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What is Japanese food? Sushi? Ramen? Kaiseki? What about Izakaya? What exactly are they? Akiko Katayama, a Japanese native, New York-based food writer and director of the New York Japanese Culinary Academy, will tell you all about the real Japanese food and food culture. Her guests will range from a sake producer whose family has centuries of sake-making history, to a great American chef who pushes the envelope of Japanese cuisine. Japanese cuisine is demystified here!
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Our guest is Tetsuya Nick Sakagami, a fish expert based in Los Angeles. Nick joined me on Episode 70 and discussed the Kindai tuna, a unique experiment of farmed Bluefin tuna by the Kinki University in Japan. Nick works as an international business advisor to the university, import sustainable tuna from Tahiti, educate American chefs about fish among other things. Also, he recently published a book called “Sushi Master – an expert guide to sourcing, making, and enjoying sushi at home”.Japan Eats! is powered by Simplecast.  
Our guests are Joshua Foulquier, co-owner of Sushi Noz, and Joshua Copeland, beverage director and general manager. Sushi Noz is an authentic 8-seat sushi restaurant in Upper East Side with a Michelin star. Joshua Copeland has extensive experience at highly reputable western and Japanese restaurants, including Del Posto and Brushstroke by David Bouley. He has built an impressive beverage list at Sushi Noz, which includes 165 sake, 18 shochu, 385 wine and 22 Japanese teas, to pair with sushi. In this episode, we discuss how Josh gained his knowledge of a vast variety of beverages, what to drink with sushi beyond Japanese sake, and much, much more!!!Join Heritage Radio Network on Monday, November 11th, for a raucous feast to toast a decade of food radio. Our tenth anniversary bacchanal is a rare gathering of your favorite chefs, mixologists, storytellers, thought leaders, and culinary masterminds. We’ll salute the inductees of the newly minted HRN Hall of Fame, who embody our mission to further equity, sustainability, and deliciousness. Explore the beautiful Palm House and Yellow Magnolia Café, taste and imbibe to your heart’s content, and bid on once-in-a-lifetime experiences and tasty gifts for any budget at our silent auction. Tickets available now at Eats is powered by Simplecast. 
Our guest is Shuzo Nishiyama, the 6th generation president of Nishiyama Shuzojo in Tamba, Hyogo Prefecture. After working at a major TV production company in Tokyo, Shuzo returned to succeed his family business. Now the 170-year old award-winning sake brewery is known for its innovative culture. In this episode, Shuzo will discuss his various efforts to revive the male-dominant conservative sake industry, e.g. why the majority of his brewery workers are female, why he has hired multiple foreigners as the brewmaster's assistants, and much, much more!!! Japan Eats is powered by Simplecast.  
Our guest is Arisa Forbes, a specialty cake designer and cookbook author based in NYC. Cakes are often the highlight of important events, including weddings, birthdays and other celebrations, and designing specialty cakes can be as challenging as designing a dress or making a sculpture. Arisa was born and raised in Japan but her passion and hard work led her to build a career here in NY. Today, we will discuss how Arisa chose to become a cake designer, the challenges she has faced to establish her career, her design philosophy and much, much more!!!Japan Eats is powered by Simplecast.
Our guest is Amy Watanabe, executive chef at Sake Bar Satsuko in East Village, Manhattan.  Sake Bar Satsuko is a unique Japanese restaurant originally opened by her mother Satsuko Watanabe in 2004.    In this episode, Amy discusses the charm of Sake Bar Satsuko, her life as the chef at the restaurant, challenges she faces in succeeding the legacy of her mother, and much, much more!!!Japan Eats is powered by Simplecast.
Our guests are Kirsten and Christopher Shockey. They are the co-founders of Ferment Works where they educate people about fermented foods. They are also the co-author of multiple books about fermentation, including “Miso, Tempeh, Natto & Other Tasty Ferments: A Step-by-Step Guide to Fermenting Grains and Beans", which came out in June 2019. Fermented foods are gaining global attention lately for their amazing flavors and health benefits, but Kirsten and Christopher already have 20 years of experience in the field. In this episode, we will discuss how they got into fermentation, why fermented foods are so good for you, what fermented foods you can make in your own kitchen and much, much more!Japan Eats is powered by Simplecast.
Our guest is Stephen Lyman who is known as a leading shochu expert. He joined us on Episode 23 and talked about shochu extensively. He moved to Japan in 2018 and now lives in the mecca of shochu Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan. Stephen recently published an intriguing book titled “The Complete Guide to Japanese Drinks”. Also, he now has a cool shochu bar in Fukuoka.In this episode, we will discuss his new life in Japan, his exciting new book, Japanese drinking culture that he deeply observes as a resident of Japan, and much, much more!Japan Eats is powered by Simplecast.
Episode 168: Salon du Sake

Episode 168: Salon du Sake


Our guest is Sylvain Huet who is one of the few Japanese sake experts in France. He is also the first French Sake Samurai, which is appointed by The Japan Sake Brewers Association Junior Council. Sylvain is also the organizer of on of the biggest sake events in the world Salon du Sake held annually in Paris.In this episode, we will discuss Sylvain’s unique path to the world of sake, what sake French people drink in the kingdom of wine, the upcoming Salon du Sake and much, much more!Japan Eats is powered by Simplecast.
Our guest is James Kumm, the owner of Landmark Wine and Spirits in Chelsea, Manhattan. At the back of the store is a special section Minoru's Sake Shop that features regional sake. He is recognized as one of the professionals who effectively promote the preciousness of Japanese sake by the Consulate General of Japan.Today, we will discuss James’ unique analysis of Japanese sake market as a retailer, the latest trend of popular sake, how to pick a bottle of sake at a retail shop, and much, much more!Japan Eats is powered by Simplecast.
Our my guest is Gaston Becherano who is the co-founder & CEO at Bonsai Kakigōri, which opened in April this year2019. Kakigori is a traditional Japanese icy dessert. It is similar to snow cones but is distinctively different. And it is a very nostalgic and culturally important food for the Japanese.In this episode, we will discuss how Gaston got into the world of kakigori, why it is a great tool to understand the essence of Japanese culture, what unique items are on the menu at Bonsai Kakigori, and much, much more!It's HRN's annual summer fund drive, this is when we turn to our listeners and ask that you make a donation to help ensure a bright future for food radio. Help us keep broadcasting the most thought provoking, entertaining, and educational conversations happening in the world of food and beverage. Become a member today! To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we have brand new member gifts available. So snag your favorite new pizza - themed tee shirt or enamel pin today and show the world how much you love HRN, just go to Eats is powered by Simplecast.
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