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Are You Ready?

Are You Ready?


In today's podcast, Pastor Jack discusses how to get ready for the Rapture and why that's important for you to do. Since the Rapture could happen at any moment, how should that affect a Christian’s outlook on life?  For more information and resources visit
When Eyes Can Hear Us

When Eyes Can Hear Us


Your Christian testimony is more than just the words you say. People all around are watching how you act and respond to what life throws your way. Their eyes are hearing your story about Jesus. Visit for more information and resources.
Q&A with Jack Hibbs

Q&A with Jack Hibbs


Jack Hibbs answers listener questions.  Who are the ten virgins, and what does that parable mean?  Does the tribulation start after the rapture of the church or after the 7-year peace treaty?  What happens if a Christian accepts the mark of the beast?  Join us on this episode as Pastor Jack answers these listener questions.  Visit for more information and resources.
Light It Up

Light It Up


God is able to light us up from the inside out, discerning and exposing the sin in our lives. We deceive ourselves when we think our secret sin is hidden from Him. Get more truth by watching now. Visit for more information and resources.
Those Who Survive

Those Who Survive


What is The Day of The Lord vs The Day of Christ? What happens to planet Earth after the destruction that takes place during the tribulation?Pastor Jack shares Bible verses that speak on God’s Wrath and what happens to those that survive through the end of the tribulation.In this episode Pastor Jack answers a few of your questions and more. Visit for more information and resources.
Am I Me

Am I Me


The person you used to be isn’t the person you are today in Christ. Nor are you the person you want to be! Find out how God’s promise to make you a new creation plays out in everyday life. Visit for more information and resources.
Get ready for an enlightening discussion on the rapture of the church, the multiple comings of Jesus Christ, and the various perspectives surrounding these events. We'll examine the significance of Jesus' first arrival on Palm Sunday and explore how our beliefs about the rapture ultimately pale in comparison to our trust in Jesus Christ for salvation and our dedication to following Him today. Join us as we dive deeper into the seven-year tribulation period, the Antichrist's deception, and the earth's judgment. We'll also discuss the importance of the Olivet Discourse in understanding these events, as well as the "Braxton Hicks" contractions we see in the world today. This conversation will challenge you to reevaluate your beliefs and gain a deeper understanding of biblical prophecy – don't miss this opportunity to strengthen your faith and knowledge!
Does the idea of a coming one-world order fill you with panic? God gave us prophecy to not only warn us, but to assure us that He has everything under control. Learn more about these things with Charlie Kirk and Pastor Jack! For more information visit
In this episode, we dive deep into the topic of the rapture, exploring different views such as the pre-tribulation, mid-tribulation, and post-tribulation rapture viewpoints. We discuss the importance of understanding the seven years specifically owed to Israel and the implications of each rapture view on interpreting Bible prophecies. We also touch on the topic of the Antichrist and the mark of the beast. We examine the post-tribulation rapture view and the issues that arise from it, such as the mixing of the church and Israel as the saints, and the lack of deliverance for the church during the tribulation period. We emphasize the importance of being ready for Jesus' return and living out our faith today. Join us as we explore these fascinating topics and provide insight into the different perspectives on the rapture. And don't forget to subscribe and leave a review to help spread the message. Be ready, live out your faith, and stay connected with us for more in-depth discussions on real life and the Bible. Visit for more information and resources!
What is the Great Reset, and why should today’s Christians be aware of it? Pastor Jack talks with Charlie Kirk about globalization and how it fits into end-times prophecy. Visit for more information and resources.
In this episode, we dive deep into the various views and understandings of the rapture, its implications for believers, and how it relates to the New Testament doctrine. We discuss the promise of deliverance given by Jesus in Revelation, the pre-tribulation rapture theory, and the importance of relying on scripture rather than influential figures. As we continue to explore the rapture, we'll also discuss the challenges of being a Christian during these times and the importance of being prepared for Jesus' return. Join us as we live out what we believe and embrace real life through authentic, transparent conversations, and don't forget to subscribe at to stay up to date on our latest episodes.  



In today’s episode, we celebrate not only the resurrection of Jesus, but also His promise to come again! Pastor Jack reminds us that Jesus is returning for His people, and we have certain assurance that He will keep His word!   Visit for more information and resources!
In this episode, I explore the concept of the rapture and its Biblical basis, addressing the common question of why the word "rapture" does not appear in the English Bible. I explain that the term is found in the Latin Bible. We then discuss the rapture as an event in Scripture specifically mentioned in relation to the church in the New Testament setting. I delve into the overwhelming rapture verse in the scriptures, as told by Jesus in John 14:1, and discuss the implications of this verse and its connection to the rapture. We also explore the imagery and symbolism found in the Book of Revelation, focusing on the significance of the seven lampstands representing the seven churches. In this discussion, I emphasize the importance of living out our faith in today's turbulent world and encourage listeners to subscribe and share the message of truth with others to help this podcast grow. Stay tuned for part two of our exploration on defining the rapture, its placement in scripture, and why it is essential to our understanding of the end times. Together, let's continue to seek truth and live out our faith in these challenging times.   Visit for more information and resources.
With the might and morality of the United States declining dramatically, all eyes are turning away from America as a source of hope and stability. What will America’s fate be according to the Bible? Find out with Pastor Jack today. Visit for more information and resources.
The darkness of evil pervaded the whole earth on the Friday Christ was crucified. But on Sunday–suddenly!–everything changed, and death was defeated. Celebrate the resurrection of Jesus with Jack Hibbs on this special podcast. Visit for more information and resources.
Tragically, suicide is on the rise in today’s society. How can we battle the insecurities and criticisms that lead to suicidal thoughts? What does the Bible say about our purpose for living? Jack Hibbs discusses this eye-opening topic in today’s episode.   Visit for more information and resources.
Never have the pieces come together so well to align End-Times prophecy with current events. What is the next event on the prophetic global calendar? Are we living in the Last Days? What should we be looking for? Jack Hibbs answers these questions and more in this program, Countdown: All Eyes on God’s Ultimate Endgame. Visit for more information and resources.
Without conviction there can be no realization that sin is in our lives and needs to be addressed. Are the wheels of conviction turning in your heart today? Learn where conviction leads in today’s program! Visit for more information and resources!
Just as the apostle Paul discovered, there comes a time when we must realize the truth about ourselves and allow it to surface–from the inside out. God is concerned with truth, and Pastor Jack explains why in today’s episode.   Visit for more information and resources!
Today’s culture bombards us with so much information that it can be hard to distinguish what is actually true. The devil inserts his deception into the mix in an attempt to lie you into Hell. Visit for more information and resources!
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Marlon Phillips

A must, excellent bible based teaching!

Apr 14th

Rory Aughinbaugh

These episodes are not long enough! I am grateful for your stepping out in faith and holding the line unto the true Word of God!

Apr 13th

Connie Lewis

Wow! Right on point!

Mar 2nd

Ari Breedyk


Jul 9th

Victor Brodt

Amazing and extremely interesting

Mar 24th
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