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FREE Masterclass Slay Online Shopping with me on Insta the process of shopping online and adding things to your cart, it’s so easy to click the add button on everything you see. Have you been there? Online shopping is making it way too easy for us to add unnecessary items into our homes and lives. The solution to this is honing in on a process to help you make more intentional shopping decisions. It’s a habit we all need to work on, especially now that we can get access to buying so easily.Questioning yourself and getting curious about the purchases you are making will help you make better decisions in the moment. You can pause and use these questions as you:Add things to your cartTry pieces on at the storeOr open up your box of newly ordered items
I didn’t know baby sleep training was a thing. When I hung out with other moms I was so surprised to hear their babies went to bed at 7 pm and woke up at 7 am! That was bananas to me. My little girl went to bed (in my bed of course) around 10 pm and woke up at 9 am. My way of dealing with it was making excuses. I’d think, “I’m an entrepreneur and she has that spirit” or “only moms that have a partner can do sleep training because they have help.” I didn’t want to face my real fears behind doing it on my own. Natalie Willes is THE Baby Sleep Trainer. If you Google this, you’ll find her Instagram account, Youtube, and website. Her online programs are for newborns to 3.5 years old. The programs provide one on one coaching to create a customized sleep plan with you and your living environment in mind. I am so grateful I had the chance to have her on the podcast to share more about her sleep training tips and her background on how she got started. SHOW NOTES:Natalie Willes:’s Instagram: Tannya’s Instagram: Style Revival Program:  Topics We Covered on What you Need to Know About Baby Sleep TrainingThis episode is helpful for moms that are looking for tips on getting a good night’s rest again, it’s totally possible! Listen in for all the tips and more. The difference between reading a baby sleep training book and going through an online programWhen is the right time to start working with a baby sleep trainer?What method Natalie uses to baby sleep trainAdvice for moms going through sleepless nightsHow long should your baby be sleeping at different stages
Change is inevitable. Trying to push through can cause more stress than meeting the challenge and adapting to the change itself. I’ve personally been through this and know that sometimes, letting go and finding another way around is best.A little over 2 years ago I had Luly Yang, internationally recognized Seattle-based designer on my podcast. She shared her new project to create a travel line for the busy individual. A collection of clothing that could easily be rolled up in a bag yet stylish enough to wear day-to-day.When COVID hit, her travel-wear line had to be put to rest to help the community. During that pause, her vision became clear. The switch in her project efforts moved towards athleisure wear to provide comfort and style with pieces that could easily be dressed up or down. Fashion was moving towards clothing that could be worn at home or worn out.Just like her logo, the monarch butterfly, Luly Yang continues to evolve. Her brand follows her sense of curiosity of the world and people around her. This episode is more than a fashion conversation, it’s filled with inspiring topics about life and handling life’s obstacles.Topics We Covered on How to be more Present and Compassionate This episode is full of stories that will make you smile and give you the extra piece of motivation to keep going on your dreams.·       Being present to take in beauty of your life·       How to start conversations with new people·       The importance of shifting during challenging times·       The one thing that is most important when finding new team members·       The story behind the Luleisure logo Luly’s Luleisure:’s Instagram:’s Instagram: Revival Program:
It's been on my heart to start a conversation about what it's like to live with a narcissist. Being in this kind of relationship will eat away at who you are and what you can become.In this episode I talk about:the 4 things you should not talk about with a narcissistwhat it's like to co-parent with onehow it takes away from your progressShare in the comments about your own experience and how letting this person go will free up your life.Thank you so much for spending time with me today, you are capable of creating big things in this world.Style Revival your thoughts with me on Instagram and tag me @tannyabstyleSPONSORS:Find your personal style with my newest workshop
ON INSTAGRAM: MORE FASHION ADVICE:​BOOK A FREE DISCOVERY CALL: REVIVAL WORKSHOP:’ll notice at different points in your life that as you evolve and grow, your style will too. I’ve been through it myself time and time again. If you’re currently in the midst of a life transition, you might find yourself trying on clothes in your closet and not feeling like any of it works for you. You might feel like you literally have nothing to wear even though your closet is full of clothes you once loved. IN THIS EPISODE I TALK ABOUT THE 6 MAJOR LIFE EVENTS THAT CHANGE YOUR STYLE1. Separation or divorce2. Getting back into the dating pool3. Weight loss/weight gain4. Becoming a mom5. Celebrating a new decade6. A career changeI also share tips on how to find yourself within your style and body in the midst of the events happening in your life. PERSONALLY, I'VE GONE THROUGH MY OWN STYLE TRANSITIONS1. Starting a business at 22 years old and finding who I was as an adult and business owner2. Becoming a mom3. Then after becoming a mom, becoming an independent single woman again#FindYourStyle #WhatToWear #OnlineStylist #StyleAdvice #WeightGain
When you look in the mirror, are you frustrated with what you see? Do you look at all the areas you want to change and hide?In this episode I want to talk more aboutMy own struggle with an eating disorderHow I help clients overcome their body dysmorphia Some ways to celebrate your bodyIf you'd like to hear more about the harm of diet culture and healing your relationship with food, listen to episode #17: The Lies about Dieting with Katherine Metzelaar of Bravespace nutritionGet her daily content on Instagram @bravespacenutritionShare your thoughts with me on Instagram and tag me @tannyabstyle SPONSORS:Find your personal style with my newest workshop designer jewelry and get $25 off your first month with CODE WilsonTannya22J
When something is different or not talked about enough, it makes it uncomfortable to ask the questions. My friend Sheryl Pasamonte makes it ok to talk about what it's like to be a mama to a baby with down syndrome and her journey of infertility. In this conversation we talk about:The Misconceptions about Down SyndromeHow miscarriages can take away the simple joys of pregnancyWhat you should NEVER say to someone who has a child with down syndromeAccommodating your life to make time for you and for workQuotes:" What lifes is like with down syndrome? Life isn't much different." - Sheryl Pasamonte"Don't limit yourself by the boxes the world puts you in. You are so much more." - Sheryl Pasamonte"Wherever you are at, Whatever you are dealing with, you get to create the story of your life." -Tannya BernadettePodcast Sponsor LinksJoin Switch jewelry rental for only $4 your first month with CODE WilsonTannya22J details for my Style Revival workshop to find your style at to find usFind Sheryl's beautiful posts on life with baby Boogie @SherylPasamonteTannya Bernadette is on Instagram at @TannyaBStyle
Podcast Sponsor LinksJoin Switch jewelry rental for only $4 your first month with CODE WilsonTannya22J details for my Style Revival workshop to find your style at“Change is hard. Not changing is harder.” - Melanie MobergHave you ever been in a relationship where deep down inside, you knew it was wrong? Something never felt right but you kept trying to make it work, give it your all, and in the end had nothing left in return.We talk about important topics like:Why you stick around a toxic relationship so longWhat is good self-care?What it takes to have a good conversation with a loved oneHow to build the confidence and support to leave a bad relationshipThe boundaries you need after you leaveConnect with Melanie MobergCoaching Application Link: Group:
Has COVID life made you question how you were living your life before? If you’ve been on a journey of becoming curious about what changes you can make to switch up your career, read on. Paula is a business coach who specializes in setting you up for success in your projects and helping you forecast ideas to move your ideas forward. This conversation is more than business talk, we dive into four big topics:Letting go of the shame of working on yourselfWho is genuine onlineWhat Facebook groups are useful forWhere do people waste their time and energyListen to the full episode to hear about all this and much more.Where to Connect with Paula ShepherdI am Becoming Facebook Group Instagram @be_fearless_with_paulaShow SponsorsLooking for love? Get 10% off date coaching and matchmaking services at Simply Matchmaking. Schedule a 30 minute call to meet your matchmaker and mention CLOSETEDIT for your 10% off  CLICK HERE3 Style Mistakes to Avoid FREE MASTERCLASS >>> Register now to discover the changes you need to make to find your style >>>
On The Comeback episode I share how my world took a flip in 2020 and although there was a lot of hardship, I’m extremely grateful. I think it’s important to be transparent with you about the realities of what happens behind the curtain of my work life. I mean this podcast is about having those sometimes difficult conversations and what we can learn from them.Don’t worry! The podcast will still include special guests to help shed light on topics we might not know enough about. It’s like hanging out with your bestie: you’ll get tons of encouragement and truth bombs. The new direction I'm taking on the It Takes You podcast includes: ➡ Showing up again and again in your life for the things that matter to you most➡ Open conversations about business, life, family, and all the in between➡ Finding the beauty in the struggles and leaning into what needs your attention most
What’s stopping you from living the life you want—right now?This can be such a heavy question to ask yourself because you must admit your roadblocks, excuses, and negative beliefs that you currently have.In this episode of The Lifepreneur Project Podcast, my friend Kathy Rodriguez of @PeppyFitFoodie shares about her new life chapter as an empty nester. We talk about how to:➡ Prepare yourself for this new life phase as an empty nester➡ Discover who you are after the kids are out of the house➡ Find your tribe at different stages of lifeListen to this podcast episode to get Kathy’s incredible story of how she continuously puts herself out there to evolve, try new things, and learn more about herself at every stage of her life._____________But really, what is stopping you from living the life you want right now? After listening in, what was your biggest takeaway from this episode with Kathey Rodriguez? Take a screenshot of this podcast and tag me @TannyaBStyle and Kathy @PeppyFitFoodie on your Instagram stories and let us know what your thoughts are. It’s like a virtual podcast club, it’s nice to have people to talk to about all the cool stuff you learn!______________Want to learn more about fitness, food, and everything in between? Check out Kathy's webpage here to get connected. Follow along with Peppy Fit Foodie on all social media platforms! Click below for Kathy's:InstagramPinterestFacebook
Are you looking to scale and grow your side hustle? Or, have you been thinking about starting up your own business?Today’s Lifepreneur Project guest is Angie Garner, bestselling author of Time Millionaire: Create More Time for the Things You Love with the Ultimate Side Hustle.PODCAST TAKEAWAYS:Planning is keyForget praise: Stay true to who you areWhat really makes an entrepreneur ______________What was your biggest takeaway from this episode with Angie Garner? Sharing is the best way of putting what you learn into action and retaining all that valuable information you just took in. Take a screenshot of this podcast and tag me @TannyaBStyle and Angie @Angie.Garner on your Instagram stories and let us know what your thoughts are. It’s like a virtual podcast club, it’s nice to have people to talk to about all the cool stuff you learn!______________Want to learn more from Angie? Check out her webpage here to get connected.Read her latest book: Time Millionaire: Create More Time for the Things You Love with the Ultimate Side Hustle.If you're searching for more entrepreneurial guidance, check out Angie's podcast on network marketing and productivity here.
Disordered eating is suffering in silence—so let’s work to change that. We constantly see ads featuring certain body types. We talk about dieting and restriction as if it’s okay to do this. Even our doctors speak about food as if it were a one-size-fits-all formula, when in reality it’s not. Katherine Metzelaar of Bravespace Nutrition is a “non-diet” registered dietician who is dedicated to helping others create peace with their bodies and relationships with food. Please take time to screenshot and share this episode with someone you care about. Tag @BravespaceNutrition on Instagram when you share it!As a stylist, I work with men and women of all ages, all body types, and all backgrounds. Sometimes I hear disheartening comments about what they don’t like about their body. I hope that this conversation helps you understand where these feelings come from. In this conversation, we talk about:The age you start to become aware of food limitations (it’s so young!)The questions to ask yourself to get more in tune with your bodyWhat suffering in silence looks likeHow food might be taking up too much headspaceHow “diet” is just as bad as the f-wordSteps to talk to a loved one about a concern you may have My biggest takeaways:Talking about eating disorders with someone you love really means you’re saying, “Hey—I see you, and I love you.” The most important part is holding a space for them to speak or stay silent, but letting them know you are there for them.Quick fixes really mean I need help now. I loved how Katherine said, “When we are struggling with something for a long time, or deeply, of course we try to look for a quick fix to lessen the pain, why wouldn’t you?” But behind this, we also need to question if we need more help on a larger scale for lasting change.Children and those you influence can feel and see the relationship with food that you have. It’s not just the words you say. Share your biggest lessons below. I believe that sharing and writing out your thoughts help put it into action. Get great inspiring updates and quotes that make you stop and think at @BravespaceNutrition. Get information on her virtual body image support group and free discovery calls at a screenshot of this podcast and share it in a private message or on your Instagram stories and tag me @tannyabstyle, @thecloset.edit.
During the past few months, I have connected with new friends in the most unexpected online threads. Today's guest, Naomi Stonier, is in Italy and we met over a comment I made online when I shared how I’ve been having this huge block in communication with my partner. In the most sincere way, she told me she was willing to listen.Naomi is a relationship coach trained and qualified by the official training school of Tony Robbins. During our conversation, she held a space for me that I really needed at that moment. The conversation we had felt like something a lot of people in my life need to hear right now. If you're struggling with anything in your relationship or unresolved things keep getting brought up from issues in the past, you need this. Naomi and her partner experienced their own challenges as a couple that made them question how they lived and what they valued. Since making the decision to move out to Italy where she and her husband can pursue their dreams, Naomi is now focused on helping others repair, deepen, and re-ignite their relationship to help them find and reclaim their passions and purpose. There are so many amazing topics being covered in this episode. You’ll learn:How simple shifts in your mindset are extremely effective in changing your life.The 4 human needs that we need and how we find a way, good or bad, to meet them.How difficult moments can build trust and honesty in a relationship.Why you don't need to be in a relationship to work with a coach.What it takes to be in a marriage for 20, 30, or 40 years.If you feel inspired or hear something that moves you, take the time to pause this podcast and share it with someone that you think needs to hear this message, too. Take a screenshot of this podcast and share it in a private message or on your Instagram stories and tag me @tannyabstyle, @thecloset.edit. Look at today’s guest, Naomi Stonier's website, and check out her Facebook Group. You never know who might need uplifting content today. Doing the simple act of love can brighten someone's day, give them hope, and let them know you're thinking of them.Remember that every day is a new day to make a positive change in your life. Be the light in your life and the community Lifepreneur. Thank you so much for spending time with me today and I’ll catch you next time on the Lifepreneur Project Podcast. 
There are only two words that come to mind when I think of Lily Christensen: girl power. Being the only woman dance leader in the Seattle salsa community has made Lily a go-to for dancers looking for a place where they can thrive and feel empowered. As a Latina business woman, Lily stands up to sexism, keeping her professionalism and voice on the forefront to carve out her own place on the dance floor. While her business is dance, a lot of her passion lies in the preservation and continuation of Latin Culture, which is why she focuses on Latin dance and Latin music. She uses storytelling, movement, and modern culture to keep her style fresh. Studio Azul is a place where you can build your confidence through dance, fitness, and community.This conversation is special to me because I spent 10 years competing, performing, and social dancing in the Seattle Salsa scene. It’s a place I always loved, but I definitely felt alone there. When Lily came to the scene, she opened up the inclusive space I wish I had known at the time I started. There are so many great topics in this episode, but here are a few of my favorites:-How Studio Azul builds a space to set people free and is an inclusive environment-The difference between being sexy and sexualized-How Instagram has fueled her advertising for free-The challenges of being a woman leader  in a male-dominated industry-What to do when a workout isn’t for youThis episode is so empowering. If you want to find out more about Lily...Check out her Instagram @lilymarie19 or find her on her website. You can also learn more about Studio Azul at their website or on their Instagram.Find Tannya Bernadette on Instagram at @thecloset.edit or online at’d love to hear what you've learned and loved about this episode!Share your thoughts with us below or join our Facebook Page The Struggle is Real.
It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by shopping. There are so many stores to pick from, styles are constantly changing, and the convenience of online shopping just adds to the confusion of what to keep and what to return. In the end, you still have to decide what works best for you.If shopping feels overwhelming, the very best thing you can do to save time and money is to shop with intention and purpose. You have to schedule time in your calendar to do this or find a stylist to help you make decisions.To make shopping less painful and maybe even fun again, here are my professional tips on five things you need to stop doing when you shop on your own. If you loved these tips, check out the full blog post at or tag us on Instagram at @thecloset.edit.We'd love to hear what you think about shopping, how you keep yourself from being overwhelmed, and what tips you're going to put into practice.Share your thoughts with us below or join our Facebook page, The Struggle is Real.
You are made for brave. Even when you checked everything off, went the “right” way, planned out your future… And your whole world still falls apart. You are made for brave. Alyssa Galios is a motivational speaker, online influencer, author, and fitness coach who inspires women to lead their best life with faith. At 24 years old, Alyssa lost her husband to his battle with cancer and became a single mom with a 9-month-old little girl. Her hardship sparked a search for truth, and she created a movement to help others find meaning to the difficult moments in their lives.Alyssa's journey of finding God, following her faith, and then falling in love again is a testament that there is power in knowing that the journey of life doesn’t end when you hit a roadblock. There are two roads you can take when tragedy comes your way. You can choose to be a victim and fall into destructive habits, or you can choose to learn and change through your moment of trial. To give you some perspective, I sat down with Alyssa back in April. We are still in quarantine and going through a moment where we have  to find love and stillness in our lives. This is a time we have to be brave and step into difficult feelings of uncertainty.This conversation includes valuable insight about:-the process of writing a book when it’s not the right time-how to manage social media intake -the value of trusting the timing of life-building your life from the progress you make rather than perfection-getting the right workout results from only 30 minutes a dayThere is so much to unpack here. If you want to find out more about Alyssa..Check out her Instagram @alyssagalios or on her website. You can also order her book, Made for Brave, here. Find Tannya Bernadette on Instagram at @thecloset.edit or online at’d love to hear what you've learned and want to put into action!Share your thoughts with us below or join our Facebook Page The Struggle is Real.
You CAN turn your home into that feel-good place that you desire. Being confined to four walls this past month has really put me in the mood to move things around and get creative on making more space. Here’s a little secret not many people know—back in high school I was contemplating going to college for interior design! Unfortunately, I took one auto-cad class and realized, nope—this is not my jam. Lucky for me, I can live vicariously through all the great content created by Rebecca West, an award-winning interior designer who’s been featured in Success Magazine, Seattle Refined, Uniquely Northwest, and more. Thirteen years ago, Rebecca looked around her house and realized I can’t keep living like this. She transformed her home into the space of her dreams, and she didn’t let her recent-divorce budget stop her! Since then, she's been on a mission to help people find happiness in life by making happiness at home.  Rebecca uses design psychology to help people create homes that encourage them to achieve their goals. She empowers homeowners to create spaces that ignore the “rules” and simply make them happy.There is so much goodness in this conversation, but here are a few highlights: What it takes to decorate your home on a small budgetFinding permission to follow through your with your ideasThe trick to decorating your home when you and your partner have different aestheticsHow your home could be blocking you from achieving your goalsThere is so much here to put into practice! If you want to learn more...Find Rebecca on Instagram @seriouslyhappyhomes or on her website.Find Tannya Bernadette on Instagram at @thecloset.edit or online at’d love to hear what you've learned and want to put into action!Share your thoughts with us below or join our Facebook Page The Struggle is Real.
How much do you really believe in yourself? Even in the most difficult moments of your life, how do you personally find the faith to continue moving forward? Today, my soul sister, friend, and mentor will open up your heart to see that truly everything you want is possible. Growing up homeless, at one point living in a car, her mother planted the seed of love and manifestation. That determination bolstered her for the rest of her life. As an adult, she’s owned several businesses and has gone from owning a strip club to running her own show.Hot TopicsPlanting the seed of faith in your children during difficult timesQuestioning the calling of your soul and spiritChanging your mindset from taking to givingWhat it feels like to follow signs and intuitionHow vulnerability sets you up for successFind Renessa on Instagram at @renessatv Find Tannya Bernadette on Instagram at @thecloset.edit or online at’d love to hear what you've learned and want to put into action!Share your thoughts with us below or join our Facebook Page The Struggle is Real
Have you found an organization method that works for you? I’m wildly obsessed with having a spot for everything and avoiding clutter, so I was so excited to talk to our guest, Kammie Lisenby of Organizing Experts about her thoughts on the Marie Kondo method. CONVERSATION HIGHLIGHTS-When Marie Kondo doesn't work-Differentiating yourself from the competition-Living your truth in an Instagram-perfect world-Overcoming roadblocks that are meant to tear you down-How a business changed in an eleven-year spanFind Kammie on Instagram at @kammielisenby or on her website at Find Tannya Bernadette on Instagram at @thecloset.edit or online at your thoughts with us below or join our Facebook Page The Struggle is Real
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