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Award-winning investigative journalist John Solomon, who helped unravel the bogus Russia collusion scandal, gives you his exclusive reporting and big newsmaker interviews every Tuesday and Thursday. To get the unvarnished truth about what’s really going on in Washington, subscribe today to John Solomon Reports.

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Lou Dobbs claims that Trump’s presidency has been a huge success, but no one wants to give him the credit he deserves.
Sanders claims that a lack of a real editorial process in the mainstream media makes it “impossible for any person to know what is real news.”
JTN reporters discuss Facebook censorship, how far left Biden could really go, and some good news about COVID numbers.
Tom Fitton discusses new secrets, evidence destruction, and possible lawsuits regarding the failed Russia collusion case.
The president of the Government Accountability Institute, Peter Schweizer, wants to shed light on the Bidens' dealings and connections with China.
Hunter Biden’s self-enrichment continues through an unsavory company that has been “working with our enemies for decades.”
A professor of medicine at Stanford says bad assumptions and incorrect data models caused an out-of-control COVID response
Rep. John Deberry Jr. says the Democrats in his state wanted him gone, because his views on faith and law didn’t “uphold the banners of a Democrat.”
Cruz says the Democrats want to keep the economy shut down in order to “maximize economic pain,” and shift more voters over to Joe Biden’s side.
Michael Oren worries that the peace deal between the UAE and Israel will cause more conflicts in the Middle East.
The former Attorney General of Florida says a win for Biden would be a loss for the safety and security of Americans.
One of the biggest victims of the Russiagate hoax talks about what it was like to be accused of “completely concocted nonsense.”
Congressman Thomas Massie weighs in on the Postal Service hearing yesterday, and how recent history may be repeating itself.
Three JTN reporters cover the rolling blackouts in California, Democrat election tactics, and the upcoming RNC
Steve Moore outlines economic mistakes made during COVID, and how important rebuilding the economy is to the upcoming election.
Rep. Tom McClintock says America has been “torn apart and dragged through hell” because of Russia collusion lies.
Delegate Nick Freitas is fighting to restore “conservative philosophy,” individual responsibility, and personal liberty in his district.
A senior legal adviser for the Trump campaign says a vote for Trump is a vote for “freedom and the opportunity for prosperity.”
From his new book “Live and Let Die,” to Russia collusion, to the November election - what’s truly on the ballot, and what will we really be voting for?
Chris Fenton: the entertainment industry has “spent 40 years entangling” itself in China. Is it possible for the balance of power be restored in the future?
Comments (27)

Kat Sullivan

45 min mark- I disagree that the President's accomplishments are lost because of "his personality and his tweets" but because the MSM hides and twists or doesn't report his accomplishments as well as twisting tweets and mischaracterizing his personality and comments.

Aug 22nd


As always, great factual info, John. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐👍🇺🇸

Aug 8th


Great interview

Jul 30th
Reply (1)

Harry S

Hilarious must listen, very entertaining, takes simplification to a new level. Love IT!

Jul 25th

Harry S

there must bw another Donald Trump!

Jul 18th

Harry S

the hypocrisy is mind blowing!

Jul 1st

seeking truthnwisdom

why in the world did you not correct this guy regarding the so called corruption? he made accusations against POTUS with no proof.

Jun 21st

Chris Cullen

super cringy underwear ad, ick

Jun 18th


Come on, John. Every time you say "Russian disinformation", I spit up my coffee. Please start calling it what it was... Hillary disinformation.

May 9th

Jeff Eaton

thank you for your excellent reporting. You are a true patriot that seeks the truth. I now enjoy your podcast. I have been following your reporting through Dan bongino, and Sara a Carter for a while now. I am thoroughly impressed

May 7th
Reply (1)

David lee

I believe you are the BEST Political reporter out there. You work for your information. I Appreciate the real fact reporing. I believe it to be true. HOW CAN THE DEMOCRATS BELIEVE THE STUFF BEING PUT OUT BY THEIR PARTY? THEY HAVE TO KNOW THAT IT IS BULLSHIT🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂

May 6th

Dan M

Great interview. I remember talking with my late father about Sen. Moynihan being on a Sunday talk show. The subject was about possibly bombing China. One of the panelists asked what would happen to the Chinese people if we did bomb them. The Senator's reply, "Why, they would die." One can only imagine what the facial expressions of the panelists were like upon hearing a blunt, no BS answer. My Dad would've enjoyed your interview with Miss Moynihan.

May 2nd


"Russian disinformation", my ass. Does John really believe that? This was DemocRat disinformation... Hillary disinformation....DNC disinformation. If ANY Russians were involved whatsoever, it was in name only.

Apr 29th

Brian Zamunda Michael

lmao, just like the blacks want USA to pay reparations?

Apr 24th

Kimberly Morrison McClintock

Thank-you, John Solomon, for sharing the news with integrity and clarity🇺🇸

Apr 8th

Troy Allen

Aces, John, and thank you to Jim Jordan for the interview and for being an upstanding congressman!

Apr 5th
Reply (1)

Troy Allen

highly informative! Everyone should hear this one!

Apr 1st


Quality work! My favorite podcast to get unfiltered news.

Mar 17th
Reply (1)

Sandra Reynolds

Some people's kids

Feb 13th


Great shows!!

Jan 31st
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