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Jay & Silent Bob Get Old

Jay & Silent Bob Get Old

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No Trench Coats. No Hair Extensions. Bound for the Grave. This is what happens when Jay & Silent Bob Get Old.

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Joe Napolitano

thanks for taking all the episodes off niggerz

May 22nd


were is the 420 episode from the Neptune

Apr 30th

Signe Strøm Flugsrud

Had to dry off a tear at the end of this episode. I know I have a lot to catch up on and that this isn't from just recently, but I still love the idea of being one of thousands of sponsors, that in me enjoying this show I can even make a (tiny tiny) difference. Have been a fan of J&SB for many years, and love this pod with finally getting to know the people behind better. Looking forward to hearing the all the following episodes!

Apr 13th

Segunda Segura

love this I went to the one on Dec 12th in pueblo co wished I could have got a autograph or a pic with them

Feb 9th

David Lunda

Why is this show not a video series yet?

Nov 15th

Isaac Robare

David Lunda that's why you see the show when it comes in town

Dec 23rd
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