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Author: Jesse Lee Peterson

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Interviews, Highlights, and Archive content from Jesse Lee Peterson (DIFFERENT from the Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show podcast)

Jesse's daily show M-F 6-9am PT. Call-in: 888-775-3773 - "Uniting the Races with Truth Instead of Dividing Them with Lies"

@JesseLeePeterson is founder of BOND @RebuildingtheMan - "Rebuilding the Family by Rebuilding the Man"
954 Episodes
JLP | In America, Citizens Are Dead Last by Jesse Lee Peterson
JLP | An0maly Keeps It Real And Tells Us Why We Shouldn't Idolize Anyone by Jesse Lee Peterson
JLP | The Fruits Of Critical Race Theory by Jesse Lee Peterson
JLP | You're Gonna Miss His First Words!.. THAT'S DUMB! by Jesse Lee Peterson
JLP | GOP SIMPS For Pride Month And Tulsa Race Massacre by Jesse Lee Peterson
JLP | All Your Little Holidays Won't Fix Your Wicked Heart by Jesse Lee Peterson
JLP | TULSA 'MASSACRE': Liars Rewrite History 100 Years Later by Jesse Lee Peterson
JLP You Are Not The Things You Do... by Jesse Lee Peterson
December 4, 2002: Jesse Lee Peterson appears on the Christian program "Light of the Southwest," on God's Learning Channel (GLC). Host Al Cooper (1932-2018), founder of GLC, and his daughter Amy Cooper talk with Jesse about black Americans, God, and forgiveness. (Al's wife, Tommie Cooper, co-founder of GLC, first heard Jesse on the radio, and called him.) They also touch on Jesse's book "From Rage to Responsibility." (Find via BOND Stores page) After a short music break they take calls and ask questions. Archive recording premiered on Jesse Lee Peterson’s YouTube channel in April 2021. Duration: 2-hours (1:59:30) TIME STAMPS 0:00 God's Learning Channel 0:49 Interviewing Jesse 55:47 Music interlude 59:04 More with Jesse 1:01:22 Question: Father died? 1:05:26 Planned Parenthood 1:09:35 Telling the truth 1:15:07 Call and discussion 1:42:59 Another call, questions 1:58:43 Prayer / End
JLP | Anniversary Of An Unemployed Drug Addict by Jesse Lee Peterson
Thank You For The Birthday Wishes! Never Imagined I Would Be Here... by Jesse Lee Peterson
JLPs Ghetto Bible | Once Upon A Time When Things Were Right... by Jesse Lee Peterson
JLP | It's OK To Destroy The US Economy... Because It's RACIST! by Jesse Lee Peterson
JLP | Is Liz Cheney's Replacement Just Another RINO? by Jesse Lee Peterson
JLP | Derek Chauvin Juror Was Out Protesting! by Jesse Lee Peterson
JLP | HELP! My Husband Is A Democrat! by Jesse Lee Peterson
JLP | Police Are Quitting Everywhere by Jesse Lee Peterson
JLP - Is Tim Scott The Best Republicans Can Come Up With? by Jesse Lee Peterson
JLP | Caitlyn Jenner's Run For Governor Proves That Republicans Are Just Soft Democrats by Jesse Lee Peterson
JLP | 'Jesse, Should I Let my Daughter Stay with Her Boyfriend?' by Jesse Lee Peterson
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