done in Damour and that massacre for a reason or another is always ignored. Moreover the massacre of Sabra and Shatila was done by several parties who some of them pretended to be allies with the PLO (please google it and you will have the right answer).

Aug 19th


Is there a season 4 with Ibn Zubair and the Ummayads?

Aug 6th

Ibrahim René Warner

Uthmans wife knew who killed him. After all she lost 4 fingers. Why did Ali not ask her and give punishment ?

May 23rd
Reply (1)

Momina Masud

Where are those episodes of Ottoman empire?

Apr 6th

Katie Louise Tyers

Please can you tell me if the two predecessor podcasts to this podcast are still available? If yes, what are they called and where can I find them? Thanks

Feb 2nd

Awais Mirza

kalboshan yadev one of the indian spy captured by Pakistan agencies who accepted that he was part of many terrorist attacks held in Balochistan. Both countries were face to face in International court of justice. This is not Govt claim that India is involved. Good program but thought to add this fact.

Oct 30th

James Reardon

Where can I find parts 1-8, please?

May 27th
Reply (1)

Serene Mimi

where can I find season 1?

Apr 10th

Kevin Jacobs

It's a really good podcast that does a great job explaining Islamic history and putting the events into context.

Mar 8th


I love how it's all about war. the religion of peace keeps slaves and only peaceful when you submit to their rule. once conquered you're forced to submit. although I do not agree with the religion this was a good podcast. good to learn.

Jan 23rd
Reply (6)

Bronwyn Fraser

Really wanted to like this podcast but the caster gets way too bogged down in detail - to the point of singing verses allegedly performed by historical figures, in Arabic. It sounds very nice and all but you're not learning anything. Also season 1 isn't available which seems really odd. I'm finding it difficult to achieve the purpose of this podcast and really gain a comprehension of Islamic history

Sep 13th


Where is chapter 1??

Feb 26th
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