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Author: Jimmy Akin

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Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious world is an exploration of the weird, the strange, the unusual, and the fascinating phenomena in the physical world around us—and beyond—from a Catholic perspective. Join Jimmy Akin and his co-host Domenico Bettinelli as they examine ancient mysteries, folk tales, urban legends, and miraculous stories with a methodical, logical, well-reasoned but not entirely skeptical eye.
165 Episodes
We regularly give Patrons the opportunity to ask Jimmy Akin and Dom Bettinelli their mysterious questions and make them available exclusively to Patrons first and then later to the whole audience in a special bonus release. The post FTL Travel, Crying, Eye of Sahara, Shroud of Turin, St. Brendan the Navigator, and More Patron Questions appeared first on
In the second part of his interview with former military psychic spy Paul Smith, Jimmy Akin and Dom Bettinelli talk with Paul about his biggest psychic "hit", his reflection on the difficulty of using Remote Viewing for anomalous targets, how it compares to mediumship and channeling, and his faith perspective. The post Analyzing Remote Viewing with Paul Smith (Star Gate Project) appeared first on
In 1983, US Army junior officer Paul H. Smith was asked to become a psychic spy for the military. Jimmy Akin and Dom Bettinelli welcome Paul to the show to discuss his work doing secret intelligence jobs, the nature of Remote Viewing, and what happened with Project Star Gate. The post Inside Star Gate with Paul Smith (Military Psychic Spies, Remote Viewing) appeared first on
In 1994, a young woman was rushed to an ER and as she was being treated bizarre things started to happen to the nurses and doctors. Jimmy Akin and Dom Bettinelli look at what happened to Gloria Ramirez and the hospital staff and what could explain the strange events surrounding her death. The post The Medical Mystery of “the Toxic Woman” (Gloria Ramirez, Toxic Lady) appeared first on
The 16th century French seer Nostradamus continues to fascinate the public. Jimmy Akin and Dom Bettinelli ask whether he could predict the future, how we should interpret his prophecies, and what was the secret technique he used to compose them. The post Nostradamus! (His Secret Technique Revealed! Astrologer? Prophet? Psychic?) appeared first on
Nostradamus is one of the most famous seers of the last millennium and his prophecies are often applied to all sorts of past, current, and future events. Jimmy Akin and Dom Bettinelli delve into who Nostradamus was, what secret techniques he used, and whether he could really tell the future. The post Nostradamus (Astrologer? Prophet? Psychic?) appeared first on
It's a fifth Friday so Cy Kellett of Catholic Answers Live is asking Jimmy Akin more weird questions from listeners, including whether the pope would be Bishop of Rome if humans left Earth; the practicalities of sacraments in space; could Grogu (aka Baby Yoda) be baptized?; what are the giants in the Bible?; and more. The post Baptizing Baby Yoda? Popes in Space? Sacraments in Space? Time Travel? Giants? (& More Weird Questions!) appeared first on
In 1962, the Joint Chiefs of Staff sent Operation Northwoods to JFK as a daring, covert plan to stop a potential Soviet invasion. Jimmy Akin and Dom Bettinelli discuss this now declassified plan, the shocking series of secret actions it proposed, and Kennedy's response. The post Operation Northwoods (Cold War Mystery!) appeared first on
Since Jimmy Akin's Mysterious World began, Jimmy and Dom have covered numerous mysteries in 150 episodes. And because Jimmy is always doing research, he wants to update listeners on what he's learned since originally covering these fascinating topics. The post Mysterious Updates (Bigfoot, Great Pyramid, JFK, Weight Loss, Dyatlov Pass, Skinwalker Ranch, UFOs) appeared first on
Spontaneous Human Combustion

Spontaneous Human Combustion


Every so often, there are reports of people bursting into flames for no apparent reason, reducing most of their body to ashes, but with little or no fire damage around them. Jimmy Akin and Dom Bettinelli discuss what we should make of these reports of spontaneous human combustion and what could be causing them. The post Spontaneous Human Combustion appeared first on
Australia is known for many strange, dangerous animals, but one famous cryptid from Down Under is the fearsome Drop Bear. Jimmy Akin and Dom Bettinelli, with help from Matt Fradd and the Catholics of Oz, recount what we know about the Drop Bear and how to protect ourselves against it. The post The Fearsome Australian Drop Bear! (Killer Koalas?) appeared first on
Rumors have surrounded the Vatican Secret Archives for ages and some think the Vatican is hiding shameful or shocking secrets. Jimmy Akin and Dom Bettinelli explore the history of the Archives, what they contain, and how secret they really are. The post Secrets of the Vatican Secret Archives! appeared first on
In 1934, America was in the grips of the Great Depression and people were desperate for solutions. Jimmy Akin and Dom Bettinelli discuss the shadowy group of businessmen who began plotting to install an American fascist dictator and how close they came to succeeding. The post Fascist Coup in the USA! (The Business Plot of 1934) appeared first on
We regularly give Patrons the opportunity to ask Jimmy Akin and Dom Bettinelli their mysterious questions and make them available exclusively to Patrons first and then later to the whole audience in a special bonus release. The post Gravity Hills, Selling Your Soul, Winchester Mansion, Ghost Hunting, and More Patron Questions appeared first on
In Part 1, Jimmy Akin and Dom Bettinelli discussed the explosive claims by Paul Bennewitz in the 1980s about UFOs in New Mexico. Now, they continue with how the Air Force was involved, what has happened in the intervening years, and the terrible price Paul paid. The post Richard Doty’s Shocking UFO Revelations! (Paul Bennewitz, Dulce Base, Project Beta) appeared first on
Back in the 80s, Paul Bennewitz became deeply alarmed at evidence of an alien presence on Earth. He reported his discoveries to officials who took them seriously. Jimmy Akin and Dom Bettinelli discuss how he became convinced we had to fight back and so developed the attack plan Project Beta. The post Paul Bennewitz & Alien Invasion (Dulce Base, Project Beta, Richard Doty) appeared first on
For 40 years, people have wondered who was the mysterious Robert Christian who commissioned the Georgia Guidestones and the meaning of the 10 principles inscribed on it. Jimmy Akin and Dom Bettinelli identify who Christian really was and examine what the 10 guidelines really mean. The post 10 Commandments of Antichrist? (The Georgia Guidestones) appeared first on
In 1980, a massive granite monument was unveiled in a small Georgia town, bearing 10 principles for the future guidance of humanity. Jimmy Akin and Dom Bettinelli discuss the Guidestones' origin and purpose and the mysterious man who commissioned them. The post The Georgia Guidestones (Mystery Solved!) appeared first on
The four Gospels have been a primary source of information about Jesus Christ for 2,000 years, but in recent times, some skeptics have said they were written so late after Jesus, they aren't reliable. Jimmy Akin and Dom Bettinelli find out what tradition, Church teaching, and historical sources tell about when the Gospels were really written. The post When Were the Gospels Written? (The Dates of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) appeared first on
It's a fifth Friday so Jimmy Akin is answering more weird questions from listeners, including whether Baby Yoda needs to fast; do AIs have souls?; is the Prime Directive ethically defensible?; should we destroy vampires?; and more. The post Baby Yoda? Artificial Intelligence & Souls? Prime Directive? Vampires? (& More Weird Questions!) appeared first on
Comments (18)

Justin Schwartzbeck

no Jimmy! you are not going to Rick roll me this time!

Apr 1st

Samuel Moore

This is better than the vast majority of true crime shows. Well done Dom and Jimmy!

Mar 20th

Bryan Zulueta

Enjoying listening to all the episodes. Love this podcast a lot. I introduced this podcast to my uncle who was a Catholic until he learned about aliens, and who is fascinated almost about everything. I often hear my uncle listen to the podcast privately at night after work I have this feeling that he is going back to Catholic faith. :D -- listening from the Philippines :)

Dec 16th
Reply (1)

Justin Schwartzbeck

this is my number 1 podcast.

Mar 21st


This is such a well done and fascinating podcast! I have listened to every episode.

Mar 14th

Travis Rooney

Excellent podcast. As a doctoral student I find it intellectually stimulating.

Oct 19th
Reply (1)

Travis Rooney

Excellent podcast - I highly recommend it.

Sep 20th

Joan Lopez

A thought occurred to me. You mentioned that Hitler's mother married a relative. Could he have been her (step)brother? If so, a case could be made that he was born of a sister, but not a nun, thereby opening the possibility that he was the Anti-Christ. Maybe?

Sep 20th

Veronica Panella

I studied ancient Egyptian religion in college so all this talk of their gods and history brings back memories.

May 26th

Christina Wilson

I am learning so much... about Jimmy Akin. Not only is he interested in the paranormal, unsolved mysteries and true crime - but he's an MST3K fan? I want to buy this guy a drink. I never thought I'd get a Catholic podcast on all these subjects. I love it!

May 21st

Chad Becker

What if Jesus was a invisible lifeform that had to have a medium, a person to host him. That's why he couldn't be physically recognized after the resurrection. Perhaps he wasn't ressurected, they just had no other way of describing what happened to Jesus. Perhaps Jesus wasn't even a human to begin with. He is more than human. Jesus was rallying people for religious freedom & was killed for it. Jesus was different from all other men of his time.

May 18th

Cindy Lee

this is awesome

Apr 19th

John Stedman

I don't miss an episode of this show. I learn something knew each week!

Mar 8th

Matthew Stone

Pretty interesting stuff!

Nov 1st

kyle Hughes

you know what the absolute biggest mystery tugging on my brain stem at the moment is? what is up with the co-host on this show???? Jimmy Akin has a nice voice, sounds intelligent & well-read. the co-host although I'm sure he's an extremely fine gentlemen seems as though he's there if nothing else then only to dumb down the eloquence of Jimmy Akins speech. so what I'm saying is the co-host has no point except to make this show sound stupid and hurt my brain . remove him and the show will be at least twice as good

Oct 4th
Reply (1)
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