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Journeys in the Dark

Author: David Barr

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Hunger is humanity’s constant companion. Cannibalism has blurred the line defining what is a human and what is a monster. And of course, the evil that brought the world tumbling down to its current state –the monsters from another realm– still stalk the land.

Baulder and Hod are survivors. They live from day to day, chasing food and running from the perils of their world
8 Episodes
Welcome to Journeys in the dark, our adventure begins soon....
Listen to the final trailer of Journeys in The Dark. Follow us on Twitter to keep up-to-date with all the news and releases.   Our release is scheduled for Tuesday, February 6th. In time for your commute home from work.   Music by Kai Engel - Something
Introducing Baulder and Hod. Two scavengers seeking supplies from the remains of an army barracks dating back before the end of society. Sent by the sheriff of the town of Shar, these two must brave the badlands beyond town to investigate the barracks. See full show notes.
Against the odds, our sort-of heroes Baulder and Hod survived their encounter with the Aggression Feeder at the Paulsdown barracks. Their reward? Sent suicide missions to the West Drift Farms See full show notes  
Hod and Baulder find themselves again at the mercy of Sheriff Sharif. The task this time? Ambush the sheriff’s foolhardy cousin out in the wastes beyond town and protect her on a dangerous quest to discover new sources of precious water for the town of Shar.   See full show notes for details
Our three adventurers, have ventured far beyond the safety of Shar in search of water. Out in the wasteland, what horrors will they face? A slow death at the hands of wild men or will hunger and thirst take them first? See our full show notes at 
Our Duo returned Lauren to Shar and yet chose exile rather than face the sheriff, Baulder’s survival instincts warning him that the time for summary executions had finally come. With options running low, the pair lie in wait by an abandoned town they discovered when adventuring with Lauren, confident that she would return and lead them to riches.   See full show notes
Episode 06 - Exodus

Episode 06 - Exodus


Knowing they would be walking to their own execution in Shar, Baulder and Hod are resolved to warn the people of the terrors that await in the ghost town Lauren plans leading them to no matter the cost to themselves.   see full show notes