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Author: Jenny Ezinga & Emily Beidler

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Jenny Ezinga and Emily Beidler share their thoughts on life, friends, and faith in this weekly podcast.
5 Episodes
EP_05: Thanksgiving

EP_05: Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving! This week, join us for a more relaxed little chat about what we’re thankful for, and just general conversation about life.
In this week’s episode, we answer your assumptions about us! There were a huge variety submitted on Instagram, and we tried to answer as many as we could. Please note: audio quality this week isn’t quite as good as usual, due to COVID-19 concerns.
Join us this week as we have our first guest on the podcast and discuss topics including body image, self-confidence, eating habits, our favorite holidays, and more!
This week, we share our thoughts on one of the most requested topics from our listeners: relationships. We’ll cover friend relationships, toxic relationships, romantic relationships, setting boundaries, and more!
EP_01: First Date

EP_01: First Date


Let’s go on our first date! Join us this week as we get to know each other, learn how we met each other, and hear some stories about our lives. Hopefully you’ll give us a second date next week 😉
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