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Messages, spiritual insights, weekly updates, travel notes, seminars and much more coming from Jobst Bittner, founder & senior pastor TOS Ministries // founder & president March of Life Movement.
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Dear Friends, the global repercussions of the coronavirus can be felt in every nation. Today I am speaking about what that means for us as believers, how the Church can be a light in the world at this time, and what it means for us as a church in practical terms and for the Awakening Fire Conference. We are praying for you all! See you again next time!
Hello dear Friends, Today I am talking to the doctor Franziska Eckert about what is probably the most central topic at the moment: the corona virus. She almost sat in the meeting with the infected pathologist in the hospital of Tübingen. Watch the live video now to find out more! Welcome to our services, the Awakening Fire Conference from April 9-11 and the March of the Nations in Israel from May 12-14! See you next time!
Hello dear Friends, my guest in the studio today is Siyu Rowley, a teacher. She is a leader in TOS and heads the dance team YC Dance. Today she is here as our "China Expert", as we talk about the coronavirus that is currently spreading worldwide. Watch my Weekly Update to learn more! See you again next time!
Hello dear Friends,  We just finished the March of Life Conference. We had participants from 18 different nations. Holocaust survivor Ruth Michel shared her impressive story of survival.  The theme for the Marches of  Life 2020 is "Saying Never Again is not enough!" Learn more in the video! I wish you a great week and I am looking forward to hearing from you!  See you again at the next Weekly Update! Day 2: Day 1:
What is wrong in Germany? We need a fresh visitation from God and an outpouring of the spirit of prayer and supplication - but how can this happen? Who will be willing to stand in the gap? Bible passage:  Mathew 4:1-11 Message dated February 09, 2020 🇩🇪 diese Predigt auf Deutsch findest du hier: 🇺🇸 watch this message in English here:
Hello dear Friends,  last week I was in Israel to receive an award from  the Ministry of Tourism. In my speech I said that this award was an encouragement and a challenge for the March of Life at the same time never to stop the Marches and to call people to Israel.  So it is my call to every church to send 7 representatives to the March of the Nations in Israel on May 12-14! For further information, please see We are looking forward to seeing you there! Until next time!



🔴 Hello dear Friends, we are here live-streaming from the detention camp in Atlit, Israel. Right here we will have the first event of the March of the Nations conference with the musical “Exodus 1947”. Tune in to learn more about this place and why we will be starting here!
The will of God is so vitally important that Jesus taught His disciples in the Lord's Prayer: "Your kingdom come, your will be done!" Millions of Christians pray this prayer every day without understanding how to know the will of God. What is the perfect will of God? Are there situations that God simply allows or permits to happen? And how do I recognize the will of God?  Bible passage:  Mathew 6:10 Message dated January 19, 2020
Hello dear Friends, today I am talking to studio guest and March of Life director Heinz Reuss about the upcoming March of Life Conference on Feb 14-16, 2020! International organizers and directors, Jewish and Christian guests will be meeting in Tübingen for this event. The theme of the conference is "Bringing the Voice Against antisemitism to the Streets!" Holocaust survivor Ruth Michel will be present and tell her impressive life story. A warm invitation to you too! Registration and further information is available at We look forward to seeing you there! See you next time! In Jobst Bittner's latest weekly update he dives deep into the upcoming March of Life Conference and together with international director Heinz Reuss, gives great insights on all the March of Life directors and organisers who will be attending from around the world, who will be our special guests and why you shouldn’t miss the opportunity and come to the conference.
Hello dear Friends, many of you are probably wondering how we are doing after the arson attack and how we will continue. Today I have two studio guests in the Weekly Update: Tobias Rager, eyewitness of the arson attack, and Felix Kunze, Social Media Manager. Thank you for all your support - now all the more we want to come together as Christians and make a statement together - and we can do that at the Awakening Fire Conference in April! See you next time! #af2020 #awakeningfire2020
Followers of Jesus have to be increasingly prepared that others will question and reject the basic values of the Gospel. Their testimony and the Good News of the Gospel are like reflectors of light in places of darkness. Bible passage:  Luke 2:34 Message dated January 05, 2020
Redemption and salvation is found in no other name. In His name people are healed and receive new strength. In a time of increasing disorientation the name of Jesus is God's indicator for Christians whose faith is alive. Bible passage:  Luke 2:22-33 Message dated December 22, 2019
Dear Friends,  welcome to the final Weekly Update of this year! I am currently speaking a lot about what to expect in 2020 and how to prepare for the new decade.   I am grateful for many travels this year - thank you for your loyalty in watching my Weekly Updates from Poland, England, the Ukraine, Belarus and Israel.  How special that this year Hanukkah and Christmas fall on the same time: the light of God and the glory of Israel. I wish you a blessed Christmas season and a fruitful year 2020! See you next time!
Dear Friends, today I have Petra Hennig with me as my guest in the studio who works in the March of Life House in Caesarea, Israel. Every month they host between 40 and 80 Holocaust survivors. They eat together and share their life stories. Also descendants of Nazi perpetrators share about the involvement of their ancestors in the Holocaust - it is so important for the survivors to hear these stories! This very special work in Israel is done in cooperation with our partners at the Israeli organization @Helping Hand Coalition You can learn more about this in the Weekly Update. If you would like to support the March of Life House you can do this here! See you again next time!
Hello dear Friends, greetings from London, where we are taking part in a rally against antisemitism. Jewish friends here report that they will leave London or even the UK, if Jeremy Corbyn should win the elections. We had several meetings here where we were able to speak about the March of Life. It is so important to raise our voices together against antisemitism and to stand in solidarity with the British Jews. See you next time!
What happens when the sky opens and the supernatural world becomes visible? Are you really ready for change? A message that moves many! Bible passage: Acts 3:6-13; Acts 4:29-31 Message dated June 9, 2019
How do we prepare for the new decade? Each of Isaac's wells represents a buried well that is opened up once again. God is preparing a new generation in 2020 to reopen buried spiritual wells. Bible passage: Genesis 26:15-33 Message dated November 10, 2019
God is looking for people with whom he can write history! Your life is too precious to lag behind his calling and mission. Using the three examples of Matthias, Hananias and Barnabas. Bible passage: Acts 1:15-26; 4:36;  5:1-11 Message dated November 10, 2019



Hello dear Friends, I have just returned from Switzerland, where we had a March of Life Multiplication Day and a Veil of Silence Seminar. Many people from all over Switzerland came to Andermatt, which is located directly in the Gotthard Mountains, the heart of Switzerland. It was a privilege to be there. We believe that Marches of Life will take place in every canton of Switzerland! Did you know that I have written an article on the topic "How We Can Pray for Israel Now"? You can find it here See you next time!



Hello dear Friends, each year, the Simon Wiesenthal Center publishes a list of the worst antisemitic and anti-Israel incidents. Currently the German UN Ambassador Christoph Heusgen is a potential candidate for this list. I will tell you why in today's Weekly Update! This was precisely the topic of a petition we presented to the German Chancellor this year, titled UN RESOLUTIONS AGAINST ISRAEL - NOT WITH MY VOTE! See you next time! This is the link to the petition:
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