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It's Super Effective is a weekly Pokémon podcast that covers news and information on Pokémon GO, the Pokémon anime, and the video games (such as Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield, as well as, Pokémon: Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee). The podcast also talks about battling, Shiny Hunting, the Pokémon TCG, Pokémon merchandise and more! While the show is mostly news focused, we cover listener e-mails, and in-depth Pokémon trivia! The podcast also reaches out to other media personalities about Pokémon. It's Super Effective is an award-winning podcast and one of the most downloaded Pokémon-based podcasts on the web. It's Super Effective is dedicated to bringing unique, creative Pokémon content on the internet.
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Even the producer of Pokémon Masters thinks that the game is boring and a grind, we talk about the apology letter. Speaking of flopping mobile games, why is Harry Potter: Wizard's Unite a dud compared to Pokémon GO? Galarian Ponyta was finally talked about by the Pokémon Company, so we can go over what they said. Ash gets a female friend added to his roster for the upcoming Pokémon anime in Japan. 00:01:40 - Introduction00:04:10 - Pokémon Masters Apology00:19:40 - Harry Potter Failure00:34:50 - Break Music00:35:50 - No More Spawns00:40:40 - PokeDex Case00:46:50 - Galar Ponyta01:03:20 - Break Music01:04:00 - New Characters in the Anime01:06:40 - Question of the Week01:14:10 - Pokémon of the Week01:24:00 - Post Credits🌐👾📝🐦💰 Support on Patreon
Game Informer dropped a bunch of new Pokémon Sword and Shield information on us. Auto-save stuff, no HMs, why Pokémon were cut, new features, changing natures and more. A 24-hour live stream also showed off Impidimp and Galar Ponyta. Pokémon GO is doing Raid nights every Wednesday this month, and new shirts got added to the shop. Finally, Game Freak talks about how Max Raid battles were made before they were implemented and used in Pokémon GO. 00:01:40 - Introduction00:03:00 - Pokémon GO News00:09:20 - Ash is Back00:13:10 - No HMs in Sword/Shield00:22:40 - Exp Share Always On00:34:40 - Break Music00:35:30 - Auto-Save Being Added00:49:10 - Nature Changes00:57:40 - Max Raid Battles01:06:30 - Break Music01:07:10 - Pokémon Coming Back01:13:50 - 18 Gyms in Sword/Shield01:29:30 - Galar Ponyta01:39:00 - Pokémon of the Week01:47:00 - Post Credits🌐👾📝🐦💰 Support on Patreon
Lots of Pokémon GO stuff happening again! Mobile Mario Kart got more downloads on day 1 of release than Pokémon GO, so does this mean anything? Shiny Charizard is still worth something to someone. A 24-hour looped video will be shown off soon to show some new stuff in Sword/Shield!00:01:40 - Introduction00:07:00 - Mario Kart vs Pokémon GO00:23:00 - Upcoming Sword/Shield News00:35:10 - Break Music00:37:00 - Pokémon GO Spawn Points0040:40 - Travel Day00:56:00 - Shiny Charizard TCG01:10:00 - Break Music01:10:50 - Question of the Week01:18:00 - Pokémon of the Week01:25:00 - Post Credits🌐👾📝🐦💰 Support on Patreon
Sirfetch'd was unveiled as a Pokémon Sword exclusive Pokémon! Unova Pokémon have arrived in Pokémon GO. The Ultra Bonus week is ending, but Mewtwo is coming back! Trapinch Community Day was announced. Hidden Fates, the newest Pokémon TCG set, is still impossible to find. The season finale of the Japanese Pokémon anime wrapped up and people are talking about it, including us.00:01:40 - Introduction00:06:50 - Hidden Fates, V Cards00:12:00 - Pokémon Masters Update00:22:10 - Upcoming GO Events00:36:30 - Unova in Pokémon GO00:41:10 - Ultra Bonus Afterthoughts00:56:40 - Sirfetch'd01:08:00 - (SPOILERS) Season 22 Finale01:25:10 - Question of the Week01:39:30 - Pokémon of the Week01:43:00 - Post CreditsNintendo Switch Lite Giveaway🌐👾📝🐦💰 Support on Patreon
Niantic just settled a 4 million dollar lawsuit regarding trespassing. A new, mysterious Pokémon was shown off, and the internet thinks they know what it could be. Pokémon Center got a new revamp of plushies, including every Pokémon from Johto, plus some Halloween merchandise. Pokémon Masters apologized to players by offering them 6,000 gems for their bug issues.00:02:10 - Introduction00:05:00 - 6,000 Gems in Pokémon Masters00:18:20 - Pokémon Trespassing Lawsuit00:27:30 - Break Music00:28:00 - Johto Sitting Cuties00:27:30 - Break Music00:40:40 - New Pokémon Thoughts00:43:00 - New Glitched Pokémon00:59:30 - Question of the Week01:10:10 - Pokémon of the Week01:18:50 - Post CreditsNintendo Switch Lite Giveaway🌐👾📝🐦💰 Support on Patreon
Cramorant and Polteageist are the two newest Pokémon shown off this past week in a recent Nintendo Direct. We cover the new clothing styles and the Curry Dex in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Minor Pokémon GO news this episode, but we spend a good time talking about our thoughts on the new mobile game, Pokémon Masters. The new Sword and Shield TCG set also got announced this past week too.00:00:20 - Introduction00:03:30 - Pokémon GO Events00:04:50 - Sword/Shield TCG00:07:40 - Playing Pokémon at PAX00:11:35 - Pokémon Masters00:19:00 - Shiny Necrozma00:21:40 - Pokémon Masters Thoughts00:58:00 - Break Music00:58:40 - New Pokémon, Nintendo Direct01:37:00 - Post CreditsGreg's Kickstarter🌐👾📝🐦💰 Support on Patreon
Pokémon Masters is now available on mobile and we give first impressions on that! Shiny Solgaleo and Shiny Lunala may be our last distributions on the 3DS as we gear up for Sword and Shield. Build-a-bear is still pumping out overpriced toys, but this time, it's Snorlax. We got an anime announcement for another anime announcement this week too.00:00:20 - Introduction00:06:00 - Shiny 3DS News00:11:35 - Pokémon Masters00:17:20 - Build-a-Bear Snorlax00:22:00 - New Anime News00:38:10 - Break Music00:39:00 - Sock Review00:53:20 - Question of the Week01:04:00 - Pokémon of the Week01:10:00 - Post Credits🌐👾📝🐦💰 Support on Patreon
We Played Sword & Shield

We Played Sword & Shield


Back from the Pokémon World Championships, Will and SBJ played Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. We also talk about the TCG drama that happened with the final matches. Hidden Fates is out now, Pokémon V coming soon! Unova is coming to Pokémon GO. We address questions regarding the competitive stuff they showed off for the Pokémon Trading Card Game and the upcoming Ranking system in HOME and the Switch games.00:00:20 - Introduction00:05:00 - Hidden Fates00:13:50 - Pokémon V00:25:00 - The TCG Drama00:43:40 - Break Music00:44:30 - New Competitive VGC Stuff01:02:50 - Sword & Shield Demo01:24:40 - Break Music01:25:45 - Umbreon 2nd Place01:30:10 - The Pokémon GO Scam01:41:50 - Pokémon GO + Unova02:02:10 - Pokémon of the Week02:05:00 - Housecleaning02:09:20 - Post Credits🌐👾📝🐦💰 Support on Patreon
The Three Worst Pokémon

The Three Worst Pokémon


Since we were out of town this weekend, this episode was recorded a bit earlier. It won't include any recent Pokémon news or thoughts about Pokémon Worlds, but it will include your emails and question! We tackle what Pokémon we don't like, if we think Eevee should have more evolutions, and if Pokémon should be on Tinder. News returns next week and our thoughts on DC Worlds!00:00:20 - Introduction00:04:20 - Your Emails and Questions01:07:30 - Pokémon of the Week01:10:20 - Post Credits🐉 Dungeons & Randomness x Mythical👕 Purchase a Shirt🌐👾📝🐦💰 Support on Patreon
A new trailer for Pokémon Sword and Shield has arrived. Pokémon has finally shown off Galarian forms including Weezing and Zigzagoon! We talk about KISS and how they seem pretty happy with what TPCi has shown off too. The TCG gets another card banned before the Pokémon World Championships, Funko is releasing a football Pikachu soon, and Pokémon GO is having an event in Canada this September.00:00:20 - Introduction00:02:20 - TCG Card Banned00:06:30 - Pikachu Funko Pop00:11:20 - TCG Play & Trade Event00:21:25 - Mewtwo Download00:22:40 - Turtwig Community Day00:26:30 - Pokémon GO in Canada00:32:50 - Break Music00:33:40 - Pokémon Sword/Shield News (Part 1)01:05:50 - Break Music01:06:40 - Pokémon Sword/Shield News (Part 2)01:44:00 - Pokémon of the Week01:45:30 - Housecleaning01:49:00 - Post Credits🐉 Dungeons & Randomness x Mythical👕 Purchase a Shirt🌐👾📝🐦💰 Support on Patreon
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