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Author: Jonathon Siminoe

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The Journeys of the Astropath 'MICHAEL' is an audio drama that explores Michael's awakening to his astropath abilities. Astropaths have the ability to astral project, read human minds and communicate telepathically. This gothic story is a bi-weekly podcast, scheduled to release a 24 episodes.
This story is a part of the Astropath graphic novel and novel series.
31 Episodes
NEW BEGINNINGS AND OLD PROBLEMS Season 2 of the Journeys of the Astropaths 'MICHAEL'  Our episode begins with Michael training with his mentors. Marlow is in Asia attempting to find allies for their struggles there. Michael is given a beating during his knife fighting and following that he tries hard to master the flow of Qi with his QiGong instructor, but moves more like the tinman than the silk scarf he's been asked to wield.  QUOTE FROM THE TEXT: ‘I think you should rest,’ she declared. ‘Then before you go to bed tonight try again. When you wake up in the morning, try again, and tomorrow afternoon when I come to visit, I want to see the flow.’ In part two we revisit the novel of Katrina Russell. In this episode, Katrina catches a break and is offered a job sight unseen.  Considering her boyfriend is unemployed and the rent is past due, she goes for it. When she is picked up by an odd pair of rather unrepeatable men, she knew she was in over her head, but desperation was fueling her decisions. Marco is a mysterious boss whose office--located in a warehouse--seems very odd to her, but when he offers her $50 to get some clothes and $250 a week to come to work running errands, she jumps at the offer.
AT THE END OF FRESHMAN YEAR Episode 29 completes the first season of the Journeys of the Astropaths 'Michael' with a lovely dinner at a legendary Chicago restaurant. Michael and Marlow drink wine and eat fantastic Italian food while discussing Michael's early training, his troubles in Asia--which are as of yet unresolved--and his decision concerning his mission of vengeance.  Perhaps even more importantly, they discuss the future and come to a conclusion. SEASON 2 begins on the back half of Episode 29. A new focus is introduced as Michael finds himself in, of all places, the astropath library looking to research the astropaths of the past. He runs into an old friend there who suggests an amazingly romantic book written by an astropath not so long ago. In his hope to learn more about the new life he is embarking upon, he begins to read the story of Katrina Russell. He is so taken by the book he decides to include it in his personal recordings so that anyone who listens to his tapes would understand the amazing life of Katrina and her love. He will also be telling the tale of his second year studying with Dr. Marlow Pegonious.  HELP US make more episodes by purchasing our transcripts available on Amazon and READ ALONG as we do the show.
BLOOD ON THE BLADE The moment of truth is here. Michael is confronting the two men responsible for the accident that took Casandra from him. They are merely humans and at his mercy, but he's not there just for blood, he wants the truth. They reluctantly tell him the story and now it's time for him to read them and pass judgment. If the truth matches the story perhaps he could offer mercy, if not... From the script: 'Look at me boys, if you doubt me understand I am vengeance itself and I will be watching you, in ways you cannot even comprehend.'
VENGENCE  Michael has earned the name and location of the man who had been driving the truck that hit him and his sister. This was the meeting Michael had obsessed over for months. To get there he drops by to see his Uncle Tommy. The family reunion felt better than he'd expected, but now it was the moment of truth, a truth only Michael could face.  QUOTE FROM SCRIPT: ‘Guilt is a sickening thing,’ I agreed. ‘But I don’t care how you feel today, I want to know why you did what you did that day.’
THE RESCUE Michael has been taken away from his primary mission by odd circumstances in Bangkok. P'T has been taken by a rival and while the Thai police begin a half-hearted investigation, Michael decides to take matters into his own hands and free him himself. But is this rescue something else? P'T sees Michael in full astropath mode, but Michael had no choice but to use his powers to save his friend. Now Michael must face the consequences of his impetuous actions. QUOTE FROM TEXT: He (SFX PROJECTION) flashed to my right a few feet away and this time I flashed (SFX PROJECTION) behind P’T. I reached down and cut the belt that held his hands. ‘Run, I’ll distract him,’ I blurted and then (SFX PROJECTED) projected to the door and kicked it open.
THE TAKEN Michael has been given the name and location of the man who was driving the truck that crashed into him and his sister. His powers as an astropath have been growing rapidly and he feels it is time to deal with this situation, but unfortunately, trouble with Alex in Thailand has drawn him away from his personal mission. P'T his Thai friend has been taken by a group of guys led by June's X-boyfriend. It seemed like a simple case of jealousy, but there is a lot more to this than Michael had planned on. Several NEW characters are introduced as Michael projects to Bangkok to rescue his friend. QUOTE FROM THE SCRIPT: I would look into his eyes, see what happened that night and make myself judge and executioner and not explain it to anyone, not quantify it to anyone, I was an astropath and I could do as I desired to satisfy the loss of Casandra.
THE WITCH OF BANGKOK Michael and Marlow have been struggling to get along. Michael, being Michael, avoids the issue and astral projects to Bangkok to hang out with his friend Alex. There he is given more to think about by the witch of Bangkok, a human, but one that has developed some serious powers of foresight. He also runs into a Thai astropath who offers friendship and another contact in the astropath community. On Michael's return to Chicago, the tension between him and Marlow has intensified and finally comes to a head in a battle of the minds. Can Michael finally fight off Marlow's probe and prove he's improving and working hard? Quote from the TEXT: ‘STOP FIGHTING WITH YOUR MIND! USE YOUR QI to stop me, dig deep inside yourself, your mind has done what it can.’ He said in a voice as cold as a grave.
THE TENSION MOUNTS Michael's anger with Marlow not giving him the information about the driver of the truck who hit and killed his sister, sparks and the two are drawn into a hurtful argument. Michael, avoiding his conflict with Marlow, astral projects to Bangkok to hang out with Alex. Alex and his Thai friends are going to an abandoned temple where a witch reads palms and tells fortunes. QUOTE FROM THE TEXT: ‘We are creatures of the mind. Our perception is powerful, and it draws us towards many strong willed and vigorous minded people. Like ants to sugar.’
THE RIDE ALONG In the most action-packed episode of the podcast, Michael slips into the subconscious of Marlow and can observe from within his mind, Marlow's invasion of a Japanese gang. Marlow, a generous and highly intelligent man, shows how powerful he can be when he has determined an enemy. He also shows how LETHAL. Quote from the text: It was a timeline of violence that began with schoolyard punching and shoving, posturing and intimidating, and then quickly escalating to young adult gang fights culminating in a murder with a knife, and as he aged there was a torrent of blood. I saw him torture and murder people, rapes, of both men and women, and gun battles and executions, it was only a few seconds for me, but the images are forever etched in my mind.
A SOBER RETURN Michael is having a fantastic time in Bangkok Thailand. He's with his old friend Alex and a group of Thai people determine to have a good time. The pub scene in the city of Angels is second to none and Michael is doing it all while astral projecting. He's lied that he is staying in Thailand on a short sight seeing vacation. Meeting Alex's new friends has been a good time and he is filled with the potential of his own limitlessness. However; the evening ends and he returns to Chicago to find his teacher in a meeting with a Chicago Police Chief. The Chief has come for assistance from Marlow. The situation is bloody and stark, but Marlow's loyalty to the Chief means he will get involved and do what he can do. QUOTE FROM THE SCRIPT: Marlow turned his chin to his shoulder in an approving nod. ‘You’re spot on. And most likely we’re going to find a body, but if we act fast, perhaps we can save her from a fate worse than death.’
AN ASIDE / SEXUAL SAFARI MATURE MATERIAL which is outside the timeline of our series. This episode is an aside to the series that explores Michael's addiction and should only be heard by adults. As a bonus episode, it may not be for everyone, and don't worry EPISODE 21 is coming soon. QUOTE FROM THE SCRIPT: I’m in the mood today to talk about something off the schedule – out of order – off the back story I’ve been trying to create. I mean the time with Marlow, my education, is something I’m enjoying putting together and its details need to be told. Especially since you asked for the whole story, but I’d like to take an aside, a sidebar, a kind of IMPROVISATIONAL delving into the real reason you asked me to record and write all this down. The reason we first met. The reason you believed I have a problem even my astropath ability can't power me through.
VIDEO PORTALS TO ANYWHERE With Marlow's victory, Michael is safe to travel on his own. He is torn between the comfort and tutelage of his teacher and his natural desire to roam freely. His first solo venture is a party night in Bangkok Thailand with his old friend Alex. Alex, bored with working for his uncle, moved to Thailand to teach English and see Asia for a while. Michael develops a new skill in astral projecting to places he can see digitally. QUOTE FROM THE SCRIPT: ‘Yes,’ I exclaimed, feeling another even higher level of freedom. ‘I’m going to see it all,’ I said to myself, ‘this entire planet.’
AN ASTROPATH DUEL Michael is trying to recover from the beating he took at the hands of the Whistler. An associate of Marlows has arrived to assist in guarding him, but Lisha is not like anyone Michael has ever met. Lisha's scars run deep and her violent nature, although a plus in fighting the dangerous Whistler, scare Michael profoundly. Michael, a mear spark thrower, could hardly answer the duel that must be fought, but who will fight for him? QUOTE FROM SCRIPT: Marlow helped me back to the cot. ‘Lay down for a bit. It took a lot of energy to survive that fight.’
A MILE HIGH WHISTLE Michael gets an ominous text from Dr. Smithson. He and Terrance have been bonding by text since losing his sister and now it seems Terrance is losing himself in grief. But when Michael arrives in Denver he has brought something with him he hadn't expected and both are in peril. Quote from the script: Mrs. Wu once said, ‘The happiness and joy we gather in qi gong is ours forever and the anger and sadness we release in qi gong is gone forever.’
THE SECRET LIBRARY Michael's recovery has been steady as he works with Mrs. Wu to increase his qi. Feeling better he travels with Marlow to a secret library and a sunrise over Mount Rushmore and a sunrise looking out over the San Fransicso Bay. FROM THE SCRIPT: ‘You handsome men always spend too much qi on your lady friends. Waste of qi. Qi gong is about gathering intent and there is no more qi filled thing than your seed, you know your seed, so don’t go casting it around willy-nilly. Waste of good intent.’ Mrs. Wu
BEERS AND A BUMPER TO THE FACE Michael and Marlow attempt to draw Angela, A.K.A Officer Sanchez out so that Marlow can read her thoughts. Marlow has been suspicious of her police work and needs to read her himself to discover the truth. But the danger they are in being around Angela is much worse than Michael could have imagined. FROM THE SCRIPT: Marlow paused in thought. ‘Failure and success are too binary. Did you do the right thing – no – did you survive yes. So, listen, if someone holds a gun to the back of your head ever again – especially someone you’ve seen execute someone – you return to your body immediately.’
YOSHI'S GAMBLING DEN Michael is encouraged to find a way to start earning money and changing his financial situation. He knows one thing, knowledge in a poker game is certainly power, so he wants to try out his new mind reading skills on his old poker buddies. Meanwhile Marlow has recruited Michael to help him get in touch with Officer Sanchez and make sure her arrival at the murder scene she discovered was not more than good detective work.
A SLAP OF REALITY: Marlow puts the classic novel The Alchemist in Michael's hands before Michael passes out for a much-needed rest. When he awakes, he's introduced to Mrs. Wu who will be his kung fun, qi gong and basic energy instructor. She's an amazing martial artist, for a human, and Michael begins his training with an open mind. Ray joins in teaching him the fundamentals of knife fighting and a lesson about respect and concentration. Michael's education has begun.
THE WHISTLER IN PRAGUE Michael reads about the bodies found in Denver by none other than his coffee date and sends her a text with awkward congratulations. Then before he can relax and rest from his exhaustion from his earlier training, Marlow returns and needs his help in dealing with the deadly Whistler. The worm on the hook is Michael walking through a Prague night club and drawing out the killer. Marlow has brought his knife fighting instructor RAY to help; and the mission is no longer to negotiate but to kill.
THE LOVELY DISTRACTION Michael, struggling with insomnia, takes us to his training session at Grand Central Station in New York city. One in which he was working on his mind reading, but on encountering a beautiful woman lost his focus and goes into seduction mode. After his failure Marlow lectures him on the seamless life Astropaths need to live in a world full of fearful humans who, when discovering anything foreign, are extremely dangerous. He also finds a disturbing newspaper article in the Denver Post featuring his coffee date Officer Sanchez.
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