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Known for her wit and candor, lifestyle personality and digital creator Tinx brings the voice that made her an overnight sensation celebrated by millions to It’s Me, Tinx. From her satirical takes on pop culture to her sought after recommendations and expert advice, It’s Me, Tinx dives into all of the hot topics and burning questions you want to hear from the social media phenom, all while sharing an intimate glimpse into Tinx’s life. Grab yourself a Tinky Tequila and tune in, it’s going to be a wild ride! New episodes are available every Monday and Friday, with a live call in radio show every Wednesday at 8am PT / 11am ET on Radio Andy, channel 102.
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You already know “comparison is the thief of joy” is one of my favorite mantras…but I wanted to make this episode during peak comparisionitis.  This summer let’s not fall into trap of wishing our life was someone else’s, but instead love the one we have! 
This week social media creator & my SiriusXM co-worker, Davis Burleson is stepping into my office.  Davis helps me dive into only the most interesting parts of the internet this week including Kim K’s ticking time bomb of hotness, people visiting graveyards to help name their babies, and the cryptic crumbs Britney Spears dropped on Instagram in an applaud worthy troll effort of her ex-Justin Timberlake.
Tinx will return next week with an all-new AMA!  While she’s away, we’re listening back to some of our favorite calls from recent weeks. Offering advice on when to pause certain parts of your life, boyfriends who just won’t listen to us, and helping a member of the team step into her sexuality. 
I’m the queen of ick intolerance.  If you can name the smallest reason not to like a guy, I’ve probably done it.  But I’m starting to wonder if we’ve gone too far…can having an ick list hurt us more than it helps us?  I’m not sure, but hope to find the answer by the end of this episode.     Ps - listen to this episode if you don’t know what icks are. xx
Breakout RHONY star, Jessel Taank, is in the office today and she is spilling the tea! Who is the Housewife she wouldn’t mind inviting in the bedroom? Which celeb RHONY fan slid into her DM’s?  What can we expect on the upcoming season?   Join us as we discuss the juicy details and the latest pop culture trends. 
Boyfriends come and go, but friends are for a is it every okay to pursue a friend's ex?  We'll talk about that and more on today's episode.
POV: You have 9 bridesmaids.  Only 2 are coming to your bachelorette.  However you made sure you showed up to every bridal shower and bachelorette party.  Even threw most of them.  Oh and you bought all their dresses.  Does that make you the better friend?  Let’s dive in.
This was my first time meeting Brett Neustrom in person, and he’s as funny IRL as he is on social media!  In case you didn’t know…Brett says he hates researching anything, but yet he had a ton to say about these trending stories.  Also on today’s pod: the longevity of influencers, two ways to create a flourishing society, and Brett being raised by almond parents. Enjoy!
Trust me, I know how hard it is to block someone.  Your palms get sweaty, fingers start to shake…but for one caller she hit that button live on today’s show!  An ex-situationship had unblocked her, and she didn’t know how to respond.  So, I gave her the pep talk she needed to reclaim her power! 
Do you remember when I wrote about crush lists in The Shift?  They’re resurfacing today thanks to a lovely follower who made a TikTok video about crush lists being a powerful dating tool.  And don’t worry, if you’re not familiar with “The Crush List” I’ll give you a quick introduction on how to make yours.  Also, since I’m in a really good place with my weightlifting journey it’s time to bare it all.    
This week my colleague, fellow influencer, Joey Zauzig steps into the office.  And you know what?  He brought the energy and few inside scoops!  Bravo is working on an influencer reality show, and Joey drops a few names (rumored) to be on the show.  Then he gets personal when he reveals a closely guarded secret!  And you already know…if it’s one of the most interesting stories on the internet this week...Joey and I are talking about it. 
I get it.  Guys are HORNY, but when we are sleeping, can you please go pleasure yourself elsewhere?  Today we discuss the wrong place and wrong time for guys to jerk off, mothers who push their insecurities on us, and a member of the team who had some bomb sex in a real-life Love Island situation.  
Its MDW ’24 and I want to wish all of you a happy official start to the “Summer of Outside”!  On today’s episode I give an update on my newest video venture around the pod, give praise to the masterpiece “Hacks” season 3 is, and bow down before the Real Housewives that have changed TV forever.  All this leading up to a VERY important convo I have been meaning to have with the team…why having single friends is CRUCIAL to your happiness.  Of course, there is always exceptions at different stages of life, but I want to preach why I think it helps all of us. 
This week comedian, podcaster, and one of the funniest people existing on the internet today, Trevor Wallace is stepping into my office.  He had me laughing so hard that we didn’t cut anything from the second he sat down, until we started the actual show.  Were you looking for the bro perspective on everything from public sex to teenage drinking? Well look no further, because we’ve got Trevor talking about that and everything else that was interesting on the internet this week.
I have been doing this show for over 2 incredible years fielding all of your calls, and truly nothing has prepared me for todays lead caller.  It was not only a first for me hearing a story like this, but I imagine the first time it has ever happened.  Ever wonder what happens when your dog sitter is your therapist, and they are stealing your clothes?  Well wonder no more!
Do you remember when rom coms were the absolute best?  The ones you came across on cable and are forced to stop everything to watch?  Well let's take a trip down memory lane to 2008, because I re-watched Katherine Heigl's "27 Dresses" and I'm ready to dive deep!
Connor Wood is stopping by the office this week, and I am so excited to share our full convo.  Connor isn’t only one of the funniest comedians & content creators, but almost everyone’s internet crush.  We go deep (and shallow) about groupies on the road, dating apps, hall passes, and bring you a wild sidetrack, listing our “Hierarchy of Beers”.  
This week we kick things off with a caller who has some anal sex tips to share with the team, to make it more enjoyable for everyone involved.  I talk with a follow-up caller who checks in about her dating life, after her parents took control of her dating app profile.  Also, a survival guide when you know you are going to be running into a toxic ex-bestie.   It’s Me, Tinx LIVE airs every Wednesday at 8am PT / 11am ET on Radio Andy, channel 102. If you’re not a SiriusXM subscriber you can sign up for a free three-month trial. Don’t forget if you can’t call in during the live show you can always send an email to and Tinx will answer it on a future show!
Box Theory & SATC

Box Theory & SATC


So you may not know this…but Sex and the City is my favorite show.  It’s a beautiful, and complex, work of art which continues to spark discussion many years later. Which makes it the perfect landscape to discuss my most famous theory!
Delicious drinks and catching up with an amazing friend….what more can a girlie ask for?  I’m thrilled I finally had the chance to try Claudia’s line of Spritz cocktails!  We cracked open a few cans, sat down at my kitchen table, and let the conversation flow.   Follow Tinx on Instagram and TikTok
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