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Author: NPR

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A talk show with a heart. Each week, Sam interviews people in the culture who deserve your attention. Plus weekly wraps of the news with other journalists. Join Sam as he makes sense of the world through conversation.
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Journalist Malcolm Gladwell's best-selling books have explored a wide range of topics from decision making to 'The Tipping Point.' His latest work, 'Talking To Strangers,' takes a look at stories such as the Sandra Bland case, the trial of Amanda Knox and the Stanford rape case to explain why interactions with strangers often go wrong. Sam spoke to Gladwell about his new book at The George Washington University's Lisner Auditorium on Sept. 11, 2019.
Congress is back in session, but what are lawmakers in the Senate and House of Representatives prioritizing for the foreseeable future? Meanwhile, presidential campaigns are working hard to activate and engage youth voters, but how effective are their strategies? Plus, Sam and People Magazine's food editor dig into why one how-to video involving a deep-fried barbecue chicken-quesadilla-pizza hybrid went viral — and where online cooking videos are headed. Sam is joined in studio this week by NBC News White House reporter Geoff Bennett and Yahoo national politics reporter Brittany Shepherd.
Social media influencers have changed the marketing industry. Brands now pour billions of dollars into partnering with people who can reach audiences on platforms like Instagram and YouTube — whether they're advertising a handbag, a video game or a meal at a local restaurant. But what does it take to become an influencer, and what happens when your livelihood is tied to a platform that's not your own? Sam talks with an influencer, a reporter who covers the industry and an executive who helps influencers achieve stardom.
Democratic Presidential candidates talked climate in a town hall this week. How does transportation factor into combating climate change? In the wake of several mass shootings, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is still yet to bring forward any legislation on gun control. We take a look at how President Trump may be influencing McConnell's thinking and actions. Plus, with all the yelling and shouting, what's going on with Brexit this week — and how are Brits feelings about it? Sam is joined in the studio this week by Curbed Urbanism editor Alissa Walker and producer Tom Dreisbach of NPR's Embedded podcast.
Actress Danielle Brooks caught the eye of many Netflix viewers as Tasha 'Taystee' Jefferson in the streaming platform's original series Orange Is The New Black. All seven seasons of the show, which tells the fictional stories of women in prison, are streaming on Netflix now. Brooks sat down with Sam Sanders to talk about what it took to step into the role of Taystee and taping her final emotional scenes — plus, what kind of mother Brooks hopes to be.
We're taking a break from the news this week to revisit conversations with stars from two shows nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series at this year's Primetime Emmy Awards on September 22. Dan Levy from Pop TV's 'Schitt's Creek' discusses creating the show with his father, comedic actor Eugene Levy, and Greta Lee from Netflix's 'Russian Doll' talks to guest host Julia Furlan about the show's New York identity. Back with our regular Weekly Wrap next week. Email the show at
Writer Jia Tolentino has a keen eye for processing bits of internet absurdity and telling readers what they say about us. The 'New Yorker' staff writer's new book, 'Trick Mirror,' examines several different systems that impact our lives through a series of nine deeply researched essays. Tolentino and Sam Sanders discuss growing up in church, putting your life on the internet and what happens when your life becomes a quest for optimization.
President Trump wanted to buy Greenland but Denmark said no. Meanwhile, American fast food chains argued over who has the best friend chicken sandwich. Plus, 'Sporkful' host Dan Pashman stops by to taste test the latest plant-based "milks." Sam is joined by Los Angeles Times reporter Melanie Mason and KPCC's Leo Duran. Email the show at
In a new cover story for The Atlantic, Vann R. Newkirk II tells the story of how the government systematically stripped black farmers of their land via illegal pressures levied through its loan programs, which created massive transfers of wealth from black to white farmers, especially in the period just after the 1950s. Follow Vann on Twitter @fivefifths. Email the show at
Markets had a roller coaster week as talks of an oncoming recession roiled the global economy. The White House wants social media companies to try to stop violence before it occurs, but what would that mean for privacy? Plus, how the internet is shifting the way we text and talk. Sam is joined by NPR White House reporter Ayesha Rascoe and Washington Post senior tech policy reporter Tony Romm.
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Most campus sexual assaults are by people the victim knows not strangers and also occur outside of frat parties. It's also not like drinking stops after college but we clearly don't use that as the scapegoat for sexual assault elsewhere. Drinking is a factor but it is not the cause and going after that won't magically stop assault. A lot of people drink and the majority do not assault someone while doing so. I really don't think the presentation of the issue by Gladwell was accurate and quite frankly it did sound like victim blaming not "victim prevention."

Sep 18th

Xavier Doc Jenkins

I need that “what” sound byte as a text tone.

Aug 24th


if the trans Victoria secret model is hot, I'm sure it'll get some views but guaranteed if Victoria's secret keeps going down this ridiculous Woke path and think the majority of their viewers of the show want to see plus size models and trans people who do not come off as well as they'd like, they will go either out of business or their catwalk show will be cancelled. these are facts.

Aug 11th

Alyosha Sønju

jr. t

Jul 24th

Doreen Perry

Alyosha Sønju 🙃

Jul 25th

Cheng Zhang-Stoddard

Love this talented man!

Apr 10th

Lizzie Sullivan

Thank you for the trigger/content warning right up front. I appreciate it.

Mar 12th

Dani Vasquez

Sam is so tuned in. I love that he learns the language needed to help him connect to each person that he interviews. He brings in techniques that are probably representative of his training and education while maintaining an air of authenticity. This interview is no exception. Thanks for turning me on to artists that are new to me in a way that makes me feel like I've been listening to them for a while.

Feb 22nd

Sha'Huni Robinson

Great interview! I almost slipped over it, so happy I didn’t. Sam Sanders knows how to interview!

Feb 19th

Isaac Sanchez

one of my favorite podcasts. the tone is just right with a good balance of intellect and blissful pop culture ignorance. keep up the good work you guys!

Jan 12th

Victoria Rose

I hire day workers for 20 an hour so I could work for that too. and if I need some Brawn I could higher one of those heavy lifting types for some Things. does that sound doable?

Dec 26th

Anna Linnell

I'm challenging your declaration of the "youngest person elected to congress". Check it out, Abby Finkenaur from Iowa's first congressional district is just 29.

Nov 17th

Danica Hay-Skattum

please be sure to talk about the sexual harassment of males especially when talking about servers. Women can be just as out of line with comments and unwanted touching of males but males are, in my opinion, even more so chastised for speaking up against it!!

Oct 2nd

jmike s

thanks so much for the Updatez I gvxkmt pzx I'm looking hey mang oh Chris k

Sep 21st

Pizza Monster

"American culture borrows from other cultures, never seen the reverse in a movie". Really? Have you been outside of the US? The whole Hollywood propaganda machine pushed American culture down the world's throat. What the hell are you talking about???

Aug 24th

Cliff Bernard

this episode isn't downloading

Jan 27th

Rachael Ma

Data is powerful, but having every piece of data tracked by Facebook is certainly scary.

Oct 12th
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