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Welcome to It's Happening Podcast!!!

A podcast designed to create a safe space for artists to express their thoughts in the unknown and giving each artist an equal opportunity to thrive.

Hosted by Alexis Kim and co-managed by Arlyn De Los Santos, we will both be releasing weekly episodes interviewing new artists based off of monthly topics. Thank you for listening. Support this podcast:
13 Episodes
On this final episode on the topic, mental health awareness, Arlyn and Alexis do a recap on the previous episodes and we talk about our take on mental health. We want to thank everyone so much for taking the time to listen, for the love and support, and to everyone that was open to interviewing on such a personal topic. We wanted to introduce this topic on the podcast because there is a large increase of concern for mental health and we feel that there's a stigma about mental health and we want to humanize these things that we all personally experience. We do our best to bring awareness to mental health and to try to be supportive in the community to show that nobody is alone.  Everybody has mental health and it's important that we try to look at the matter with objectivity and to show compassion and empathy to the people around us. We all struggle with a battle that nobody knows about. It's okay to talk about it and to share thoughts about mental health and how you feel. We do our best to create a safe space for anyone listening and for the amazing people that have allowed us to interview them.  Follow us on Instagram! @itshappening.podcast Arlyn: @dominicanfilmmaker  Alexis: Music by AYIIE BIE This Way:  Spotify Tidal iTunes IG: @popularunderdwg --- Support this podcast:
All the way from Ireland, Leah Moloney, Creative Director of "Between Two Books"  delights us with her insights and expertise on Mental Health Awareness. Leah began "Between Two Books", Florence + The Machine's Book Club 7 years ago when she was only 15 years old. And since then she's been sharing her creative mind with the world through literature and community building.  Arlyn and Leah met at FORM Arcosanti 2019, after the "Between Two Books" panel and immediately clicked. "I am so happy to have kept in touch with you, and finally got to converse with Leah on the podcast about a topic that we are both SO passionate about" - Arlyn. Leah just graduated from her Psychology major and on this episode, she brings us all her thoughts on Mental Health, from a personal and professional level to the chemistry between body and mind.  THANK YOU LEAH!!! for being willing to share your passion with the world <3 We wish you the best in your endeavors and remember at IT'S HAPPENING PODCAST you'd always have a home.  S/O to FORM Arcosanti for bringing us together.  Check out Between Two Books and Leah on social media (links below) LEAH MOLONEY IG: @leah_moloney TWITTER: @leahmoloney BETWEEN TWO BOOKS IG: @betweentwobooks TWITTER: @betweentwobooks S/O to our music artist of the month, AYIIE BIIE This Way AYIIE BIIE iTunes Spotify Tidal IG: @popularunderdwg --- Support this podcast:
We have Ariel Zucker on our 10th episode of the podcast!!! It's such a great pleasure to have her on this episode of It's Happening. Ariel is a director, filmmaker, and founder of CNT Productions, "a video production company created by and creating for women, POC & LGBTQ communities, striving to get marginalized voices heard."  We dive in with Ariel about her personal take on mental health and the effects it's had in her life. We talk about how she approaches the subject of mental health awareness and what insights she has to offer from a personal experience. We are so thankful to have Ariel be open and vulnerable in this episode and to give us some knowledge and wisdom about the matter.  Check out "CNT Productions" and Ariel on social media (links below) ARIEL ZUCKER Instagram: @arielzucker CNT Productions Instagram: @imarealcnt YOUTUBE:  S/O to our music artist of the month, AYIIE BIIE and her Melodic Factory You can find her art on iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, & SoundCloud AYIIE BIIE Instagram: @popularunderdwg Spotify iTunes Tidal THE MELODIC FACTORY Instagram: @themelodicfactory --- Support this podcast:
Let's talk about MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS. As artists and living in this day and age as a human, there is a huge underlying issue with mental health awareness. We want to humanize these topics and bring as much awareness as possible, by creating a safe space for other people to share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences on their mental health. We want to thank everyone that was open enough to give us the opportunity to ask them questions on such a personal topic and we hope that creating these spaces allows those of you listening to take away from each episode.  We welcome Zhane'l Speaks on our 9th episode of It's Happening Podcast! Zhane'l Speaks is an artist based in Phoenix, Arizona and she does a dynamic range of art from creative directing, photography, writing, filmmaking, and more!!! She speaks to us about her feelings on mental health and expresses her thoughts on the topic. Shouts out to Zhane'l Speaks for being on this episode and special thanks to her for being open and vulnerable with us on this episode. She just released a book called, ”Her Love Is My Love” and it's now available on her website! Check out Zhane'l Speaks! @daughterofthe.sun Art Instagram Website: Music: Ayiie Biie  iTunes Tidal Spotify --- Support this podcast:
It's the eighth episode of the podcast!! We have B.Formless, a hip-hop musician that creates music that stems from raw emotions that are interrelated into his experiences. B.Formless is an artist that is based in Phoenix, AZ and originally from the Bay Area in San Jose.  It was such a great pleasure to get the opportunity to gain more knowledge about his creative process. We want to thank him for his vulnerability and openness and for sharing his time with us. SHOUTS OUT TO THE MAN B.FORMLESS for being on the show and for showing nothing but love and support!  B.FORMLESS iTunes: Spotify: Soundcloud: Instagram: --- Support this podcast:
Our seventh episode is here!!!! Thank you ALL so much for the support and we couldn't do it without everyone that has been a part of the journey so far and all the amazing artists that were willing to be the interviewees! On this episode, we have an interview with our guest Mike Kang, an artist/painter based in San Francisco!  Check out more of his work! MIKE KANG Website: Instagram: --- Support this podcast:
Creative Process: Hero

Creative Process: Hero


On our sixth episode of the podcast we have an interview with special guest, Hero! A hip-hop music producer based in Gilbert, AZ! We want to send special thanks to Hero for supporting the podcast by taking the time to allow us to create a space to share thoughts about his creative process and more about himself as an artist.  Hero Soundcloud: Instagram: Twitter: --- Support this podcast:
On our fifth episode of the It’s Happening Podcast, we had the honor of having guest interview Gimpheart share his thoughts, feelings, and insight on his creative process! We want to send a special shout out to Gimpheart for taking the time to share more about himself and what he wants to say!!! Check out Gimpheart’s work! Instagram: Music: HERO Soundcloud: Instagram: --- Support this podcast:
Creative Community: WOLFZiE

Creative Community: WOLFZiE


  It’s here!!! The fourth episode of It’s Happening Podcast!!   We are so thankful to have music producer and creative director of Homebody Friends, WOLFZiE, on board! WOLFZiE is a creative based in Phoenix and we are super stoked for him to be here on this episode and giving us the opportunity to interview him and have him share his thoughts about community and sharing his knowledge! Shouts out to WOLFZiE for also providing the music for the intro and the outro that is actually in his album, Homebody Friends! Check it out!!!    Check out his album Homebody Friends!!   Intro and Outro Music:   WOLFZiE Soundcloud: Instagram:   Follow Homebody Friends! --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to the third episode of It's Happening Podcast!   In this episode we have the pleasure of interviewing Bay Area Producer/Artist, Emotegi!! So thankful to have our friend come on the podcast and give us some of his personal thoughts on the community, some things he's working on, and ideas on how we can branch out!    We want to thank Emotegi for taking the time to be on the episode and sharing his time with us and giving us the opportunity to get to know him. Also shouts out for allowing us to play your music for the intro and outro of this episode, thank you!!!   We hope you enjoy this episode and thank you for listening!  Follow us on Instagram for more updates!      --- Support this podcast:
On this second episode of the podcast, we had the pleasure of having Ashlyn Victoria take the time to share her insight and allow us to explore some of her thoughts on the community and how we can grow together. We delve into the conversation about our relationships, how we approach new ways to connect with our community, and elevate each other. We want to thank Ashlyn for taking the time to speak knowledge into our ears and sharing her unreleased song, "Ego". To listen to more of her music check out her Soundcloud! Follow us on Instagram: . . Ashlyn Victoria Soundcloud: Instagram: Facebook:     --- Support this podcast:
It's here!!! The first episode of It's Happening Podcast!!! Arlyn is the co-manager of the podcast and she manages the social media and the graphics/design of It's Happening. She also has her own community called Dominican Dream Makers and she is a filmmaker based in Atlanta, Georgia.  On this episode, Arlyn and I will be talking about our interpretations on the creative community, further go in depth about how we try to connect with people in the community and further discuss our own thoughts on the topic. Thank you all for listening and hope you enjoy!   Follow us on Instagram   Arlyn De Los Santos: Dominican Dream Makers: Dream Makers    Intro/Outro Music:  WOLFZiE Facebook: Instagram: Soundcloud: --- Support this podcast:
Hello everyone!  We are back and renewing the It's Happening Podcast!!! We have made some changes and are back on track to continuing our weekly episodes of artist interviews where we delve deeper into the minds and souls of the artists in the community. The podcast is hosted by Alexis Kim and co-managed by Arlyn De Los Santos. And together we are on a mission to create a platform to give a safe space for artists to share their thoughts and express the unknown. We thank you all for listening and we are excited for you to hear our first episode coming out next week. Thank you, have a blessed day.    Special thanks and HUGE shoutout to the music producer that shared his music for the intro/outro of this introduction. Here are links to his social handles if you are unfamiliar with the music producer, WOLFZiE!! . . WOLFZiE Facebook: Instagram: Soundcloud: --- Support this podcast:
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