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Radio personality Dean Clarke brings you best music from the rock, Newfoundland. Broadcasting live each week on Kitchener-Waterloo Radio station CKWR 98.5 FM, you can hear some of the best artists on this show coming out of Eastern Canada. With interviews, to themed Newfie throwback episodes, you don't want to miss this weekly podcast. Catch Dean live every Monday Night on CKWR 98.5 FM at 6PM ET or on the web at Long may your big jib draw.
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The first Monday of December and only 21 days left till the big man comes down that chimney. Do not forget the behind the scenes, interactive stream on FB, on YouTube, Twitch and on TikTok. Join in the fun and you never know who'll chime in On this weeks show, I'll be talking to the legendary O'Brien who started THE IRISH DESCENDANTS over 30 years ago. Talking about Con O'Brien. Talking about the history of the band plus some other surprises as well, the new album and the current tour to promote it. You won't want to miss this one. Also this week, more Christmas music from the Trinity Hall Christmas album, released from Scilly Cove Records, Winterton NL and of course the New Music Monday segment will NOT disappoint. Don't forget to click on the link below to listen to Newfoundland music anywhere you go. The ONE and ONLY ALL Newfoundland music radio station on LIVE365, Jigs & Reels Radio KW
On this weeks show as we prepare for the holiday season, it's fast to ignore possible signs of issues with ones mental health. Certain events over time can trigger an episode which can be life or death for some. I'll be talking with 2 mental health advocates from NF, Glenn Roil and Tina Olivero. It'll be the second time to talk to Glenn, but the first for me to talk to Tina.   Glenn Roil is a global mental health advocate. His mission is to de-stigmatize mental illness and mental health and make sure everyone who requires access and treatment receives the programs and services that they need. Glen has been very open about his own mental health struggles and was the public face for mental health with the Provincial Government’s anti-stigma campaign on mental illness and addictions called “Understanding Changes Everything,” which was launched at the Premier’s Summit on Health Care. Tina Olivero is a mother first and foremost who lost her son this past summer to addiction and is the brains behind the group Guardians of Recovery. Guardians Of Recovery provides innovative recovery solutions that include programs for families with addicted loved ones and SOBER Healing Homes for those in Recovery. We are creating Sober Communities because we believe everyone has the right to be free...drug free. A benefit concert, Ben's Law - The HUMAN RIGHT to LIVE addiction FREE! was held last week and the response has been overwhelming. I will remind you that this weeks podcast may not be for everyone as there will be talk about suicide and mental health issues.
Woot woot!! Today is Monday, November 20th and it’s a greeeeat day.   Today is not only my 52nd birthday but another podcast. For my birthday gift, do I have something for you all. Super excited to have a brand new song done by Lucas Snow's Cover Music Show and his brother Desmond. Sons of the legendary Lloyd Snow - Down East Boy. I’m not telling you the song but you’ll be blown away. I have not listened to it of course but the title is one you’ll know. Recorded by the one and only David Fitz. Another bday gift for you all is I’m super stoked about my interview this week with what could and should be a singer songwriter that has the ability to be on the air all over Canada. Right now it’s my privilege to talk to her and play her music here and in rotation on Jigs & Reels Radio KW on Talking about the one and only Angie Bohlke Music Angie just released her debut album with Pharos Music as well her cd launch party over the weekend and an upcoming Behind The Songs showcase at The Ship Pub & Kitchen. Bizzzzeeeee lady indeed.
Ok so I’m baaaaaaack in Ontario. What a time home!  And I promise I will not disappoint this week. New music all!!! But look at this. I’ll be talking to the legendary Mary Walsh and the new project she has going on with the Halloween Harbour Haunt in Conception Harbour. I just saw the promotional video and that alone scared the bejezus out of me so ya knows it’ll be an amazing time. Plus talk to her about The Missus Downstairs and just have a chat with her about all thing Mary Walsh. I’m sure we’ll have a laugh or two as well!! And of course listen to Newfoundland music from yesterday, today and tomorrow only on the ALL 24/7 Newfoundland music radio station on live365, Jigs & Reels Radio KW.
Check out host Dean Clarke of Jigs & Reels on CKWR 98.5 FM ( as he spins the best in Newfoundland music each week. Playing live online every Monday at 6PM ET / 7:30PM NF. Or listen to the best Newfoundland Online Radio Station at Live 365 Jigs & Reels Radio KW - Free Internet Radio - Live365
On this weeks show, I'll be paying respect to 2 major influences in the NF music scene one who over this past week were called into heaven and the other from a workplace accident in 2019 will be missed by all they knew. Ted Howell, founder and CEO of easifan, passed away suddenly on the 18th and Gerard Drover, in 2019 on September 1st. A name that is synonymous with Newfoundland music. Both have touched many lives in many ways and tonight, I'll pay tribute to both. Also more of what you love and that is the best in Newfoundland music this side of the St. Lawrence. Play some new songs in the new music Monday segment too. The live to air broadcast starts every Monday at 6pm ET / 730pm NF on 98.5 CKWR Real Community Radio
Another Monday is upon us and that means another fantastic podcast this week. Will be talking about the time we had at Celtic Island in Toronto on Saturday and the outstanding performance from Jennifer of Celtic Connection doing a couple of solo tracks, plus the event itself as it was our first time there and won't be our last. Some new music from Kim But, Ken Tizzard and of course the best in Newfoundland music this side of the St. Lawrence. Hopes ya have a listen, let's have some fun. Don't forget you can always listen to Newfoundland music of yesterday, today and tomorrow 24/7 with the ALL new Jigs & Reels Radio KW radio station online at live365
Tune in this week for an interview with @evelynjessmusic.  Talk to her about her @musicnl nomination and her upcoming show @route 66 diner and pub. Also, of course, the best in Newfoundland music this side of the St. Lawrence. New music from Georgie Power, and Jason Walsh. All this goes down on the Jigs & Reels Podcast.
Make sure to check out this weeks Labour Day Show Spectacular.   Lots of great new music on this weeks podcast – and of course some classics too.   Also, make sure to check out our 24 hour online radio station Jigs & Reels Radio KW.    Only the finest in Newfoundland music, and exclusive content.   Check it out at Jigs & Reels Radio KW - Free Internet Radio - Live365
Lots of new tracks and debuts on this weeks podcast from Carl Lundrigan, Laura Hamlyn music, Georgie Power, Karen Butt, Ken Tizzard and Jim Shannahan and Scoggen’s head. Plus don’t forget, you can listen to these artists and many more from yesterday, today and tomorrow on live365 Jigs & Reels Radio KW Can also watch the behind the mic scenes live each week on Facebook Live, YouTube, TikTok & Twitch. All this and of course the best in Newfoundland music this side of the St. Lawrence.
Hey hey hey!!! It’s MONDAY!!! On this weeks podcast, new music segment will feature at least 4 new ones which have never been heard before. Also as I’ve been going through my cassettes from the 80’s, I found some forgotten tracks that I’ll be playing as well this week. 14 cassettes uploaded and at least 150 to go. Getting there. You can always listen to the only radio station playing nothing but ALL Newfoundland music from yesterday, today and tomorrow. Jigs & Reels Radio KW - Free Internet Radio - Live365 Also on the podcast, a celebration of life for a very important person in not only my life but in someone close to me. It’s been a year since his passing and will pay tribute to him tonight as well over the week, we found out that the Newfoundland music community lost a long time friend. Gary Wells got his wings and will surely be missed. A prolific songwriter for sure.
Back in the studio this week in time for some great Newfoundland music including some brand new never heard before tracks from Deano Reid Music and new music I got from Allan Ricketts while having a few drinks at Shamrock City Pub with the boys from Down Forward. Other brand new music from one of the artists at the Jam on da Rock in Carbonear, Laura Hamlyn music. Also talk about the time we had down home and how we miss it already. You can always listen to the new ALL Newfoundland music online radio station by clicking the link below. We'll be talking about the Kitchen Party taking place Saturday from noon to 5 at Freezerland Newfoundland INC with 709'er and Luke Cox live and of course will be streamed on FB Live, YouTube and Twitch. Also talking about the Newfoundland Night at Jack Couch Park here in Kitchener. This is gonna be a ton of fun. Thursday August 17th. Thanks to Matt from Hoddle Services Disc Jockey Service for setting this one up. You can always keep up to date by here or the website  Please spread the love and the word.
This weeks podcast is one leading up to the ultimate concert on July 29th, 2023.   Yes, that’s right, it’s the Jigs & Reels Jam On The Rock.   We will be playing many different songs from some of the great artists that will be there at the music festival.    Of course, we will also throw in some other great Newfoundland artists too. Remember to check us out each week live at 6:00PM ET and 7:30PM NF on   As well, you can listen to some amazing Newfoundland music 24/7 on our Live 365 Station Jigs & Reels Radio KW - Free Internet Radio - Live365
The 10th of July, Monday.  Orangemen’s Day in NF. The day closest to the 12th that commemorates the Battle of the Boyne, which took place in 1690 outside Drogheda, now in the Republic of Ireland. It celebrates the victory of Protestant King William of Orange over Catholic King James II. We’ll celebrate the best I can and that’s by playing the best in Newfoundland music. Like each and every week. What a time this week. Music, music, fun amd more fun and music. New music Mondays features the fine new tracks A brand new single. A follow up to her debut single Branches. Kels Arsenault has another track out called Volcano. You’ll want to tune into this amazing singer songwriter from Ferryland. Also tonight a cover of Chris Stapleton, You Should Probably Leave by Travis Bixby. And a worldwide debut from Laura Lynn Hamlyn. A song called Phoenix Rising. Jigs & Reels (
Happy long weekend Monday for some.  Gonna change it up a bit this week. Gonna go classic. Been a while since I played the pioneers, so gonna play the likes of Edison Williams, Wilf Doyle, John White, some classic Bay Boys, and many more. I’m not gonna forget about the new music MONDAY segment. some new music tonight from Josh Greenland Carl Lundrigan Mychela Paul Fitz Music So far Plus on the podcast, am interview with Linda Hickey who’s the curator of the upcoming Harry Hibbs exhibit, July 30th on Bell Island. And I’m lucky enough to be present when this happens. Now Linda wears a lot more hats and we’ll chat with her about the exhibit, the mines tour they have and anything else going on on Bell Island for the summer. Will also talk about the Newfie reunion held over the weekend at the NFLD Club, Cambridge with Mainland Kitchen Band and The Mighty Ship supplying the amazing tunes. And for this weekend, I’ll be at Canada Pavilion Carabram with my friends from Freezerland Newfoundland INC doing more screech ins.
On this weeks podcast, I’ll be playing 11, count ‘em, 11 new music tracks. Also one track will be my pick for what could be Asetha Power - Country Eastern, new single to be mastered and released. I’m excited to play this young lads single. 16 years old from Gander, NF. Isaac Cooke. The kid has a future and for the very first time, his voice will grace the airwaves. Also gonna feature Baccalieu Mackenzie Critch. Her new single just got released Wilson Jacobs. Heard his track on TikTok and you knew I had to get it Raglan Road Deano Reid Music the Dildonian himself.  New track from Joe Cossar, and a new artist for the show, Gerry Jack Ryan. Also on a more serious note for Monday. June is coming to a close and we know June is Men’s mental health month. I’ll be talking to Global Award Winning Mental Health Advocate, Glenn Roil from St. John’s about mens mental health as well as mental health in general. Talk about the stigma men have, the choices and tools men have to seek help and so on. Again Mondays are not one not to miss. Show starts live on air at 6pm ET/ 730pm NF on
The day you wait for. Even though it's a Monday, you can start the week and end the day by listening to the best in Newfoundland music this side of the St. Lawrence. This week is going to be a very special episode. You have heard me play the music from this band for a while thanks to Paul Bump introducing me to them. A full 90 MINUTE interview with the one and only Derina Harvey of the Derina Harvey Band. I am so excited as should you. We'll be talking all there is about Derina, the band and her upbringing on the big land. Her influences from a young age to where the band is now. It's an up close and personal, and guarantee to have as many laughs. The launch of her CD is set for Friday June 23rd, and we'll talk about the new album and play some some songs from that as well as music from her earlier albums too. This is a show you DO NOT want to miss if you're a fan of the Derina Harvey Band. Hope you can tune in cause this will be a hell of a time.
What a weekend and really it’s not done yet. Sure it’s Monday but the podcast must go on and go on it will.  This week, tune into the best Newfoundland music played this side of the St. Lawrence. On the podcast, I’ll talk to Darcy Scott Music about his new cd release along with an event this weekend in relief efforts for the fires taking place in the east and west. Also new music, and oh it’s gonna be fire. Lorna Lovell is releasing a new cd and so I have it, and will tease you with a track or two so you’ll go follow her and pre-save your own copy. Also new music from Barry Fitzpatrick. Debut single, plus Deano Reid Music and his new one just recorded. All this plus talking about Saturday’s amazing fun time at Freezerland Newfoundland INC
The first Monday in June and that means this week, look out. On the podcast this week, you’ll be hearing not only the best in Newfoundland music this side of the St. Lawrence but there will be a major announcement, I mean this is huge for me and the show plus….. I get to chat with singer songwriter Selina Boland about her newly released CD, and how busy she’s going to be over the summer and how her beautiful voice and sound will bring her to the other side of the pond. I cannot wait as you’ve heard me play a couple of her tracks and were well received. I know you’ve already downloaded her music on all music platforms. Also, more and I mean more new music, plus the ones I didn’t get a chance to play last week. I’m starting the new music Monday segment early this week. Boy do I need 2 hours. Also this week, the lineup for this weekends grand reopening of Freezerland Newfoundland INC. bands who’ll be there, The Mighty Ship, 709'er and with his new album soon to be released Luke Cox. Plus face painting, unofficial screeching and so much more. I’ll be the host all day, will be streaming the bands and events as well, music supplied by Hoddle Services Disc Jockey Service. Takes place from noon-8, this Saturday June 10th, 2023.
Happy Memorial Day to my American friends and seeing as it is a Monday, you know what that means...yup...another podcast playing the best in Newfoundland Music this side of the St. Lawrence. You may have heard of these guy as they have been around since 1981 and their first recording coming out in 1988, the year Jigs & Reels 1.0 started and I still have the cassette too. They still perform and are one of many pioneers in Newfoundland Country music I'd say. Laying the ground work for the new musicians coming out today. I'm talking about Newfie Fever. I'll be talking to Cyril Engram about the past, present and future of Newfie Fever. Guaranteed to be some amazing and funny stories, so tune in for that. And while you're tuned in for Newfie Fever, might as well to stick around for the New Music Monday segment too. at least 10 new ones this week. You're going to hear brand new music from her 3rd album, the baygirl herself, Asetha Power - Country Eastern, a song that was recorded originally by Billy Joe Shaver but being done by Randy Matthews. A new one from Leo Wall, also from Scoggins Head, a new single. Who else...oh yes, new Judy Marie Brazil, and Mike Blanchard. Robyn Slade Music, Tom Pinsent, both from Pharos Music, The one I was to play last week from Darcy Scott Music, and I'm sure more will be sent. Remember to like, follow and support the Newfoundland artists you hear on the show.
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