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Tune in every 3rd Wednesday at 1pm pacific as Jessica guides you to explore your intuition, reconnect with your body mind and soul, and discover true wellness through a multitude of modalities Are you ready to find and embrace your purest self Purely You Radio will engage you to explore a new paradigm in the way you see yourself to the way you were meant to be. Journey to your purest self now with Jessica Dooley
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How to tune into the wisdom of your womb, pay attention to your cycles and get into the flow of manifestationin a feminine way. The potential is infinite for what can manifest through embodying our womb wisdom and synchronizing our womb codes with the universal rhythms.Learn about feminine embodiment practices for self-care, energy, relaxation, happiness, and magnetic living.Discover how to get into the flow of abundant love and manifest more love in your life and the world today Know your power, trust yourself, and harness your energy as a sovereign woman.
Tune in for this riveting conversation with Dr. Faye Johnson, ND. She is a beautiful soul who is just as passionate about bridging the gap between symptom managment to true wellness as I am. Dr. Faye is a key player in my wellness journey and a true healer in our world Learn all about Naturopathic Medicine and why an ND should be a part of your wellness team today
Becoming Purely You: Part 1

Becoming Purely You: Part 1


I'm in the hot seat today Join me as I share with you some of the biggest lessons I have learned in my journey to Purely You Some have been learned the hard way, others have been through the clients of Purely You Healing but they are some of the best words of wisdom I have to offer You won't want to miss it
Ladies Do you struggle with anxiety, stress, or sleep Have you been told you have adrenal fatigue or hypothyroidism Are you looking for natural ways to heal yourself and your family Tune is as we talk about all of this and more with Sharlene Peterson, founder of Genesis School of Natural Health. Sharlene is a wealth of knowledge, you won't want to miss it
Heart Flow Healing

Heart Flow Healing


We are talking today to light-worker Allison Clausen. Join us as we explore the importance and the excitement of self-reflection, living in the now, manifestating and the power of gratitude.
We are talking today to Model, Actress, Singer, Author, and Spiritualist, Samantha Diane about the Importance of Being yourself, Being Perfectly Imperfect and what Samantha Diane refers to as the "The Mermaid Transformation."
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