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Welcome to the home of the Aston Villa Supporters' Trust podcast - featuring the regular discussion of the ins and outs at Villa Park between Howard Hodgson and Jonny Gould.
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There's been a lot of paper talk about Manchester United preparing a £50m bid for Aston Villa's player of the season, John McGinn. "Nonsense!", cried Jonny, who doused the rumours by speaking to Jake on the radio
With his expertise in balance sheets, forecasting and the language of business, fellow Villan Dave Jordan writes and tweets extensively about Aston Villa's financial and business fortunes, able to respond to changes in Companies House reporting, amendments, ownership and other movements with speed and accuracy.Now Villa are in the Premier League, there are significant (even fundamental) changes in governance and FFP, so Dave spells out the good news as well as considerations and precautions that we need to know of.Given the popularity of our last podcast in the Championship on these issues, Dave has followed up with a comprehensive new report.Follow Dave Jordan at
The phone has been ringing off the hook from TV and radio stations across the world asking me to pop on the line or in to the studios for a comment on Aston Villa's unlikely, yet stunning return to the Premier League.I talk now with the responsibility of representing the fans through the Aston Villa Supporters Trust and what a pleasure it is to pay tribute to the manager and players that have made it possible.
What seemed an impossible dream even two months ago came true at Wembley on a late Spring Bank Holiday as Aston Villa secured promotion back to the Premier League after a three-year absence.It capped off a truly remarkable season which started with the club in desperate straits, a manager who held on despite losing the same Championship play-off last season and the possibility of bankruptcy and fire-sale of assets.The story of Dean Smith's arrival as late as October following the arrival of the new NSWE ownership is the stuff of legend. So what now? Howard and Jonny got together at the final whistle - just as they did last season - but this time to dream of the new possibilities ahead.
The richest game in Aston Villa's history (again!). After crushing defeat to Fulham at the end of last season, Villa find themselves back at Wembley twelve months later with new ownership, new management, a mostly new team - but the same old fans!!But are we going to make that vital return to the Premier League after a three-year exile? Can we beat Frank Lampard's Derby? Here's Howard and Jonny's eve of Wembley verdict!
Phil Williams' final show on BBC Radio 5 Live was a special occasion; I was part of his regular Team Talk feature, as one of contributors for several years. Alongside others including Ian Herbert, Ian Ladyman, Alison Bender and Conor McNamara, we all came together for one last hurrah.The conversation moved onto Aston Villa's playoff hopes and reminiscences of Tony Butler and even a cameo appearance by Villa's European hero, Nigel Spink!Wherever Phil ends up on the dial, follow him. He's a fine broadcaster and a good mate. Cheers Phil!
An incredible late season run has seen Aston Villa storm into the playoffs - but are we optimistic ahead of two-legs against WBA and a Wembley final against either Leeds or Derby? The podcast also includes a clip of the Villa Trust charity single by Emma Flowers, "Walking With McGinn" - available now at
Happy Villa families, Jimmy Hessel-style! Magnificent artwork by officially Villa's "weirdest fan"! Yes, it's the latest Villa Trust podcast with Howard and Jonny, as they look back on Magnificent March, the sudden and very real prospect of a play-off push and how an international break can sometimes come to the aid of an out-of-form player. (Also contains a not too bad impression of Steve Bruce by Jonny!)
Dave Jordan joins us on the Villa Trust podcast to fully explain the latest accounts - and why we're still so short of FFP compliance. He predicts the next financial year ahead and assesses what's needed to improve our financial fortunes.Make no mistake, NWSE saved Aston Villa and sooner or later, these businessmen will want to see an improvement in our footballing fortunes - and Villa fans need to appreciate the tough starting point the new ownership begin from.
What better preparation could there be for Birmingham City away than an emphatic four–nil thrashing of Derby County and the return of Jack Grealish to our lineup? Recollecting that moment, a look at our accounts just out and the reality of our situation outside the Premier League are all looked at.Plus the work of Reverend Philip Nott, Doug’s angels and you’ve got topical Villa chat for half an hour. Hope you can join us!
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