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J-POD: The Podcast on Journalists and Journalism
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J-POD: The Podcast on Journalists and Journalism

Author: Krishna Prasad

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Conversations and monologues on journalists and journalism---"the best job in the world," in the words of the Nobel Prize winning writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The host is Krishna Prasad, former Editor-in-Chief of 'Outlook' magazine, and the publisher of
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On the intervening night of June 15-16 this year,  20 Indian soldiers were killed by the Chinese People's Liberation Army in #Ladakh. Over 1,000 sq km of Indian territory was seized. Colonel #SushantSingh, a former officer of the Indian Army who was a deputy editor of the #IndianExpress newspaper, on how most of the media ignored the warning signs and failed to ask questions of the #NarendraModi government leading to the largest  loss of Indian land since the 1962 war. Col Singh is now a senior fellow at the Center for Police Research,  #CPR #PLA 
#LionelBarber, Editor of the #FinancialTimes, London, from 2005-2020, on his new book ‘The Powerful and the Damned’, and his role in turning around the business newspaper into a digital-first, global news organisation at once admired, respected and feared by political and business leaders.
#AmitVarma, host of the long-form podcast 'The Seen and The Unseen', answers the Proust Questionnaire to mark the 200th episode of his show. And explains why more journalists should get behind a mic and start podcasting content of value.
#AmitRoy, longtime foreign correspondent of #TheTelegraph, Calcutta, on working for Britain's biggest titles #TheDailyTelegraph, #TheSundayTimes and #DailyMail---and why #ABP paterfamilias #AveekSarkar ranks alongside #DavidEnglish among the best in the business. #AmitRoy's father #BenoyRoy was with the #BBC Bengali Service and #AmritaBazarPatrika.
#DUmapathy, the veteran Kannada journalist and former Delhi Bureau chief of #KannadaPrabha #VijayaKarnataka and #PrajaVani, on #RaviBelagere, the founder and editor of the Kannada tabloid 'Hi! Bangalore', the multimedia wizard who electrified Kannada audiences in print, on television and online. This episode is in Kannada.
#UttamSengupta, former resident editor of #TheTimesOfIndia in Patna, and former Bihar correspondent of #TheTelegraph and #IndiaToday, on why the media fails to read the mind of the #Bihari voter, election after election.
#AnuradhaBhasin, executive editor, #KashmirTimes, who filed the landmark case in #SupremeCourt against the lockdown in #Kashmir, on being evicted from her apartment in #Jammu and her newspaper being evicted in #Srinagar. She says: "Today’s challenge is the worst of my journalistic career. Kashmir is an experimental laboratory for everything in the rest of the country today."
#AunindyoChakravarty, the former #NDTVIndia and #NDTVProfit managing editor, who first revealed the TV ratings manipulation in India in 2008, on the TRP ratings scandal involving #ArnabGoswami's #RepublicTV and #RepublicBharat
#DrMarioGarcia, the Cuba-born CEO of #GarciaMedia, on the challenges of giving a "refresh" to the Delhi newspaper #HindustanTimes in the times of #COVID. With a hand in the design and redesign of 729 newspapers and magazines in 121 countries across the world---including Indian titles like #TheHindu, #MalayalaManorama, #Sakal, #Sakshi and #Mint---#MarioGarcia is the world's most prolific news design guru.
#KartikSahni, the 24-year-old Delhi-born millennial who inserted an obituary advertisement for Rs 1000 in #TheHindu, to announce the death of Indian media. The ad is a throwback to a similar classified advertisement inserted in The Times of India in 1975, by #AshokMahadevan, then 26, who later became the Editor of #ReadersDigest.
#KunalPurohit, one of the few Indian journalists closely tracking the role of social media in the rise of Hindu nationalism and Hindutva hate crimes, on 'The Wall Street Journal' expose of #FacebookIndia's #BJP bias through its chief India lobbyist #AnkhiDas.
#PatriciaMukhim, Editor of 'The Shillong Times', on the suspension of publication of the newspaper due to alleged violation of COVID protocols, and the pressures of doing journalism in the North East of India.
#AnanthKrishnan, the Mandarin-speaking Beijing Correspondent of #TheHindu, on his book "India's China Challenge", in the wake of #Coronavirus and the Chinese incursions into #Ladakh, and what the future holds for both countries.
#SeemaChishti, former #BBC broadcaster and #IndianExpress journalist, who was an eye witness to the demolition of the #BabriMasjid in #Ayodhya in 1992, on what it took to cover the story before the days of satellite TV and the internet---and how the event changed India's course.
#KGiriprakash, chief of bureau, #TheHinduBusinessLine, and author of 'The Vijay Mallya Story', on why business journalists couldn't smell the troubles of #VGSiddhartha, the founder of #CafeCoffeeDay, who died on July 31, 2019
#JairamRamesh, former Union minister, #Congress MP, and the author of 'A Chequered Brilliance: The Many Lives of V.K. Krishna Menon', on the India-China war of 1962. And how the pillars of Indian democracy---the government, the Opposition, the Army, the media---were markedly stronger and different, compared to the Chinese incursions under #NarendraModi in 2020.
#ParulSharma, former spokesperson of #StarTV, and Delhi-based fine art photographer, who captured the last lap of hundreds of #COVID victims on an iPhone, on what it takes to document death---and what it has done to her.
#ParanjoyGuhaThakurta, former Editor #EPW, on why Google and Facebook want to piggyback on #RelianceJio---and the implications of an emerging oligopoly for Indian democracy. #EconomicAndPoliticalWeekly
#KanakManiDixit, Nepalese editor, activist, and founder of #HimalSouthAsian, on how "Indian Exceptionalism" has brought ties between India and #Nepal to a historic new low. And how Indian media is driving ultra-nationalism.
#RahulJacob, former Hong Kong bureau chief of the #FinancialTimes, on the Indian media coverage of the border conflict with #China, and the signals it sends to the #Chinese.
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This #Podcast is compulsory hearing. Really courageous person. #J-Pod

Sep 12th
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