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Messages, spiritual insights, weekly updates, travel notes, seminars and much more coming from Jobst Bittner, founder & senior pastor TOS Ministries // founder & president March of Life Movement.
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Hello dear Friends,best regards from Switzerland!On Wednesday, the day of Yom Kippur, there was an attempted attack on the synagogue in Halle (Germany). This shows a new level of violence and antisemitism. I wonder what is going to happen now? How can we give the right answers? In the last Weekly Update I mentioned that the breeding ground of antisemitism is right in the center of society: we have been carrying this antisemitism within us for generations. We must speak about it and overcome this indifference. We must raise our voices every day!A good week to all of you and see you again next time!



Welcome to the 59th edition  of the Weekly Update, in which I speak about aggressive antisemitism in Germany, the report about the March of Life in the "Jerusalem Post" and Yom Kippur.The Hebrew greeting for Yom Kippur גמר חתימה טובה (gmar chatima tova), in English "May your inscription (in the Book of Life) be well completed".All the best - until next time!P.S. My Weekly Update is the best way to get background information on March of Life and my ministry. In the future it will be translated into Spanish and Polish as well as English. It would be great if you could share it with other friends. You can also get the most important information and pictures from my Instagram page and you can listen to my messages on YouTube or as podcasts.
This message is a continuation of last week's message: "A Firm Hold in Insecure Times"! What happens when instead of worshiping God the Creator, we worship creation itself? All who loose their firm hold in the living God and His Word are seriously at risk of being captured by the fears and ideologies of our time.Bible passage: Romans 1:25-32Message dated September 29, 2019🇩🇪 diese Predigt auf Deutsch findest du hier:🇺🇸 watch this message in English here:



Hello dear friends, After the summer break we are back again with the Weekly Update - welcome! In Gdańsk (Poland) we had a strong march of life with almost 1.000 participants. Worldwide we have 70 marches this year and everywhere the doors are still opening: in London, Kaliningrad, in the Caribbean, etc. In the near future there will also be national and international silent seminars.  If you are interested in conducting a March of Life or a Ceiling of Silence seminar, please contact us! I wish you a blessed week!
The negative headlines keep building: World climate disaster, War in the Middle East, economic decline, Brexit. Nothing seems to be like it was any more. What can we hold on to, what will carry us - and where is the chance for the Church to be salt and light at this time?Bible passage: Isaiah 22:25Message dated September 22, 2019🇩🇪 diese Predigt auf Deutsch findest du hier:🇺🇸 watch this message in English here:
Hunger and thirst are signs of life! If you live without expectation, you have lost hope. So expect right to win right!Bible passage: Psalm 34:7Message dated August 25, 2019🇩🇪 diese Predigt auf Deutsch findest du hier:🇺🇸 watch this message in English here:
 There’s a key to realize your dreams and reaching God’s goals. Faith is the “the currency of heaven”. The more you invest, the greater is your spiritual authority! The one who doesn’t want to stay in a spiritual desert of anxiety and fear should learn how to grow in faith.Bible passage: 1. John 5:4Message dated August 18, 2019 diese Predigt auf Deutsch findest du hier: watch this message in English here: 
Dear friends,  Today we speak with March of Life Director Heinz Reuss about the beginnings of March of Life and how he was involved in this process, as well as his personal family’s history. We’ll also speak about the special significance of the Polish – German Friendship Conference and the March of Life in Gdansk, which take place in two weeks time! (You can still sign up on  We’ll take a four-week break from our Weekly Updates and look forward to the next Update in September!
Hello dear Friends, the newspaper "Die Zeit", one of the largest weekly papers in Germany, writes about reconciliation between Poles and Germans: "This reconciliation is very fragile. No one in Germany can be surprised to learn that the outrageous crimes committed by Germans are still causing tremendous pain for many Poles. Almost 6 million Poles lost their lives during the German occupation. (...) ". Today we talk again with studio guest Kasia Martinovic about the topic of reconciliation, how to achieve it and what it stirs within us. From August 30 to September 1, 2019 a Polish-German Friendship Conference will take place in Gdansk, Poland. Register now at!
God’s Love is Unstoppable - Ours isn’t!Bible passage: Jonah 4:1-4Message dated August 4, 2019🇩🇪 diese Predigt auf Deutsch findest du hier:🇺🇸 watch this message in English here:
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