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Author: Johan Maasbach World Mission

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John T.L. Maasbach is the International Missions Director of the Johan Maasbach World Mission and pastor of The Blessing Vlaardingen. Listen to his simple, yet profound message which is always uplifting and inspiring. More at
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"Eli, Eli, Lama Sabachtani?" This was what Jesus had to suffer, being completely separated from the Father. That would be unbearable for us and yet we would have to carry that day after day! Jesus took that cup and drink all of it and He cried out: "My God, my God, why have You forsaken me?" Do you understand the price that He paid for you?
Jesus was able to save the thief hanging next to Him on the cross, while Jesus Himself was in such a weak state in body, in flesh. This thief put his trust completely upon this mutilated body, this Man that was hanging next to him. How much more is He able to save today when He is risen to glory, sitting there with a name above every other name! One drop of the blood of Jesus is able to wash away a lifetime of sin and make you holy and acceptable before God.
“Father forgive them, because they don't know what they're doing". This prayer is our example. Our success and victory in prayer depends a great deal on our relationship with the Father. In Jesus' hour of great need He is not praying for Himself. He is interceding for those that are nailing him to the cross! And as He prayed these words upon the cross, so He is praying these words upon the throne right now.
The last seven utterings of Jesus on the cross, they are like stars that shine the light on the way to salvation. In this powerful introduction of this new series by Ev. John T.L. we see that these words are the confirmation of the many doctrines we hold on to. But it is also clearly the confirmation that Jesus has accomplished and is still fulfilling this ministry.
A special path that we as believers no doubt have to follow is the path of prayer. If you will visit your prayer closet often, you will always have food for your spirit. Ev. John T.L. speaks wisdom on two different trails of prayer: wrestling in prayer and communing with God.
Jesus in your house

Jesus in your house


There should be a difference between the house of a believer and the house of a nonbeliever. You should feel it in the atmosphere. To a visitor, it should be visible what is important to you and it should be felt in the spirit. Problems or obstacles in your house can be an opportunity for God to work in your life so don't be discouraged!
If Christ is in you, there should be a desire to commune with the Father. Spurgeon said: "a soul without prayer is a soul without Christ". In this message Ev. John T.L. speaks to us from Colossians 4:2 that says: 'Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful'.
One of the greatest privileges we have is prayer. It is our lifeline and it shows how alive our religion really is. There are many enemies that want to extinguish the fire of prayer, but the invisible hand of God will provide the fuel for prayer.
The Psalms encourage us to believe that God will make all things wonderfully well. In this particular Psalm, we read that praise and thanksgiving should always be to God alone. Lift up your hands and worship God eternal. He is with you and that He's going to bring you through this valley. Praise Him!
Jesus heals of leprosy

Jesus heals of leprosy


Many times, we have a difficulty to believe that God wants to heal us, though we know He can. Today John T.L. talks about the obstacles in our mind that block our healing. Thoughts that are even being preached from the pulpit and that are keeping away God's healing power.
Simon did not take Jesus in as a high guest, but that woman understood that she had nothing to justify herself. She came fully and wholly dependable on the grace which would be in Christ Jesus the Messiah. Religion and the law were harsh against her, but not Jesus! Whoever you are and however far you are, Christ is there with all His glory, light, grace, goodness and forgiveness.
The bible is very clear on what the way of the sinner will bring. But it also tells us what we will reap if we walk the narrow path of the Lord. Which path do you choose to walk on after hearing this message?
This is a wonderful story of Jesus Christ and two main characters: a woman who was a known sinner and a man who did not know he was a sinner. It's especially for those who have something that is blocking your fellowship with the Lord, your pastor or (someone in) the congregation. Be encouraged by part 1 of this sermon.
A great new adventure

A great new adventure


Paul's life changed course because God had a different plan and now the impact of Paul's ministry is still relevant for us today! That was the plan and purpose of God for his life. Are you ready to follow God into a bold new venture for the new year?
Emmanuel, God with us

Emmanuel, God with us


So many feel separated from the Father, but He has made Himself so accessible! God set His tent in the middle of mankind by sending us Emmanuel. That's exactly what we are celebrating this Christmas season.
This is a message to comfort you during the Christmas season. God is for us and for everything that is good for us, but He is against everything that is bad for us. And here's the conflict: we many times long for things that are not good for us. God wants to bring us what is good and when it's good.
Anna's example [4/4]

Anna's example [4/4]


There are only a few verses about Anna, but they reveal so much. They confirm that the fulfillment of the promise has come. Those that are looking and waiting for the salvation of the Lord, they are the ones that will also see it and receive Him. Today you can be the one to receive the blessings and promises of the Lord, just like Anna.
Let's reflect on the story of a brother of ours: Simeon. The Bible gives us a revelation about him that is very useful for our own life.
Can you imagine being one of those shepherds in the field? Do you embrace God's Word in your heart and find it to be as He told it to be? The shepherds beheld the Shekinah glory of the Lord and after they saw Him, they couldn't keep their mouth about it. We can also behold the Savior today, with all His glorious aspects!
Mary's heart [1/4]

Mary's heart [1/4]


God had well prepared that day that He sent His Son into the world. This message shows us Mary's response: she didn't reason with her mind, but she believed with her heart. What happens to us when we respond to His presence and promises in faith? Just like Mary, we can be a vessel, a carrier of the glory of the Lord.
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