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In 1981, Elvis Costello put out an album entitled Trust. Good album! But what does trust mean today? Today's world of spin, slight of hand and double speak makes you wonder. And before we damn government and big business, we should look in the mirror and ask, "Is our word truly our bond?" "Can others trust me?" Trust is everything, but today means little.
Kieran Gutting is a Financial Advisor with his finger on the pulse of the economy. Crypto Currency, I Bonds, T Bonds, Common Stock and Crypto Exchanges are discussed in detail. Common sense investments verses Ayahuasca dreams? It's your money.
Cryptocurrency Exchange FTX filed for bankruptcy less than a week after a rival offered to buy it. How could that happen? If cryptocurrency is a legitimate tradeable currency, then why do they always look for dollars for start up? Or bailout? Is cryptocurrency the monetary vehicle of the future, of just the latest pyramid scheme?
Miriam Gutting came to the US from Ireland in 1963 to start the first Montessori school in St. Louis. An education pioneer, Miriam taught, managed and operated Montessori schools for decades.
The new UK Prime Minister is Rishi Sunak, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer. Who is Rishi Sunak? How did he become Prime Minister and what is The Chancellor of the Exchequer? How the UK Parliamentary system differs, and is similar, to ours in the US are discussed here.
To say that Chuck Berry had a checkered past is being kind. Despite his immense talent and showmanship, Berry was involved with armed robbery, tax evasion, assault, sex with minors and filming women in bathrooms. Does this take away from his musical accomplishments? Listen here.
Inflation, inept government, poor stock and bond performance, the war in Europe. These are all reasons to frown. Life sucks and then you die? Not so fast. Lets compare today's western world to others and consider opportunities we may have overlooked or perhaps not realized existed. Is it really that bad? Maybe not.
The Long Form Podcast Format is used by The James Strong Show and by other podcasters. What is it? What does it mean? Today's podcast explains and actually follows the format by design. Ukraine, East Coast Travel and Roger Waters are featured. Curious? Listen!
Ever been to Waco, Texas? If yes, have you been recently? It's changed. For the better. No longer the sleepy cowboy town between Dallas and Austin, Waco has a cool, modern vibe that I really like. Details are discussed, along with highlights of my recent camping trip and a WSJ oped on who funds the quitters. All this in one podcast! Nifty!
Especially today, it seems like some of the biggest problems today shouldn't be so. Either they are made up controversy or controversy that should be easily solved. Today's podcast deals with four such problems involving beer, Muslims, CO2 and ID emblems. Enjoy!
As the Pandemic wanes, international travel resumes. And it's changed. Big time. New hoops to jump through, new rules to follow. New obstacles to maneuver around. And most have been implemented to serve the provider, not the traveler. Strong discusses and provides solutions.
Jo Schaper is a renaissance woman with three degrees. While she took out student loans, she also paid them back without bail out money. Her common sense solutions to the student loan bailout debate are simple and true. Strong and Jo discuss how to navigate the difficult waters of higher education debt.
From the caveman days to today, we have always had a supply chain. Disruption of that vehicle is nothing new. What makes it different today? What's the best work around? Listen here for the details.
Quiet Quitting is the new workplace moniker. It goes beyond not taking your job too seriously. Some say it is about doing the minimum while still collecting the paycheck. Some say it's putting your priorities before an employer that will fire you at the first dip in his profit sheet. Who is right? Listen and decide for yourself.
A precursor to today's UFO / UAP phenomenon were the cattle mutilation mysteries of the 1970's. Dead cattle with their sex organs surgically removed were popping up throughout the American West. Satanic cults, alien spacecraft and the US Government were the usual suspects. Strong visits the odd goings on which continue to this day.
John Fogerty was a founding member of Creedence Clearwater Revival. Some say he WAS Creedence Clearwater Revival. At least John believes he was. John alienated his family and friend to make CCR in his own image. Did he cross that fine line between confidence and arrogance? Listen to learn.
Vote Matt is an activist, homesteader, free thinker and podcaster in rural South Carolina. He tows the line between libertarianism and anarchy. He's the founder of the very popular Swamp Fox Podcast Network.
Inflation, war, stock drops, Covid, divisive politicians, all make us frown. Can you remain "glass half full" in the middle of this mess? Of course. Dr. Strong tells you how with unconventional, yet remarkably simple solutions.
For 41 years the Sts. Joachim and Ann Care Service has helped the working poor in East Central Missouri. Pam Struckhoff and Donna Tobin discuss the workings of this unique charity and the good they do in the community.
75 Years ago, rancher WW Brazel discovered a crashed craft on his ranch 100 miles north of Roswell, NM. The military said it was a flying saucer. Then it wasn't. The Roswell incident began what became the story of the century...are we being visited by beings from another world?. Strong discusses Roswell, the Hickson-Parker abduction and Thomas Mantell's UFO pursuit in his P51 Mustang. UFO talk today on The Strong Show!
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