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Welcome to the Jordan Peterson Archive Podcast. This podcast features audio from Jordan Petersons lectures, interviews, discussions and talks. We only feature short clips (Longer audio if Jordan is a guest).

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39 Episodes
Comments (16)

Omar Ali

Somthing is going on w/ur contents. I cant see and episode! SOS

Apr 20th


Did your content go down? I'm not seeing any of the episodes

Apr 17th

Adtonitus Maiusculus

cougarclaws same here, really bummed about it

Apr 18th

taku kai

sub optimization as a result of injected values from society

Apr 17th

Cristian Montiel Barbazán

where can I find the starter music ? :)

Mar 19th

Isaac Martinez

I love Jordan Peterson's ideas and content. sadly you are not even following his teachings by stealing content and branding it in such a deceptive manner. This is clearly not your content and i don't know how can you allow yourself to do this from a moral point of view. But i guess that is the point, you lack morals.

Mar 12th

Gabe Denley

Isaac Martinez Issac, all of Jordan Petersons content has been made public on YouTube. furthermore, the original Jordan b Peterson podcast lacks much of his content on YouTube, and this kind soul took his time to extract the audio to upload on castbox for people like you and me who would like to listen to the podcast on the drive to and fro work. Also it's a bit rash of you to write such a terribly thought out lash against a person trying to help.

Mar 26th

The Inspirational Mindset Podcast

Alan Avena if you want to give us more details on why you would say this we can talk if not a simple comment is not providing grounds for anything

Mar 20th

Erik de Jong

can you upload part 4?

Jan 24th

Aaron Bean

are the other parts coming?

Jan 24th


part 2?

Jan 23rd


thank you and I appreciate what you are doing with this podcast, please allow the knowledge to continue to flow.

Jan 17th

Hubertus Scherbarth

I really appreciate your stuff. In some ways you added mamy new angles to my view on life. Please continue on your path and feeding this special channel!

Dec 23rd

David Mallory

I have listened to your stuff before but my God you are a breath of fresh air thanks for talkin and hopefully me and other people will keep listening

Dec 20th

Filip Krzysiek

Much appreciated, keep up the good work! Cheers

Nov 7th
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