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Author: Jocko DEFCOR Network

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Retired Navy SEAL, Jocko Willink and Director, Echo Charles discuss discipline and leadership in business, war, relationships and everyday life.
245 Episodes
0:00:00 - Opening 0:03:22 - Army Techniques Publication / FM 3-21.10 1:35:08 - Final thoughts and take-aways. 1:36:40 - How to stay on THE PATH. 1:56"08 - Closing Gratitude.  
0:00:00 - Opening 0:05:49 - Jeff Higgs.  The Projects, Military, and Martial Arts. 2:07:21 - Final thoughts and take-aways. 2:35:30 - How to stay on THE PATH. 2:50:40 - Closing Gratitude.
0:00:00 - Opening 0:09:51 - General John Gronski. 2:49:51 - How to stay on THE PATH. 3:08:18 - Closing Gratitude
0:00:00 - Opening. 0:09:39 - Counter Insurgency Manual. FM 3-24 1:50:57 - Final thoughts and take-aways. 1:55:35 - How to stay on THE PATH. 2:21:07 - Closing Gratitude.
0:00:00 - Opening 0:00:47 - The Boer War. By Jay Stone and Erwin Schmidl 1:29:11 - Final thoughts and take-aways.  1:33:05 - How to stay on THE PATH. 1:53:10 - Closing Gratitude.
0:00:00 - Opening 0:15:25 - The Boer War. By Jay Stone and Erwin Schmidl 1:23:29 - Final Thoughts and take-aways. 1:24:51 - How to stay on THE PATH. 1:50:43 - Closing gratitude.
0:00:00 - Opening 0:06:01 - Top Gun fighting tactics.  2:27:27 - Final thoughts and take-aways. 2:40:51 - How to stay on THE PATH 3:01:55 - Closing Gratitude.
0:00:00 - Opening 0:06:54 - Dan Pederson.  The founding of Top Gun. USN. 3:48:29 - Final Thoughts and take-aways. 3:54:22 - Hot to stay on The PATH. 4:07:06 - Closing Gratitude.  
0:00: 00 - Opening 0:10:59 - General Omar Bradley's take on Leadership. 1:49:15 - Final thoughts and take-aways. 1:50:42 - How to stay on THE PATH. 2:06:14 - Closing Gratitude
0:00:00 - Opening 0:35:49 - MCDP 7, Learning Pt.2  2:24:53 - Final thoughts and take-aways. 2:40:25 - How to stay on THE PATH. 3:06:46 - Closing Gratitude.
0:00:00 - Opening  0:03:05 - MCDP 7, Learning. USMC. 1:59:58 - How to stay on THE PATH. 2:19:24 - Closing Gratitude.  
0:00:00 - Opening 0:13:13 -  New Book: The Code. The Evaluation. The Protocols. 2:15:33 - Final thoughts and take-aways. 2:16:57 - How to stay on THE PATH. 2:34:16 - Closing Gratitude.
0:00:00 - Opening 0 09:13 - When my Boss doesn't take his share of ownership. 0:17:44 - At What level up the chain does Extreme Ownership stop?  0:35:52 - How to be aggressive when it's not part of her natural personality. 0:52:45 - How to deal with a negative complainer / Debbie Downer. 1:11:02 - How to mentally prepare for war / adversity. 1:14:38 - What to do when nobody is listening to you or respecting you. 1:51:43 - Do you explain the "why" to your team if they don't ask? 1:57:14 - How to deal with insecurities. 2:05:30 - How to stay on THE PATH. 2:27:18 - Closing Gratitude.
0:00:00 - Opening 0:15:25 - Darryl Cooper from Martyr Made.  2:39:34 - Final thoughts and take-aways. 2:40:17 - How to stay on THE PATH. 3:07:26 - Closing Gratitude.  
0:00:00 - Opening 0:07:06 - Pat McNamara.   2:14:59 - Final Thoughts. 2:21:03 - How to Stay on THE PATH. 2:39:07 - Closing Gratitude.
0:00:00 - Opening 0:06:57 - Dan Crenshaw.  3:28:32 - Final thoughts and take-aways. 3:40:46 - How to stay on THE PATH. 3:55:59 - Closing Gratitude.
0:00:00 - Opening.  The Letter 0:07:22 - Jonny Kim. Combat Medic. 3:44:39 - NASA. 4:09:17 - Final thoughts and take-aways. 4:19:56 - How to stay on THE PATH. 4:38:31 - Closing Gratitude  
0:00:00 - Opening 0:10:16 - Chris Bussler, Mortuary Affairs.  No Tougher Duty. No Greater Honor. 3:36:27 - Final thoughts and take-aways. 3:42:31 - How to stay on the PATH. 4:03:53 - Closing Gratitude.
0:00:00 - Opening 0:06:12 - Intro to Rose Schindler.  Two Who Survived. 2:39:22 - Final thoughts and take-aways. 2:44:21 - How to stay on THE PATH. 3:05:01 - Closing Gratitude.
0:00:00 - Opening 0:08:40 – Charles Robert "Ike" Eisenbach. Silver Star. Vietnam. 2:17:39 – Ike's son, Matt Eisenbach. 2:28:17 – Final thoughts. 2:29:47 – How to stay on THE PATH. 2:47:50 – Closing gratitude.
Comments (453)

Matt Crowe

I really hope Jocko has "Warfighter" on. I think that's his name. The commander of the 101st when when they were in Ramadi.

Jul 11th

Paul Dean Stidham jr

Hi I'm Paul, Mr. ECHO Sir: really enjoy your insightful movie & video game metaphors/analogies: •"Coming to America" •"The Princess Bride" •the plan:"True Romance"(by faith not sight) COSMIC LOVE

Jul 9th

Humberto Gomez

amazing podcast ...

Jun 29th

Oscar Weaver

General Gronski!!!! One of the BEST to ever do it!!!! There was and is no quit in his persona, the consummate professional, a hell of a man and a GREAT Leader and Soldier! A Soldiers Officer always!!!

Jun 27th

Christi Sewell

It is difficult to describe the level and depth of gratitude I experienced as I listened to this episode. The stories that conveyed layers of individual responsibility, first, to ourselves, then, to our fellow human beings. I am in awe when I hear these moments. Almost like a portion of my soul is hungry for them. It makes me reflect on my time with my grandfather and think of his service on DDay at Utah beach, the Battle of the Bulge, or liberating Buchenwald. I feel that gratitude mix with regret and frustration. A soldier's struggle to share his experience is so valuable, so necessary. It isn't easy but what soldier signed up for easy. I guess I am selfish because I want to hear and I want to understand. I think we need to hear and we need to understand. I love this podcast because it sheds a light on the shadows of broken hearts and difficult experiences and creates growth for everyone. The leadership growth we are starving for.

Jun 25th

kevin shearer

jocko , thanku for the respect u pay to men of honor

Jun 18th

Christi Sewell

This feels so applicable to the current political climate. Antifa feels like an insurgency according to this manual. Wow!

Jun 17th


Jocko, you're a terrible reader,focus or see. an optometrist.

Jun 12th


Please have David Goggins on. Now's the time Jocko. thanks

Jun 8th

Leonardo Mattos de Barcellos

This was amazing!

Jun 5th

Christi Sewell

Always amazing.

Jun 2nd

Christi Sewell

It is amazing how applicable the principles Jocko discusses are time and again. Whether combat principles or leadership, it seems they can be applied in a large variety of situations.

May 29th

Thayne Carroll


May 28th

Ben Beck

Outstanding Jocko. This a the most enjoyable podcast ive listened to. Dan Peterson, what a legend.

May 28th

Tyler Brown


May 26th

Ivan Hernandez

where it all began😏💪🏻😎

May 23rd

Christi Sewell

I love the idea Dan shared about the value youth bring to an experience when they make an effort to learn. Youth are too often overlooked and undervalued but the onus still falls to them to demonstrate the drive to learn. When they so watch out.

May 21st

christopher king

when I was growing up; I was told that I should be learning something new EVERYDAY. Unfortunately, I was sort of a punk, with very little, to no guidance moving forward throughout my entire teens and 20's. I wish i would've known the reason why. After falling off a building, and smashing my head and entire left side of my body; it was almost as if I had to grow up all over again, from re-learning, re- writing, and learning how to do things like walking again. it's because of that one notion that I still strive to learn.

May 21st



May 21st

christopher king

*R.I.P.* prayers for his wife and children. USA lost another great warrior.

May 19th
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