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Author: Jonathon Siminoe

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The Journeys of the Astropath 'MICHAEL' is an audio drama that explores Michael's awakening to his astropath abilities. Astropaths have the ability to astral project, read human minds and communicate telepathically. This gothic story is a bi-weekly podcast, scheduled to release a 24 episodes.
This story is a part of the Astropath graphic novel and novel series.
18 Episodes
A MILE HIGH WHISTLE Michael gets an ominous text from Dr. Smithson. He and Terrance have been bonding by text since losing his sister and now it seems Terrance is losing himself in grief. But when Michael arrives in Denver he has brought something with him he hadn't expected and both are in peril. Quote from the script: Mrs. Wu once said, ‘The happiness and joy we gather in qi gong is ours forever and the anger and sadness we release in qi gong is gone forever.’
THE SECRET LIBRARY Michael's recovery has been steady as he works with Mrs. Wu to increase his qi. Feeling better he travels with Marlow to a secret library and a sunrise over Mount Rushmore and a sunrise looking out over the San Fransicso Bay. FROM THE SCRIPT: ‘You handsome men always spend too much qi on your lady friends. Waste of qi. Qi gong is about gathering intent and there is no more qi filled thing than your seed, you know your seed, so don’t go casting it around willy-nilly. Waste of good intent.’ Mrs. Wu
BEERS AND A BUMPER TO THE FACE Michael and Marlow attempt to draw Angela, A.K.A Officer Sanchez out so that Marlow can read her thoughts. Marlow has been suspicious of her police work and needs to read her himself to discover the truth. But the danger they are in being around Angela is much worse than Michael could have imagined. FROM THE SCRIPT: Marlow paused in thought. ‘Failure and success are too binary. Did you do the right thing – no – did you survive yes. So, listen, if someone holds a gun to the back of your head ever again – especially someone you’ve seen execute someone – you return to your body immediately.’
YOSHI'S GAMBLING DEN Michael is encouraged to find a way to start earning money and changing his financial situation. He knows one thing, knowledge in a poker game is certainly power, so he wants to try out his new mind reading skills on his old poker buddies. Meanwhile Marlow has recruited Michael to help him get in touch with Officer Sanchez and make sure her arrival at the murder scene she discovered was not more than good detective work.
A SLAP OF REALITY: Marlow puts the classic novel The Alchemist in Michael's hands before Michael passes out for a much-needed rest. When he awakes, he's introduced to Mrs. Wu who will be his kung fun, qi gong and basic energy instructor. She's an amazing martial artist, for a human, and Michael begins his training with an open mind. Ray joins in teaching him the fundamentals of knife fighting and a lesson about respect and concentration. Michael's education has begun.
THE WHISTLER IN PRAGUE Michael reads about the bodies found in Denver by none other than his coffee date and sends her a text with awkward congratulations. Then before he can relax and rest from his exhaustion from his earlier training, Marlow returns and needs his help in dealing with the deadly Whistler. The worm on the hook is Michael walking through a Prague night club and drawing out the killer. Marlow has brought his knife fighting instructor RAY to help; and the mission is no longer to negotiate but to kill.
THE LOVELY DISTRACTION Michael, struggling with insomnia, takes us to his training session at Grand Central Station in New York city. One in which he was working on his mind reading, but on encountering a beautiful woman lost his focus and goes into seduction mode. After his failure Marlow lectures him on the seamless life Astropaths need to live in a world full of fearful humans who, when discovering anything foreign, are extremely dangerous. He also finds a disturbing newspaper article in the Denver Post featuring his coffee date Officer Sanchez.
LEARNING TO READ Michael arrives in Chicago to study with Marlow at Pegonious mansion, located in the exclusive Hyde Park Neighborhood. Micahel is stunned by the splender of Marlow's home, but before he can even explore the place, Marlow takes him on a lessson to practice his mind reading in one of the world's most chaotic places.
THE WHISTLER ARRIVES Season one continues with Michael’s dinner in India. Here he meets Candice, a rather peculiar Berkley native astropath. She has come to speak with Marlow about the threat of THE WHISTLER. While Michael is enjoying his first experience in India, there is a foreboding feeling in the air. Michael’s first bites of spicy Indian food draw tears and sweat, much to Marlow’s amusement. But before they can depart the city of Calcutta, The Whistler arrives – drawn to Michael who is a spark thrower (new to his astropath powers) -- and attacks Michael.
QIGONG AND POVERTY In Epsidoe 9 Michael is visited by Marlow and the training begins. Marlow is shocked by Michael's poverty and unhappy to work in this inviornment. After showing Michael the key to developing his chi with QiGong, Marlow wants to take Michael on a distant journey to have dinner in India.
THE COFFEE DATE: In episode 8, Michael has a friendly visit from Marlow asking why he hasn’t called out to him to start his training. He also has a visit from a gambling debt collector who he had the bad judgment to barrow money from. When he finally arrives at his coffee date with Officer Sanchez he feels he’s getting his day back on track; however, things get very weird when he accidentally reads her mind and sees more than he had bargained for.
ALCOHOLIC HAZE OF SADNESS: Episode 7 begins SEASON 1. Season 1 begins several days after Michael’s introduction to Dr. Marlow Pegonious. Lost in a state of drunken morning, Michael meets a police officer by the name of Officer Sanchez. He also, coming out of his drunken bender, is confronted by a tough guy that he owes $500. Michael has lost his sister, but Marlow has presented him with an amazing opportunity to study his supernatural astropath powers with him. His loss is making everything hard, but he knows his way forward is to learn about his powers and to develop a new life using them. But first there’s a coffee date with officer Sanchez.
Part 6 of 6: THE AWEKENING: This episode concludes the 6-part awakening of Michael. In this episode Michael must face his worst fears in order to assist his sister in her journey. With Marlow’s help, Michael returns to the backyard of his youth where his sister is trapped in limbo. Can he do what must be done? Can Casandra believe in him enough to let go?
Part 5 of 6: THE AWAKENING: Michael learns to return to his body from astral projection -- the hard way. Marlow then teaches him how to enter his sister's mind and challenges him to help her, even though saving her may be impossible. Michael enters the backyard of his youth to once again visit his sister Cassandra, who is still trapped in a kind of limbo in her own mind. Things are changing, evaporating sporadically and then with her will returning. Before he can do much of anything Cassandra's lover, Dr. Terrance Smithson, interrupts their mental union. Here Michael learns of Terrane's true feelings for his sister. This episode ends with Michael changing his life.
Part 4 of 6: THE AWAKENING: Michael returns to the tale of his astropath awakening, after explaining that a special phone call had interrupted his story. He goes on to explain his first astral projection with Dr. Marlow Pegonius to the nation of Bhutan. Michael is a bit put off by Marlow’s directness about the situation his sister is in, but recalls that he was honest without intended cruelty – it was out of necessity for the situation. Michael is faced with the reality that his supernatural powers are real, but those powers can do little to help the direness of his sister’s fate. Still there is something he can and must do for her.
Part 3 of 6: The Awekening. Michael opens with more of a cheerful mood. He offers some idea of the life that he currently lives after the tragedy; one of gambling and exploring short term relationships with amazing women. Returning to the tale of his sister, as he has promised to do, things take a much darker tone. Michael visits Casandra in her mind where she is preserving herself in the backyard of their childhood. Here he explains to her that she is in a comma form the car accident. He can't understand how he is able to join her and is desperate to find a way to return to her when he is pulled away. Now Dr. Marlow Pegonious arrives in our story as he has been drawn to Michael’s hospital bed, because of the psychic energy he is emitting in his connection with his sister. When the student is ready the teacher appears and Marlow is Michael’s teacher in this new reality he is beginning to explore.
Part 2 of 6: THE AWAKENING. Michael and Casandra enjoy a special steak dinner at Morten's, where Casandra reveals she has a new love in her life. Michael feels he's become the third wheel. Too many drinks later, Michael has to be driven home and during this drive tragedy strikes. A mirracle saves Michael's life and reveals the inkeling of his astropath powers. But without the knowledge of how to use them, he can't stay with his sister in her fragile state of mind.
Part 1 of 6: THE AWAKENING. We open on a night in Colorado, where Michael Sims -- bound by a promise he's made to tell the entire tale -- recaps how his astropath experience began, what it is to be an astropath and the tragedy that brought about his awareness of his powers.
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