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Jill Scott Presents: J.ill the Podcast
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Jill Scott Presents: J.ill the Podcast

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Jill Scott, Laiya St.Clair, and Aja Graydon-Dantzler are music and entertainment icons, but they’re also experts in the art of no-holds-barred conversations. Jill Scott Presents: J.ill the Podcast is like chilling with that friend who says what everyone wants to say but is too afraid to – times three. Expect unfiltered talk about relationships, health, art, and everything else that comes with surviving and thriving as a Black woman in the world

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Jill Scott, Laiya St.Clair, and Aja Graydon-Dantzler introduce J.ill, a podcast where they have conversations to spark conversation. The three longtime friends and entertainment icons have heart-to-hearts where there's room for affirmation, questioning, and disagreement. Getting older, rumors, cultural theft – trust that Laiya, Aja, and Jill will keep it 100% on topics that you love and ones that may make you uncomfortable. Join them on J.ill as they ask big questions and celebrate small joys.
Where Would We Go?

Where Would We Go?


Black people are escaping the U.S. to try to build a better life abroad. But is it worth it? Aja, Laiya, and Jill discuss where they would go if they left the U.S. -- if they would even leave in the first place. Plus, a conversation with educator and activist Dr. Yaba Blay. Resource mentioned in this episode:
There are some things white people love doing that Laiya, Jill, and Aja would never do. Then there are things that white people love doing that Laiya, Jill, and Aja would recommend to their Blackest of Black friends. These are some of those things. (Hot tub outdoors in the winter, anyone?) Resource mentioned in this episode:  Check out your local newspaper for tips on things to do around your city.
It's not easy to talk about sexual assault. It's a charged topic that rightfully carries so much weight, so much history, and so much emotion. But as Jill, Laiya, and Aja mention in this episode, it's likely that you know or are a woman who has been sexually assaulted. We have to have an honest conversation about how we talk about sexual assault and treat sexual assault survivors. Resources mentioned in this episode: RAINN National Sexual Violence Resource Center "Are Prisons Obsolete?" by Angela Davis "Ain't I a Woman?" speech by Sojourner Truth
It’s about time we amplified the stories of Black women who are pioneers in the music industry. In this episode, Jill, Laiya, and Aja highlight some of these iconic artists and entrepreneurs – from Cathy Hughes to Valerie Simpson to Ma Rainey. Resources mentioned in this episode: Queer Cultural Center The film Ma Rainey's Black Bottom Any play by August Wilson Millie Jackson, Labelle, Cathy Hughes, Valerie Simpson
How Do We Move Forward?

How Do We Move Forward?


When it comes to U.S. politics, 2020 has shown us how messy, racist, ignorant, and apathetic our leadership can get. Four years of a Trump administration was more than the people of the U.S. ever asked for (quite literally, considering 2016's popular vote outcome). But now that a Democratic presidency is on the horizon, how do we move forward? How do we avoid getting complacent and stay on these politicians' necks? Jill, Laiya, and Aja discuss the realities of the last four years, the upcoming presidential transition, and the work that still needs to be done. Plus, a conversation with Dr. Angel Love Miles, a social justice and disability rights advocate. Resource mentioned in this episode: Black Philly Radical Collective
Holidays can be joyful times of celebration and fellowship. But sometimes we end up participating in holidays that we have no practical or spiritual connection to. And in the U.S., some holidays have been commercialized and divorced from their historical roots. Laiya, Aja, and Jill shout out some Black holidays (like Juneteenth) as well as some of the traditions they've created and observe in their own homes. Resource mentioned in this episode: How to Make a Negro Christian
There is merit in working hard and being productive on your own terms. But grind culture takes productivity to a whole other level. The no-sleep, hustle hard mentality has people saying yes to every opportunity, turning down every leisure activity, overbooking, and taking little if any time for self-care. Jill, Laiya, and Aja work hard, but they also affirm the power and importance of rest. In this episode, they get real about what it means to be successful and to make the most out of the time we have. Resources mentioned in this episode: Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am In the Wake: On Blackness and Being The Nap Ministry
Figuring out how to discipline children is not an easy task. What did our parents do? What does the research say? How do our personal morals shape our chosen methods of punishment? What does the child need? How do we raise children so that they grow up healthy and safe? What's "right" and "wrong" when it comes to disciplining children is not so black-and-white. Aja, Laiya, and Jill talk about the spankings they've gotten, the spankings they've given, and the difficult conversations they've had with their parents about the link between slavery and discipline today. Resources mentioned in this episode: 12 Innovative Punishment Ideas for Kids (though the advice given is not recommended by Aja, Jill, and Laiya) Article: "It Is Illegal to Spank Your Child in SA - ConCourt" "All About Love: New Visons" by bell hooks
From music, to hair, to fashion, non-Black people prove time and again that they're willing to take from Black culture without giving credit where it's due. What's the line between appropriation and celebration? How can we make sure that we value and take pride in what we own? Laiya, Jill, and Aja explore how we check ourselves, protect ourselves, and hold others accountable when it comes to cultural theft.
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Wavywav Mc

So far so good!

Dec 14th

Rosella Richardson

so happy to have y'all share your realisms

Dec 2nd

Shontavia Casondra

I'm so excited 🎊🎊🎊

Nov 17th
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