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It's A Lifestyle With Miss Inspiration

Author: Tanisha Shanee

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Tune in and hear from Christ Ambassador, Inspirational Speaker, Author, Tanisha Shaneé as she releases God Inspired Messages. Tanisha discusses topics such as Purpose Drive Lives, Singles Waiting for God Ordained Relationships, Healthy Lifestyles, and anything God places on her heart to release for those to follow.

Tanisha has been featured in multiple publications over the years - Cosmopolitan, Everyday Health, Dr. Oz The Good Life, and others. Her books have sold internationally - 'Transition to a Healthier You' and now 'Dear Single in Love' Support this podcast:
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Dear Single In Love available now on Amazon -- --- Support this podcast:
Tanisha Shanee continues this conversation of Dear Single In Love. Today we are discussing how dating can be a challenge when men are not interested in getting to know you and allowing you an opportunity to speak and share your truth. A man should notice you, get to know you, and vice versa. --- Support this podcast:
Tanisha Shanee discusses how our past relationships are no April Fools to God because He knew that relationship was not supposed to last. In my new book, "Dear Single in Love" (now available on Amazon), I discuss how God sees the end first. Our relationships were no surprised to God and it should not be to you. Get your copy of "Dear Single in Love" outlines 8 Principles for Women Waiting for their purpose mate - and we do not mean the old jokers/fools we dated in the past. Close that chapter and prepare for what God has for you.--- Support this podcast:
New season means new opportunities and relationships; therefore, you have to let that season end and die. #DearSingleInLove you have to understand many of you have been given signs and warnings to leave those past, old tired relationships alone. You want God to bring you your purpose mate? Well, He won't when you are constantly entertaining an old love or relationship. Move accordingly in this new season. Wait for your God ordained purpose mate! #relationshipgoals #love #relationship #Purposemate #NewSeason #MissInspiration #TanishaShaneeGet your copy of "Dear Single in Love" now--- Support this podcast:
You might not understand why you're single and wonder what is taking so long, but God has a perfect plan. Tanisha Shanee explains how your obedience in this season of single is for your good. Time for kingdom couples to rise up, but you have to allow God to devise that perfect plan for you. Get your copy of "Dear Single in Love" now on Amazon--- Support this podcast:
Another addition to #PrayListenObey #DearSingleInLove Series speaks on not looking for Boaz! Ladies, if you go to Amazon right now, you will books on waiting or finding your Boaz. We have to stop searching for Boaz because he was Ruth's husband. What God did do was provide an opportunity for you to learn characteristics and traits of a Godly man. The book of Ruth is a small book, but is powerful as a guide. So ladies check it out and again, stop waiting for Boaz. To order a copy of "Dear Single in Love," you can visit Amazon now #KingdomRelationships #MissInspiration--- Support this podcast:
Tanisha introduces her new book, "Dear Single in Love, 8 Principles for the Woman Waiting for Her God Ordained Purpose Mate" which will be released on Amazon, on March 26th. In this episode, Tanisha discusses what woman should not do and one of those things is saying, "I want/need a man." When you say and seek this, you will receive just that... Listen and share. Also, pre-order your copy now at Shanee "Miss Inspiration" --- Support this podcast:
Tanisha Shanee "Miss Inspiration" shares some words you need to remove immediately from your vocabulary because they could be in the way of your blessings. Things change when you start thinking and SPEAKING differently! Listen to this second part of Power of Your Words - all God Inspired. "Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips" (Psalm 141:3) follow on social media @TanishaShanee To book: Support this podcast:
This 3rd part of Tanisha Shanee's series, "It's A Lifestyle" Miss Inspiration shares how our words impacts our reality. If we are not speaking the right words, we are not going to see the results we desire. This goes for weight loss, career search, finances, relationships... everything! God spoke the world into existence, so we need to follow His instruction and example and do the same thing. We have power in our words. Do you believe that?#MissInspiration #GodInspired #TanishaShaneeto book Tanisha Shanee email: Support this podcast:
Tanisha Shanee, Miss Inspiration continues the conversation of how healthy living really embodies more than just what we eat and how often we exercise. Here she explains how our mindsets play a major role and factor in what it is we are seeking to do and how that can make or break our journey. No sense in eating healthier if you are going to have unhealthy thoughts about yourself or where you are headed, right? Tanisha continues to share how this process helped her to overcome her own battle of obesity - where she used to weigh over 350 pounds and because of the steps she shares in this series, was able to successfully lose over 100 pounds and keep it off for over 5 years. Tanisha's story has been featured in many magazines and she gives all praises to God for assisting her on this journey. To reach Miss Inspiration, email or follow on social media @TanishaShanee (IG) #HealThyBody #MissInspiration #HealthMinistry--- Support this podcast:
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