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This is the Jobsity Podcast, welcome everyone! For those of you who are new to Jobsity, we specialize in nearshore staff augmentation for software development teams, providing our clients full-time dedicated developers from Latin America that work remotely yet alongside our clients teams in real-time...meaning there are no annoying time-zone headaches!
In each Podcast we will be sharing with you interesting episodes about technology, remote work, software development, industry updates, and more!
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Diversity makes companies stronger. If you want to grow, if you want to be a more humane and equitable company, and a happier place to work: become more diverse. Yet, “becoming diverse,” while a lofty and important goal, is not just a matter of hiring a few new faces. It’s not an issue of optics: having diverse faces at the table only matters if those people are given a voice, power, and a chance to leave their mark on the company. We'll host a conversation with our COO, Santiago, and our CTO, Mauricio. Welcome guys! In this episode we talked about: What makes a company diverse? How to create a diverse company? Benefits of diversity Jobsity diversity
Today we have a very special episode! Our CEO, Andrés Garzón, our COO, Santiago Castro, and our CTO, Mauricio Lopez, met recently in Medellín, Colombia, and they talked about Management vs Leadership. In this episode we talk about: What is Leadership? What is Management? What are the differences between the two? Are they connected or are they totally different things? How can we find the perfect mix between the two? Enjoy!
Our CEO, Andres Garzon, has taken over the podcast! In this new episode, he talks about what Jobsity is doing to become a fully customer-centric company. We will talk mainly about 3 processes that we have implemented in order to provide better customer service: 1. No extra fees. 2. Our own enterprise applications. 3. Corporate Liability compliance.  For this, we have invited 3 key people at Jobsity to speak with Andres: Santiago, our VP of Strategy; Mauricio, our CTO; and Siam, from operations. Welcome guys!
Since the beginning, Jobsity has been concerned with treating its clients well. We've always gone beyond the typical customer-seller relationship. That's why we put effort into ensuring our clients feel like we're their partners, and that they know their goals are also ours. For this reason, from the very first day with a new customer, we do our best to strengthen that relationship. Today we'll be talking a bit about this. We’ll host a conversation with our COO, Santiago, our HR Manager, Daniela, and our VP of sales, John. Welcome guys. In this episode we will talk about: The hiring/contact process for clients. How we know the client's needs How we measure our developers' performance while they are working on a client's project Feedback culture. How we know that our customers' needs are being met What is "Jobsity Material"? Our experience working with NBC.
In the US alone, it is estimated that there will soon be a demand of 1.4 million software developers and only 400,000 software developer graduates to fill them. Luckily there are solutions beyond the traditional staff-building strategies everyone knows about. They are onshore, offshore, and nearshore staff augmentation. Today, we’ll lay out what goes into these three staffing solutions, explaining the pros and cons of each, and providing a template for how you might begin to explore the best staff augmentation solution for your specific needs. In today’s episode, we’ll host a conversation with our CTO Mauricio, our VP of Sales John, and our VP of Strategy, Santiago. Welcome guys. In this episode we will talk about: - Why outsource? Why augment your in-house team? - In-house hiring vs Staff augmentation - Which one should you use: Onshore, Offshore or Nearshore? - Pros and cons of each (Costs, Culture, Worfklow, Travel) - Is Nearshore the best (by a mile)?
Jobsity is proud of being a successful company with a completely distributed team. Our team members work from every corner of LATAM: from Mexico to Argentina, Perú to Brazil. But how have we managed to build a company with people that are miles away from each other? To answer this question, we'll host a conversation with our COO, Santiago, our HR Manager, Daniela, along with one of our top developers, Elkin.
Since Jobsity started, the IT department has been the heart of the company. That’s why the process to be part of Jobsity is a strict one. Today’s podcast is about the recruitment process and the steps we follow to ensure we have the Top 3% of Software Development Talent from Latin America. We will have a conversation with our CTO Mauricio, our Recruitment Lead Vanessa and one of our IT recruiters, Adrian. In this episode we will talk about: - Each step of the recruitment process. - Interview preparation process. - How we guarantee the top 3% of talent in Latin America. - Evaluation team. - Relevance of Latin America in the IT industry.
The IT Team plays a fundamental role inside a company’s structure, even more, when it is regarding a tech company. We at Jobsity want to take this opportunity to share the evolutionary process of the IT Team. We reached out to our CTO - Mauricio, our VP of Tech - Cristian, and our Evaluations Coordinator – Sebastian to gather their thoughts. It was really interesting to get into the details about how the IT team managed to grow and create incredible tools to improve our internal processes and to provide an outstanding top-quality service to our clients. I personally have to say that doing this episode made me realize and fully understand the IT department’s value and helped uncover that they are the core of the company and a key element in a company’s development. In this podcast episode we share with you: -HR Tech -Cloud Infrastructure -Internal Tools (Jobsity App / JTalent) -Evaluations and Tech HR team -Data-driven -and much more Listen on Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast
Welcome everyone to the first podcast of 2021! In this episode, we will have a more technical conversation with one of our developers that is an expert in databases mainly PostgreSQL. We had a type of conversation where I asked questions about this database so all of our listeners could understand and learn more about this topic. In this podcast episode you will listen about: What is PostgreSQL Tips, recommendations, and some advice when using this tool Projects made with this and much more  These are some of the topics we covered in the podcast. We had a really helpful and interesting conversation about PostgreSQL. We invite you to listen to the complete episode on our podcast channels or just click the player here! Listen on Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast
When we start our professional life we want to succeed and we imagine where we will be in five years. Today’s podcast is part of a series we will be doing with our IT team about interesting topics. Today we are going to talk about the transition from a developer to a manager. For this conversation, we have our VP of technology Cristian, and our Evaluations Coordinator Sebastian. In this podcast you will listen about: Motivations to make the decision to move to management How to evolve from developer to manager? Adapting to management What skills are needed to have in a management role These are some of the topics we covered in the podcast. We had a really helpful and interesting conversation about this transition, we invite you to listen to the complete episode on our podcast channels.
In today’s world, managers and team leaders need to have the ability to create a team that works in perfect symphony. In this episode, we have our CTO Mauricio Lopez and VP of technology Cristian Fierro. They are going to talk about identifying key assets for a team and also, how to organize and guide your remote IT team. We had a really good time going through the questions and understanding how Jobsity works internally, specifically in the IT team. In this episode you will listen about: How to set up a remote team Understand the needs of the remote team Processes inside your remote team Understanding strengths and weakness Measuring success inside a remote team And a lot more! You can listen to the podcast on Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast.
Our CEO shares his thoughts about leadership and how he guided Jobsity through the COVID crisis. In this podcast, we found out how Jobsity became the company that it is today. Andres Garzon talks about humility, discipline, values, teamwork, and making tough decisions. He also discusses the meaning behind being a consultant and how it’s different from being a mentor which he has gradually become. The COVID crisis affected all of us, so he needed to find a way to navigate Jobsity by making difficult decisions and by learning how to communicate with his team and with his clients.  In this podcast, you will listen to his testimonial on how he pulled Jobsity through! We really hope you enjoy this episode! If you like it, please share :)
In this episode of the Jobsity Podcast,  we learn about the processes and tools QA engineers use as well as their recommendations for processes. Two of our own QA Engineers, Edi and Nataly, were gracious enough to join us in this talk to give us their insights. Hope you enjoy this one too!
In this episode, we will talk more about the topic of Emotional Intelligence. It is really relevant especially in the current times where we are still adapting to working remotely, balancing the house chores, jobs, kids, projects, relationships, etc from home without help and in the middle of a Pandemic. So today we will dive deeper into the last 2 domains: Social Awareness and relationship management.
Things are changing drastically and remote work is becoming the new model. Developing your Emotional Intelligence during these times is crucial for managing and handling the current times and the drastic changes. In this podcast episode, we are going to discuss the first 2 domains of Emotional Intelligence: Self- Awareness Self-Management. These two first domains reference ourselves and how to understand our minds. Vanessa is our recruitment manager but she is also a psychologist and received her psychology degree from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Venezuela. I decided to interview her about Emotional Intelligence to have a better understanding of how to change my daily routine to create a healthy lifestyle while working remotely.
This episode is about how the HR department works on motivating employees that are spread all throughout Latin America and generating a sense of belonging and trust while keeping our retention rates high!
Today we want to share with you some insights from our COO, Santi Castro, about how he manages his team. In this episode, he shares 4 key recommendations every team leader could use to build a culture of trust within their remote teams. We hope you find this helpful as you work towards adapting to the new normal.