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PJ's like the best friend you never had; easy to love, impossible to hate, and takes endless roasts from her mate Jase, like a champ. And the other half? Known for his pranks and borderline antics on and off-air, Jase the wit master is damn-near impossible to stump and knows a good VonZipper trucker cap when he sees one. Tune in weekday mornings from 6am on Melbourne's KIIS 1011.

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The wheels are OFF today! Love you all <3
Also, how Boujee was your school??? Love you all <3
We can hear the headlines now... "Jase tells 16-year-old to get stuffed on his birthday". Love you all <3
Jase has kindly offered Sam his house while he's away, but Sam isn't having the easiest time adjusting to a much nicer lifestyle...
A short and sweet one today sorry!!! Love you all <3
Also... Where do you stash your cash? Love you all <3
MINI: Mark Kilian

MINI: Mark Kilian


Mark and his partner made headlines this week, they're desperately trying to get into QLD to see Mark's father
She's behind Australia's biggest money and finance podcast "She's On The Money", and we gave her Jase and PJ's bank statements to trawl through with a fine tooth comb!
Would you make a booking? Love you all <3
Also, how long have you used something before returning it? Love you all <3
MINI: Glenn Robbins!!!

MINI: Glenn Robbins!!!


He's an Aussie icon, and apparently caught Jase in a pretty awkward situation!
He's asking the hard-hitting questions on ABC's Australia Talks and he joined us to chat about it!
Also, Sam has a MASSIVE surprise for Jase's family... Love you all <3
FULL SHOW: Dad Jokes!

FULL SHOW: Dad Jokes!


Turns out neither Jase nor PJ are very good at understanding jokes.......... Love you all <3
MINI: Ryan Shelton!

MINI: Ryan Shelton!


Aussie funny man Ryan Shelton has a new app!
MINI: Dane Swan!

MINI: Dane Swan!


Swanny joins the guys every Monday morning in the studio, this morning was all about manscaping and crowd capacities!
Plus... We've committed to a 45+ min Daily Wrap next week... Sort of............... Love you all <3
Plus FREE FOOD FRIDAY! Love you all <3
MINI: Ben Fordham!

MINI: Ben Fordham!


He's a massive supporter of the show and is about to embark on a new season of Ninja Warrior with Nick Kyrgios! Love you all <3
There was a bit of drama over at Jase's house last night. Sam's just trying to live his best life! Love you all <3
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Hossein Konari

a remarkable story

Mar 17th


Amazing story

Feb 24th

Jacky Brown

not working

Mar 12th

Neil Williams

Morning guys. I'm a Welsh guy and just recently discovered your podcast. I'm playing catch up so listen to about 5-6 per day whilst at work and dred the day i finally catch up. you make a guy from the UK finally listen to commercial local radio so well done,you guys are literally the best. thank you so much for making the unpleasant hours damn entertaining. Big hug from Scotland

Dec 4th

Shiraz Mistry

Loved this episode

Nov 17th
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