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The JMOR Tech Talk show answers your questions about technology and explains the ways they should work and why they don’t work sometimes. It is a weekly show to help you with all of your challenges. For additional tips on tech text “ITSUPPORT” to “888111”
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This video is all about Google Maps, its new features and how it will change electric vehicle driving experience. Whether you're an EV driver, or just someone who knows someone who drives one, this is your chance to see the future of driving.When you're driving an electric car, it's really important that your maps are always up to date. The Google Maps team is on the cutting edge of innovation. Here's everything you need to know about the new Google Maps update for electric vehicles.
Robots can do almost anything humans can do, including replacing them in the workplace. Learn what robot process automation is and how it can help you in your business.In this video, I'm going to talk about what is RPA, how it works, it's benefits and limitations.
Is your iPhone getting outdated? Apple is rumored to release a new line of iPhones with a USB C connector. If true, it will be the first time Apple has used a connector different than the standard round charge cable. This video will show you how to prepare for this change and make sure your iPhone doesn't lose its charging capabilities.
Elon Musk has purchased Twitter. He loves the product and the team, and really wants Tesla to get a fair chance in social media. Elon says he'll be working side by side with the Twitter team to make it better than ever, while at the same time making sure Tesla gets the attention it deserves.
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sued Google on Thursday, alleging the tech giant had violated the state’s biometric privacy law by “indiscriminately” collecting voiceprints and facial recognition data from users and non-users of the company’s products without their consent.
Netflix has been one of the best and most popular streaming services for years, but now it's time to say goodbye. Instead of paying $7.99 monthly, the company is now charging $6.99 for just the service with ads.
Google might be using your data to manipulate you. See how Google is controlling the market and manipulating you to buy products.Is it a conspiracy or is Google actually exploiting your data? Find out more about what you share, what Google does with it and how you can protect yourself from being exploited.
iPhone 14 New Features

iPhone 14 New Features


Game changer. Innovative. Revolutionary. The newest iPhone is here and it's the most advanced phone yet with features that you won't find anywhere else. Powerful capabilities, like a built-in medical scanner and a new way to interact with your content, are all just a tap away. It's the phone that will change everything - get yours today!
Meet Japan's cyborg cockroach! This cockroach is being used to study the effects of radiation following a nuclear disaster. This is one of many projects from Japan's National Institute of Radiological Sciences to study ways to improve human survival in the event of a nuclear disaster.
In this episode, you'll learn about everything you need to know about Apple's new IOS 16 features. There are new features for Siri, Photos, Music, Maps and so much more.
Satellite connectivity is a new feature that Apple has included to the iPhone 14 in hopes that you won't need it. The new feature, called Emergency SOS via satellite, connects you to emergency professionals when conventional cellular and Wi-Fi connection is unavailable.
Twitter Inc. soon will let users edit tweets, giving them a chance to fix blunders and mistakes immediately after posting, removing one of the most visible weaknesses in its 140-character messaging service.
Amazon (AMZN) is shuttering its On Call telehealth service. The move, which was announced in September but began last week, will impact 300 employees at the tech giant's Austin location and erases one of the lowest-profile, highest-friction acquisitions in Amazon's history.
We will no longer be able to complete DoorDash orders from Walmart. If you place an order with a Walmart store, your order will no longer be updated in the app or on your account page. We'll be removing any DoorDash references from our social media handles, so if you still see posts about Walmart , they aren't coming from us and we have not partnered with them. Please accept our apologies for any confusion this may cause.
Bolt Mobility, a leader in electric bikes is closing stores and leaving customers in many cities with no answers. Consumers who paid thousands for their e-bikes and Bolt’s custom e-bike conversion kits are out of luck. I look into the disappearing company...
The United States federal courts are in the midst of more cyber-security breaches: A judicial branch computer system was compromised by intruders for three days earlier this month, an official confirmed to Nextgov on Friday. This follows a hack last year that exposed sensitive information on hundreds of thousands of U.S. judges and magistrates and led the court system to institute two-factor authentication to keep hackers out of its IT systems in the future.
Blake Lemoine worked at Google in 2014. He was fired for making a pro-diversity video at work. Why? Blake and his GF see it as Google's short term profit model taking precedence over the company's long term thinking. Companies are not people, who has the best ideas?
By applying AI technology, the short video sharing app Tiktok has caught up with and surpassed It is predicted to become a major player in short videos shared by young people. The founder of Tiktok has stepped down as CEO due to personal reasons. His future remains unknown!
How to Choose Fintech?

How to Choose Fintech?


Fintech is the technology that businesses use to exchange money. We have a lot of categories around fintech, for example P2P lending, payments, stock trading and more. All these kinds of fintech company are interconnected and very helpful in the world since modern technology always help people easier to do their daily financial activity.
Although the fintech revolution is still in its infancy, it’s already generating a lot of buzz. The fintech sector is growing rapidly and driving digital transformation across the financial services industry. This video will help you understand what makes this revolution tick and give you an overview of how to assimilate these technologies into your business.
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