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Author: Jesse Lee Peterson

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Interviews, Highlights, and Archive content from Jesse Lee Peterson (DIFFERENT from the Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show podcast)

Jesse's daily show M-F 6-9am PT. Call-in: 888-775-3773 - "Uniting the Races with Truth Instead of Dividing Them with Lies"

@JesseLeePeterson is founder of BOND @RebuildingtheMan - "Rebuilding the Family by Rebuilding the Man"
1010 Episodes
Sneako joined The Jesse Lee Peterson Show on July 5, 2023, Hour 3 00:00:00 - GUEST: SNEAKO 00:05:00 - Modern dating/marriage 00:14:20 - What is a man? 00:15:20 - Do you have anger? 00:19:00 - What is success? 00:20:00 - Islam/Christianity 00:23:15 - Do you have perfect peace? 00:24:00 - Talking about God 00:29:10 - Do you create thoughts? 00:32:00 - How to overcome fear/anger 00:34:15 - Forgiveness will set you free 00:44:10 - What is the “self?”
Bill Lockwood joins JLP to discuss ESG, Socialism, and Aztlán — Thursday, April 27, 2023
Clip from The Jesse Lee Peterson Show, Wednesday, March 29, 2023
Clip from Monday, February 13, 2023, The Jesse Lee Peterson Show
Beverly from Montana says she went and forgave her mother who'd shrugged off violations Beverly says she suffered at age 14. After decades, this Christian lady no longer hates to be around her mother! Clip from Friday, December 2, 2022, Hours 1-2 00:00 Follow-up on facing/forgiving mother 03:51 Her trauma at 14 05:30 Mother: Let's put it all behind us 07:56 No feelings 10:25 Less anger now 11:48 Salvation of the heart 13:40 Kept consulting my mind before forgiving her 15:46 Hell on earth living that way: Everyone has it 16:23 Another situation with son in trouble 17:58 Surprised at your fear of mother? (BREAK) 19:22 Fear, shaking: Anyone could be Dahmer 22:14 Face and forgive the person 23:33 Jesse's story: Trembling! 24:38 JLP: I thought it was love. 25:12 Love is not hating 25:50 I guess I didn't love God. Developed a hard shell. (Crying) 27:08 Stay with the Silent Prayer and watch the not you (thoughts) 28:34 Third time through Bible: memorizer. Was stagnant. 29:58 Know God: Know thyself. Noone can free you. No excuses SILENT PRAYER | READ
Caller J. from Delaware is a working man, but in darkness with his family. He sometimes falls into "sins" and is not always "on speaking terms" with God, whom he never blames. Jesse offers him a fresh perspective on prayer, forgiving his angry mother and alcoholic father, and how to deal with his siblings and girlfriend. Clip from Wednesday, December 7, 2022, Hour 2, The Jesse Lee Peterson Show 00:00 JLP: Most are evil and unhappy 02:28 J. in DE: New listener 03:15 Early 30s, depressed, feeling lost 05:40 What's your question for me? 05:58 Can't stand his family 08:05 Old school dysfunctional parents still together 08:44 JLP: Human beings are controlled by the Devil 09:05 Family pretends to care; energy drain 12:23 JLP: Do you want to be free? Forgive your mother. 14:57 I don't think God hears my prayers 16:57 JLP: You're praying to the Devil 19:31 Pray in the spirit, not the intellect 20:32 Mother's anger: Does that excuse my father? 22:55 JLP: Forgive to let go of woman's mindset 23:53 Fathers represent God on earth 24:48 Do I help my siblings after I forgive my parents? 27:03 JLP: It's spiritual. Your thoughts and feelings aren't you. 28:01 You won't be able to be around evil family much 29:09 Anger and lust fed into one another 30:52 Is that a soul tie? (JLP never heard of it.) 31:19 Never tell any woman your issues 32:17 You have no problems, in reality. 33:19 How do I reconnect with God? 1st: Forgive 34:30 2nd: Silent Prayer 37:11 Pray and forgive 37:56 JLP: Stop the prayers of the intellect
Originally produced January 8, 1998: The Jesse Peterson Show, discussing the question: Is Jesus God? We also talk at length about men. Have you ever met a real man? Another throwback from the archives! Song “Stand Up” by Jeff Spann YouTube PLAYLIST: The Jesse Peterson Show (1990s TV)
Wednesday, October 27, 2022: Bill Lockwood, host of the long-running radio show "American Liberty with Bill Lockwood" (now being rebranded to "Patriot Pulpit," findable as a podcast on Spotify and Amazon) joins Jesse Lee Peterson to talk about the attack on white people, and the fact that America is already a socialist country, and without justice. Bill Lockwood's most recent articles are now on the NewsTalk1290 website For years, Bill Lockwood has normally appeared the last Tuesday of the month in the first hour of The Jesse Lee Peterson Show.
Former NFL player and U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker faces criticism from his son Christian Walker, for allegedly "lying" about how Herschel supposedly treated the young man and his mother, ex-wife Cindy Grossman. 😤 People claim the 60-year-old black Republican paid for a woman's abortion last year. 🤷‍♂️ Don't tell the world your private business. Be accountable to God, not man. See it through, Herschel! 💪 And forgive your father and mother, Christian! 🙏 Democrats and even most conservatives and Christians are evil and have no love. Clip from the JLP show Weds. 10/5/22
In case you missed it! Jesse interviewed Alex Jones of Tuesday, August 9, 2022 Help Alex get his book "The Great Reset: And the War for the World" to the top on Amazon!
ARCHIVE (11/09/04, episodes 91-92, runtime: 55 mins) Jesse Lee Peterson interviews Dr. Larry Bates about economic principles and the current times in America under the Bush presidency. They discuss the notion and effects of minimum wage, Democrats, and media, and in what ways to support George W. Bush. Larry talks about gold and silver, recession and depression, and historical influences on our economy — from the Founding Fathers to John Maynard Keynes, to bankers and the Federal Reserve. He speaks from a Christian perspective on using money versus loving money. (Originally aired on God's Learning Channel.) TIME STAMPS 00:00 Ep. 91: JLP on GLC 01:01 Dr. Larry Bates: Clinton/Bush recession 04:39 Bush tax cuts: Not enough? 07:16 Deceiving the people 09:51 On the blacks 12:38 Economy, bankers, Democrats 15:26 Minimum wage, socialist unions 21:20 Democracy mob vs republic 23:42 Economics, Bible, Federal Reserve 28:07 Ep. 92: Gold, history, central banks 33:20 Andrew Jackson vs bankers 34:49 Collapse, Keynes, War 38:44 Exploitation, slavery 40:05 Christians, Bush, End Times 44:04 Money the root of all evil? 46:20 Larry's financial advice 54:01 Support BOND Jesse Lee Peterson hosted a show and made numerous appearances on @God's Learning Channel between late 2002 and late 2005. SEE MORE:
ARCHIVE (11/09/04, episodes 89-90, runtime: 55 mins) Jesse Lee Peterson gives a monologue across two episodes as founder of the nonprofit, BOND. Most black Americans suffer not due to racism, but the lack of moral character. Fathers are not in the homes, and their brainwashed by false black leadership. The Democrat platform is anti-God, but black preachers support it! In the second episode, Jesse details his "Black List" — pointing out lying black celebrities: Will Smith, Spike Lee, Danny Glover, Whoopi Goldberg, Harry Belafonte and Sean "P. Diddy" Combs. (Originally aired on God's Learning Channel.) TIME STAMPS 00:00 Ep. 89: JLP on GLC 01:01 BOND 01:58 Why blacks suffer: Bad values 04:02 black preachers for Democrats 07:06 Values over "economics" 09:15 Return to values 12:10 black men 17:08 Think for yourself 19:09 Leave black churches 20:25 Source of black anger 21:44 black men and women 24:19 Take control of your life 27:31 Ep. 90: The Black List 29:53 Will Smith 32:08 Sean "P. Diddy" Colmes 36:02 Harry Belafonte 38:01 Lying to black voters: Charlie Rangel 41:27 Why do whites support black celebrities? 42:25 Danny Glover, Spike Lee 44:06 Spiritual battle 46:01 National Day of Repudiation of Jesse Jackson 47:17 Living the message 47:49 Speak truth to the lies 54:00 Support BOND Jesse Lee Peterson hosted a show and made numerous appearances on @God's Learning Channel between late 2002 and late 2005. SEE MORE:
Nick reads from 2 Corinthians 3, in which Paul talks about his qualifications coming from God and not man. Jesse contrasts the intellect with the Spirit, and lists examples of slavery to thoughts — if you have anger, fear, doubt, or even "happiness." Stay with prayer. (Clip from Sunday, July 24, 2022, Church with Jesse Lee Peterson) FULL VIDEO: Are You a Slave to Thoughts? (Church 7/24/22) BLOG POST and PODCAST: ALSO ON SUBSTACK: Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday 11 AM PT at BOND in Los Angeles SILENT PRAYER: | AUDIO
ARCHIVE (11/09/04, episode 87) Jesse Lee Peterson interviews Manuel R. Lujan, Chairman of the Democratic Party of Midland County, Texas. A non-practicing Catholic and married father of three adolescent children, Manuel Lujan discusses the Democrat platform and politics of the time. They talk about abortion, child services, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Republicans, war, God, and same-sex marriage. (Originally aired on God's Learning Channel. Runtime: 28 mins) TIME STAMPS 00:00 Ep. 87: JLP on GLC 01:04 INTRO: Manuel Lujan 02:19 Democrats support abortion 06:47 Life after birth? Supporting death? 10:12 Bush: Liar or man of God? 11:41 Republican vs. Democrat: Good vs evil? 17:01 Terrorism: Bush vs Clinton record 20:46 Bill Clinton's moral failures, Bush's… 23:57 Losing Democrats' strategy 24:55 Marriage amendments 27:17 Support BOND Jesse Lee Peterson hosted a show and made numerous appearances on @God's Learning Channel between late 2002 and late 2005. SEE MORE:
ARCHIVE (11/08/04, episodes 85-86) Jesse Lee Peterson interviews Ronnie Gonzalez and Michael T. Brozek, members of the Ministries of Faith World Outreach Church in Odessa, Texas. Jesse previously interviewed their female head pastor Jeanette Hernandez (episodes 82-83) and her husband the associate pastor. TIME STAMPS 00:00 Ep. 85: JLP on GLC 00:53 Church men: Born again? 04:17 Their past, forgiveness 13:52 Under a woman preacher 22:39 Married to an older woman 27:46 Ep. 86: Wisdom from mature wife 34:52 Sensitive? 39:28 Listen to the woman: Suffer 43:37 What is a real man? 46:42 Who's leading your leader? 54:00 Support BOND SEE PRIOR EPISODE WITH THE WOMAN PASTOR: JLP on GLC | Woman Head Pastor, Husband Associate Pastor (2004, Ep. 82-83) Originally aired on God's Learning Channel! (Runtime: 55 mins) Jesse Lee Peterson hosted a show and made numerous appearances on @God's Learning Channel between late 2002 and late 2005. SEE MORE:
ARCHIVE (11/08/04, episode 84) Jesse Lee Peterson interviews Pastor Salvador Gonzales of the Spanish-language Iglesia de Cristo in Midland, Texas. TOPICS: sin, politics, Hispanics, women "leading," and divorce and remarriage. They discuss salvation and whether you still sin after being born again. He voted Republican (for President George W. Bush) because of moral values, and can't explain other pastors voting Democrat (for John Kerry). Hispanics are beginning to have "leaders" in the way that blacks do, although a more significant percentage votes Republican. Should women be preachers? Everytime a man listens to a woman, he suffers. How should men deal with their wives who don't want to follow? Why are Christians divorcing and remarrying? Originally aired on God's Learning Channel! (Runtime: 29 mins) TIME STAMPS 00:00 Ep. 84: JLP on GLC 00:59 Minister Salvador Gonzales 03:07 Born again? Still sin? 10:16 Voted Republican for morals 11:29 Hispanics have leaders now 13:23 Women preachers? 15:56 Men dealing with wives 20:27 Christians remarrying 23:37 About Pastor Salvador, his marriage 27:21 Support BOND Jesse Lee Peterson hosted a show and made numerous appearances on @God's Learning Channel between late 2002 and late 2005. SEE MORE:
Clipped from June 22nd, 2022: It's hard for people to be an individual and stand alone. JLP became a Republican after his heart changed. But now we don't have a Republican Party. The Republicans don't represent the best interests of the voters. They passed a "gun violence" bill along with Democrats. The Jesse Lee Peterson Show (M-F 6-9am PT) Call-in: 888-77-JESSE (1-888-775-3773)
ARCHIVE (11/08/04, episodes 82-83) Jesse Lee Peterson interviews female Pastor Jeanette Hernandez and her husband, Associate Pastor Eliseo Hernandez from Ministries of Faith World Outreach Church in Odessa, Texas. She talks about her "calling," saying 3rd John was by a woman pastor. Jeanette says she was in an abusive marriage while pastor, but after her divorce, Eliseo approached her as a congregant — his first date and kiss! They felt their relationship was from God, and that their church members agreed. As truth-speaking Christian Republicans, they discuss black and Hispanics' tendency to be Democrats, as well as moral issues. Interesting episodes from God's Learning Channel! (Runtime: 55 mins) TIME STAMPS 00:00 Ep. 82: JLP on GLC 00:48 Pastor Jeanette Hernandez 04:33 Wife head of church 05:36 How Associate Pastor Eliseo met her 09:57 More on how they met, married 14:17 Is she easy to deal with? He supports her 16:32 Politics: They're conservative 21:16 Spiritual battle; their church info 23:35 Salvation, sin 27:30 Ep. 83: Jeanette and Eliseo Hernandez 27:59 Healing people 31:00 TV minister healers: real or fake? 32:55 She led John Gotti to the Lord 33:29 Eliseo was raised moral 34:49 Eliseo didn't want kids! 36:35 JLP: No need for sex out-of-wedlock 37:20 No difficulty in marriage? 38:41 Women difficult for men 41:53 No sex before marriage: Eliseo was fresh 46:39 Age difference? 49:42 Evidence of holiness? 50:54 Black community; Jeanette's story 54:01 Support BOND Jesse Lee Peterson hosted a show and made numerous appearances on @God's Learning Channel between late 2002 and late 2005. SEE MORE:
ARCHIVE (11/08/04, episodes 80-81) Jesse Lee Peterson interviews Pastor Leonard Cotten of Calvary Chapel of Midland/Odessa, Texas. They discuss how to recognize preachers who are not called by God, the push for women to become "pastors," and wives not submitting to husbands. Jesse has a great conversation with Pastor Cotten about thoughts, how people are plagued by thoughts — yet they are not responsible for creating those thoughts! They also talk about the need for white Christians to tell blacks the truth. Very interesting pair of episodes from God's Learning Channel! (Runtime: 55 mins) TIME STAMPS 00:00 Ep. 80: JLP on GLC 01:13 Leonard Cotten: Called by God? 04:17 Listening to preachers at a building 05:04 Women taking over 12:57 Most men are weak 14:45 Born again: Still sin? 16:24 Do you create thoughts? 19:59 Tormented by thoughts 22:02 White preachers fear blacks 25:05 Jesse Jackson: Good or evil? 27:25 Ep. 81: Leonard Cotten 28:18 What is a real man? Know any? 29:47 Woman submits if man follows Christ 34:31 God loves us as we are, as sinners? 37:28 How to accept Jesus? 38:57 Spiritual battle: Call out evil? 41:10 Abortion, babies out-of-wedlock 43:10 Democrat platform: Evil 45:15 How to know you need to be saved? 47:25 Children closer to mothers 49:18 About Calvary Chapel 51:25 Bill Clinton, Al Sharpton, good or evil? 52:59 Closing: Accept Jesus 54:01 Support BOND Jesse Lee Peterson hosted a show and made numerous appearances on God's Learning Channel between late 2002 and late 2005. SEE MORE:
If You Celebrate Juneteenth, Just Know You Are A Useful Idiot | JLP Show by Jesse Lee Peterson
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