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Author: Johan Maasbach World Mission

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Evangelist John T.L. Maasbach is the International Missions Director of the Johan Maasbach World Mission and pastor of The Blessing Church in Vlaardingen. Listen to his powerful preaching that includes Biblical revelation, personal testimonies and anointed prayers. More at
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Why do you love Jesus?

Why do you love Jesus?


Do we love Jesus? Do you hope you love Jesus? Do you hope Jesus loves you? You need to have the certainty in your life that you know that you love Jesus. Why do you love Jesus?
In this season of Thanksgiving we are so thankful for the ones that have gone before us through the valley of weeping and have dugged wells for us to enjoy. But without the blessing from above, those well we be of no use to us. When you obtain a blessing, that blessing is not just for you. It will be shared through you and because of you to many people around you.
The mercy of God

The mercy of God


Even though I cannot fully comprehend or understand the mercy of God, I can enjoy it and move forward because of it. It's up to us personally, to study God's mercy and to meditate on it. Let's dive into this wonderful subject of the mercy of God and let's believe that the Holy Spirit will give us revelation.
A very famous story with so much food for thought. This story makes us think of the church of Jesus Christ. Listen to wonderful revelation concerning the symbols in this story of King Solomon and the two women that came to him with their heartbreaking quarrel.
During his 35 years of traveling all over the world, sharing the Gospel in all nations, John T.L. has seen the mighty hand of God perform many miracles. Listen to this incredible testimony about how God kept him safe and blessed John on the mission field.
Some of the greatest miracles in your life, were miracles that you did not even notice but the Lord protected you! John TL teaches us some powerful lessons from his life that display the wonderful principles of God.
In this personal message, John T.L. is thankful for great miracles in his life. How he was kept from straying away from the Shepherd and the flock, kept from making fatal decisions. He was protected on the mission field, kept from accidents and terrible sicknesses. He was delivered from fear and depression. And as God has done for His servant, He will do for you today!
Ev. John T.L. talks about the great miracles God has done in his life. Starting with his miraculous birth and leading up to the incredible way he received his passion for the lost.
So many times when we are shot at by the enemies' archers, we want to take our bow and shoot back. But Joseph would have lost if he would have fought back that way. The Lord's arms were around Joseph, keeping him in strength. John TL shares incredible spiritual insight on the secret of Joseph's strength in the hardest moments of his life.
The Bible talks about the archers that shot Joseph. Archers of envy, jealousy, temptation and false accusation. But Joseph overcame! God is with us and He is well able to bring us the victory and to bring us out without bitterness or hatred in our hearts.
Elijah knew that God would answer Him. His time alone with God had given him supernatural faith to show the people how absurd it was to compare the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to their dead gods. Banish the voice of the evil one and believe that there is a miracle prepared for you on Mount Carmel!
This series will help you to move forward to your mount Carmel! God is bringing you to that place where He will answer with fire and it will be an undisputed victory for you. Not because of what you think that you can do, but because of all of the heavenly hosts that are on your side. Just like they were with Elijah.
We need to be made ready for God's service. How does that precious thing inside you become purified? It has to go through the fire! God uses Zarephath, the melting pot, to bring us through fire and His hand of love stays upon us along the way.
We're talking about change. It can be something we dread, but it is often necessary. It purifies us and brings us to a place of character. Learn more about this melting oven in Elijah's life. Zarephath, a very important place where God leads us to as well.
Lessons at the Brook Kerith for the mature christian include knowing the value of the hidden life with the Lord. The Lord came to Elijah with a Word, as Elijah was spending time with Him in solitude at the Brook Kerith. This is no microwave Gospel! The Carmel moment will come and it will be glorious, but this time of seclusion with God is essential.
In our lives, God may send us to a particular place where He commits Himself to make his promises a reality. Are you still at the place God told you to be? What if that place runs out of supplies? Your Mount Carmel moment will never happen if you don't spend time in solitude at the Brook Kerith. Let's continue to study the life of the man who was just like us: Elijah.
Elijah (Gilead) [3/9]

Elijah (Gilead) [3/9]


Was Elijah's strength out of a source that is unreachable to us? Not at all! That's why it's so good for us to study his life. Elijah had a revelation of a different dimension of the power of God and this dimension is available to us today because God is alive, God is near and God is our strength.
Elijah (Gilead) [2/9]

Elijah (Gilead) [2/9]


The power that brought down the strongholds of the enemy is able to bring them down today. God will give due on His Word! John T.L. passionately shares the secret of Elijah's source of strength and this source is available to you today. You cannot confront what is against you if you don't stand in the same strength as Elijah.
In this introduction to the source of Elijah's strength, John T.L. paints the picture of the wicked time Elijah was living in. Ahab, who hated the God of Israel; Jezebel, his evil queen; the false prophets and the true prophets of God who were slaughtered or hiding. Doesn't this situation hold similarities for us today? When we have prayed everything we know to pray, God starts working and He is preparing you for your mount Carmel moment!
This is a special Word from the Lord for you! We continue this sermon in the life of David where we see the preventative grace of God in his life. Preventative grace is when the Lord keeps you from taking matters into your own hands or from saying something that feels right but is not right for you to do and can come back to you on a day of reckoning. This powerful message is for today but also to be reminded of in future battles.
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