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Hey there, I know things have been a bit quiet around here recently. I've been deep in teacher mode the last few months. In this episode, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you so much for listening, share some cool stats & highlights from "Season 1" of the podcast, and a give a sneak peak of the expanded vision, new content and collaboration we've got in the works for season 2, which will be launching very soon. 
For years I struggled with the idea that success was always something you had to chase.There's always another horizon, another project, another win that you had to rush for.Yet even when you got it, when you achieved that victory, you went right back to the chase. I just knew there had to be a better way...and I found it. And once you discover it for yourself, everything changes.
There are so many different beliefs around death. For some, the death of a loved one is truly devastating, while others experience it as an opening and an invitation to pay more attention to life. And the eventuality of our own death is so often met with deep fear.In this Micro Dose, I share my own beliefs surrounding this thing we call death, which has evolved over the decades as I've explored the nature of who (and what) I truly am.
Of all the drivers of human experience, all the reasons we do things, perhaps the single most powerful is for the expression of our purpose.And not knowing your purpose, or not feeling like you have a purpose, is a huge problem that many of us face at one time or another.Yet, if you really dig into this, when you really do unlock it, life takes on a whole different shine.This is the 5th and final episode in our 5 Freedoms Activator series. To explore the first four Freedoms, check out Ep 3 (Freedom of Time), Ep 8 (Freedom of Money) , Ep 11 (Freedom of Location), and Ep 23 (Freedom in Relationships).
The past is only as real as the story you're telling yourself about it. Unless you change how you're perceiving your past, your future will continue to look very much the same. And how do you get a better past? By taking different actions, and creating new
You ever found yourself really looking forward to the future because that's where things are going to get better? Or perhaps you find yourself worried about the future?The reality is if you want to have a better future, you have to master your present. You need to become more powerful now, gain more clarity now, develop more confidence now, in order to solve whatever puzzle you're facing right now... not waiting for some far-off time when things are suddenly going to be different. Every person that I’ve observed who has experienced some powerful transformation - whether in relationships, physical vitality, wealth frequency, or otherwise - has done so by first making this foundational shift in their mindset and behavior. And so in this special edition of the podcast, we’re going to dive into specific tools and philosophies that will help you master your present.This presentation was initially recorded at an entrepreneur event in Bucharest, Hungry. These were people who were doers, who were hungry and willing to do what it takes to advance their business and advance their lives. And yet, many of them were shocked at just how simply this message is, at just how easy it can be to begin bringing to you more of what you desire by focusing on mastering your present reality.You’ll also here the story of how the worst beating of my life, in a no-holds-barred fight club, actually became the foundation for the most powerful transformation that I’ve experienced.
The feeling we call love is something that is both expressed and received. In order to maximize the amount of love in our lives, we must both foster the ability to generate our own love, and allow ourselves to receive love from another. 
In this third episode in the Ultimate Mind Series, we explore Ultimate Money. By applying some of these philosophies, you will both begin to see more money naturally flowing into your life, as well as improve your relationship with money, so that the money that is already in your life comes with feelings of peace and fulfillment and confidence in its use. This 3-part Ultimate Mind Series (Ultimate Energy, Ultimate Love, and Ultimate Money) was initially published as live video trainings for our private Ultimate Mind community. This is very fresh information, and the first time we’re releasing it publicly.
We’re all striving for that feeling of confidence, of certainty, that vibrant energy where you walk through life knowing “I got this.”This confidence booster will help you connect with and amplify that powerful feeling inside of you. By the end of this Micro Dose, you may find yourself in an entirely different state.
Is there any single word that creates more desire and/or confusion...then love? It's so interesting that we take this word and everyone assumes we're talking about the same thing. But love, in my experience and my observation, is not a word; it's an experience, and a very unique, evolving one.In this episode, we're going to explore Ultimate Love from an inside-out perspective - how to have more of this feeling, more of this frequency, in your life, regardless of what your current relationship or relationship status might be.This includes both how to feel more love (how to have more, gain more strength because of it, and exude more power and confidence as a result) as well as how you will find yourself creating external conditions in your life that match your elevated frequency, shared experiences that are very beautiful and create a really powerful sense of connection and deeper fulfillment in your life. This episode is the second in our 3-part Ultimate Mind Series (Ultimate Energy, Ultimate Love and Ultimate Money) initially published as live video trainings for our private Ultimate Mind community. This is very fresh information, and the first time we’re releasing it publicly.
You have been conditioned to believe that the Past, Present, and Future are all separate, sequential experiences. Yet this is simply a useful illusion. Linear time (as we know it) does not exist.
In this week’s episode, we’re exploring Ultimate Energy - your physical energy, your vital force, and your body - and how to tap into that innate power so you feel more connected to yourself and can live in that state of natural expansion.You’ll discover the essence of how your energy is generated as well as tools and techniques for cultivating your inner power at any time. This episode is the first in the Ultimate Mind series (Ultimate Energy, Ultimate Love and Ultimate Money) initially published as live video trainings for our Ultimate Mind program. This is very fresh information, and the first time we’re releasing it publicly.
There are a lot of good, kind, hard-working people in this world who still struggle with money. And it’s not because of how good these people are, how hard they’re working…it’s because of failure to see reality as it is. In this Micro Dose, we're going to inject a little bit of sobriety so that you can be empowered, help empower others, and get out of this sloppy thinking around money that so many of us find ourselves in.
In this episode, we're exploring how you can actually experience more of yourself in a relationship.I’m going to share with you a few stories, a few experiences, and hopefully give you a useful framework for crafting your own unique adventures and experiences within relationships.Whether you’re “in a relationship,” or whether you’re dating, or single, or “it’s complicated” - wherever you’re at on the relationship spectrum, I think you’ll find some real value in this. 
If you're listening to this podcast, we probably have something in common - we're both committed to growth. You may call it personal development, or spiritual growth, or optimization, or continually "becoming a better version of you."However, have you ever noticed in this process that you find yourself learning and absorbing and growing and yet you sometimes wonder "where's the proof?" You're having these epiphanies and breakthroughs, but...your life doesn't seem to be changing very much.Well, in order to fully experience transformation in your life, to fully express your purpose in the world, we need to begin by looking at ALL aspects of growth, and how to complete that process of expansion. 
In previous Wisdom Quadrants episodes, we’ve explored how to "sharpen your axe", so to speak - how to deepen your capacity and become a more powerful version of who you are, so that when you are producing, it is the best work that you're capable of.And today's episode is about The Production Zone - taking that energy and those insights and building powerful results in your life, both personally and professionally. Because living a life of freedom involves not just meditating, not just feeling good, not just learning a whole bunch of things that you never actually apply. It involves taking consistent inspired action.I’ve found that there are 5 components of The Production Zone to cultivating your own personal property, and if all 5 of these components are continually being focused on and growing, then the inevitable result is a life that is visibly expanding in all areas - physical health, relationships, creativity, contribution. And professionally, whether you run a business or have a job, you soon become known as the “to go” person because of the value that you’re creating and instilling in others. 
I'd like to congratulate you...not just on your successes, or on your accomplishments, or on your worthiness as a human being. I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your problems. 
For anyone who truly wants to help another person, there are all these myths, these misconceptions in your head that can keep you stuck. It keeps you thinking 'you need to be better at what you do,' or 'you need to be certified,' or 'you need to have been doing it for many years to really help someone,' and these beliefs are just not useful. They may be nice, but they are NOT necessary if you truly wish to be a teacher of freedom. In this episode, we're going to confront four of these myths and present some alternative paradigms that will empower you to embody your own wisdom and accelerate the results you achieve for those you serve, faster than you might think possible.And if this message resonates with you, I invite you to join our Freedom Teachers Facebook community:
You know that dream you've got? That big vision that's calling you forward and just won't leave you alone? That vision exists right now in the future, and all it's waiting for is the right vehicle to get you there. And that vehicle is your Upgraded Avatar. 
The failure to invest time consistently in the cultivation of your own imagination, the failure to take your own insights and allow them to blossom, guarantees mediocrity. You enter a whirlpool of creation where your life looks pretty much the same day to day. If you want to exit those orbits, the only way to do this is through the sanctuary and solitude of your own thoughts. In this episode, we're going to explore how to break free from your old patterns, to move from “good” to amazing, how we can suspend our addiction to linear growth and tap into our deepest imagination. In my opinion, there is nothing more important as a conscious creator than allowing your practice of this cultivation to grow.I’ve seen in my own experience and in conversations with others, the more you do this, the more you allow yourself to take these seemingly random thoughts and begin to piece them together, you’ll start to get clearer and clearer ideas. And you can make this intuition tactical. It can become an almost on-demand access to cosmic google, where you literally know the exact next step to take with complete confidence, because it’s like you’ve been there before...and perhaps, in some sort of way, you have. 
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Codrut Bordeanu

Such a great energy packed human being you are on this Earth, Jesse! Your way of speaking is full of the punchlines :). They all strike, but gently touch, exactly the right chords in order to spring out new ideas and possibilities of "what if" I was in the flow and "what else" Iis possible and I am not getting. Thanks man! I will binge on your vibration for a while and see what else and what if. :)

Oct 14th

Danielle Felczak

Need nothing, Appreciate EVERYTHING!!! Jesse you are as real as they come, tha I you for being a mirror and sharing yourself through this podcast 👏👏👏

May 17th
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