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Author: A Judo Podcast with Chuck Jefferson

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A Judo podcast sharing stories from the mat & beyond.
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Abe Vs. Maruyama

Abe Vs. Maruyama


Joshiro Maruyama and Hifumi Abe faced each other in a winner take all match that would determine the 2021 Olympian for the men's 66kg division.   The Epic Battle took place in the main floor of the Kodokan in Tokyo Japan in front of a small crowd of coaches & media.  The Grand prize was a ticket represent Team Japan in 32nd Olympiad, to be held in Tokyo, next summer in 2021.  For the first time since 1964, Judo will return to its Olympic Birththplace the Nippon Budokan, and this weekend Hifumi Abe who the Japan times is calling the Marathon man,  sealed his spot on the most coveted Olympic teams on the planet. d today on Judocast we will discuss the Abe Maruyama super fight, and everything surrounding it!
This Judo podcast is all about the Olympic run.  Committing yourself to a lifetime of training that is capped off with a 4 year or an 8 year hyper focused Olympic run is an honorable endeavor and something you will never regret.   Today we will discuss The Olympic points races around the world with some detailed reviews of the European  and Pan American Championship events.  Who has the best chance of getting a medal next summer in Tokyo and   what can we do to get more medals in the future?IJF Rankings- Race to TokyoEuropean ChampionshipPan American ChampionshipJoshiro Maruyama vs  Hifumi Abe Crista Deguchi   vs. Jessica KlimkaitJudo Development in the United StatesBe seeded or not to be seeded? A Study with Olympic Judo athletes.
A Judo Podcast about Ed Cerna who is  a former National Team member who represented his Native country of Mexico at competitions around the world.   Highlights of his competitive careers include medals at Pan American Championships, US Open and a silver medal at the 1983 British Open where he faced  World Judo Champion Neil Adams in Final.   At the conclusion of of his competitive Judo Career  1984,  he traded his Judo Gi for a suit & tie   and his career took  upward trajectory  that led him to become one of highest grossing agents for Marcus Millichap,  which is  the #1 commercial real estate investment sales brokerage in North America  He has   executed over $900M in real estate transactions, equating to  almost 9000  multifamily units.Today we explore one man's passion to constantly become better in life.   He is the founder  and CEO   the Cerna Group  which is  is a full service real estate investment firm, that represents owners and investors with the sale, acquisition and management of commercial real estate properties. 
Our  Judo Podcast this week is a monologue episode where I'll discuss  some of the hot topics and current affairs in today’s judo world.  Lets talk about long term success of Judo players, even after their competition days!Hot Topics Include…...    The current status of Covid and a possible Vaccine    The Qualification process and the IJF Tour       American Judo Development Model -  USA Judo, USJF,  USJA    Judo Fanatics with Travis Stevens    JFO Online Training  with Justin Flores     American Judo Systems  with Jimmy Pedro & Travis Stevens    Discussions of the role that will be played by professional Judo clubs  in order to grow Judo in the United States.  They will play a vital role if we want to see growth.  The current model of non-profit judo has been maxed out for the last 30 years.  Hope you enjoy the episode!
A Judo Podcast with  Jason Rivera who is  the Chief Executive Officer of Phenix Salon Suites Franchising LLC and a former  member of the USA Judo  Board of Directors.   He is  a lifelong Judo player that has had entrepreneurial ambition since his childhood.   He was a  resident athlete at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Spring while attending the University of Colorado.    Jason co-founded Phenix Salon Suites Franchising in 1997 with his wife, and the founder of the company, Gina Rivera.  Under Jasons leadership,  with Gina's vision,  Phenix has become a Nationally recognized brand and one of the fastest growing franchises in the the Salon industry.    Jason also serves as the  CEO of COLOURS By Gina, an exclusive hair color line that will be distributed by industry leader CosmoProf in 2020.
Judo cast  guest  Toshihiko Yamada who is most recently been selected as the Sport Manager for the  Judo program at the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo.  His selection comes from a lifetime of Multifaceted experiences in the world of Judo.  He was a National Judo Champion in High School  & college levels.  He studied at both Tokai Sagami High School and Tokai Univeristy.   He also has 2 medals at the Japanese National Championships!    Upon his retirement from competition he was sent to Turkey where he coached the National Team for 1 year.  He was able to coach some very high level Judoka including 4 time world Medalist Selim Tataroglu  and 2000 Olympic Champion Huseyin Ozkan.Following his time in Turkey,  he was hired to coach the famed San Jose State University Judo Team in California. He spent 3 years in the United states including 1 year in Tampa Florida.Upon his return to Japan after several years abroad he soon found himself working directly for his former Sense and Olympic Champion Yasuhiro Yamashita who was the Director of Education for the International Judo Federation at that time.     He later went on to become the head coach and professor at Rutogakuen where he has coached many champions including 2021 Japanse Olympic team member  Arrron Wolf who will represent Japan next summer in under 100 kilogram division.
Vlad Marinescu is the  Chief Media & Marketing officer for the International Judo Federation.  As a graduate of Army Navy Academy in Carlsbad California and He went on to earn  a finance degree from  Oxford Brook University in England.  Vlad soon found himself in Budapest working under Marius Vizer who was then heading up the European Judo Union.   He followed Mr. Vizer once he was elected to the Presidency of the IJF.     During this time Vlad Played a vital role in  the modernization/creation of the World Judo Tour.    He has played part in the creation of many of the IJF digital assets we all enjoy including the Judobase website as well as the organization of more than 70,000 Judo videos.   He and his team have created some of the best marketing videos you have seen including the series  I am Judo,  Judo for world & Judo Values for Life. In today’s discussion,  Vlad will share his passion for Judo along with the importance of  relaying the message of Dr. Kano and presenting Judo to the world as an educational tool to  help create better people that will make a positive contribution to society.  www.judocast.comwww.cjjudo.comwww.ijf.org
Our Next guest is  Dr. David Martin who is the  Chief Scientist &  Director of Performance at Apeiron Life, a start-up in Menlo Park California  that  uses leading-edge human physiology and performance science to help executives achieve improved performance while preventing  injury, and increasing  long-term health span.His experiences working with high level Olympic and professional athletes from a range of different sports makes him one of the  most sought after experts in the field of sports science  and human performance.  He spent 4 years in the  NBA  as the Director of Performance Research and Development for the Philadelphia 76ers.  Prior to his time in Philadelphia,  he spent 20 years at the Australian Institute of Sport.   His body of work during at AIS was  extremely vast, working with all types sports & Olympic Level Athletes.  As a Senior Sports Scientist at AIS  He led the initiative for the development of the Combat sports Center  which was developed to help the Olympic Combat sports prepare for the  2020 Games in Tokyo.   This later connected David and his group to Olympic Judo Champion and Japanese National Team Coach Kosei InoueI hope you all enjoy this  thought provoking conversation with one of the most interesting people in the world of Sports Science and Human
Our next guest is currently the CEO of Judo Canada.   He has had a lifelong journey that has taken him to the highest levels of Judo in both competition and coaching.   He earned his first Olympic medal at the age 20 at the 1992 Barcelona Games and followed that with Olympic Silver in 2000.  During his illustrious career, he earned medals in nearly  every major event around the globe.     Highlights include 5 Pan American titles,  3 world Medals and 2 Olympic medals. His achievements rank him among the most accomplished  Judo players  in the western hemisphere.    He had one of the biggest honors an athlete could have when He was chosen to represent the Canadian Delegation as the Flag Bearer  during the opening ceremonies  of the 2004 Olympic games  Athens.    Today he will share some of his wisdom from competing, coaching and parenting.   We will hear how an expanded family made him take a hard look at his time in Judo, this led him to his most recent position as CEO of Judo Canada.   He has fought for Olympic Medals and he has coached for Olympic Medals and now his Canadian Judo program is catching the attention of program directors and other coaches  all around  the world.   Please welcome the most prolific Judo player to ever come out of Canada,  4 time Olympian and  2000 Olympic Silver Medalist  Nicholas Gill!
Learn more about coaching with Neil Adams at part 2 we will start with Niki Adams (Jenkins).  Former National Team Member for Canada.  She was on the Olympic Team in 1996,  a 7 Time Canadian Champion and a former Pan American Gold Medalist.  We will get her take on some of Team Canada's Success in recent years.  She discusses World Champion Christa Deguchi, CEO Nicholas Gill, Sasha Mehmedovic and more.  We then go back with Neil to discuss his time as a national coach for Belgium.  Neil offers his advice to American Judo going into the  2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games.    We end up the talk with a short discussion on a potential  match up between Zantaraia  and either Abe or Murayama.
Welcome to Judocast, World Judo Champion, the "Voice of Judo" Neil Adams.   During his extensive competition career he captured   an astonishing 8 European Championship  Medals,  4 World Championship medals and  2 Olympic  Silver Medals.   He now serves the  world of Judo by way of live commentary and  technical Analysis.   He has become known to the World as the voice of judo through his commentary work with the International judo Federation and Fighting Films.    We cover topics ranging from Neils days he spent coaching the National Team in Belgium to his recent role of referee supervisor for the IJF.Other topics include the cross-training with Jiu Jitsu (BJJ),  separating physical and technical training and more!
This is Part 2 of the Marti Malloy Interview.  An in depth discussion on Ne-waza and the art of transition.    She will answer some fan submitted questions about everything from keeping in shape during covid  and her new skateboard.  Marti tells the her story about the matside call at Olympics when her coach Jimmy Pedro called out the move just seconds before she applied the Ko Uchi Gari that secured her Olympic Bronze Medal.   She talks about World Judo Champion Aiko Sato from Japan who came to San Jose State University to a training partner before the 2013 World Championships.   There will talk of education and the importance of preparing our youth to be ready for the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles.   Marti discusses her love for teaching judo and how fulfilling it is to guide and motivate Kids around the country!
Marti Malloy is an American Judoka  and 2 Time Olympian  (2012 & 2016).   She brought home the bronze medal in the 2012 Games (London),  she followed that with a  World Championship Silver medal in 2013.    She now lives in San Jose  California where she helps coach the Judo program at San Jose State University.    She completed both her  undergrad and Masters programs at SJSU while pursuing her Judo aspirations.  She now works as an advertising & marketing professional with a startup in San Francisco called My Health Teams.  This episode includes stories of her childhood judo days in the Pacific Northwest to her journey to San Jose with her childhood friend Travis Stevens who also won a Silver medal at Olympic Games (2016).  Marti will also  talk about her friendship with Kayla Harrison  (2x Olympic Gold Medalist).  We will talk a little about Covid 19, preparing for life after sport and more!
So after a lifetime of traveling the world, chasing medals and  following his Judo dreams,   Justin has continued his journey as  a professional coach.   He was a professional grappling coach for his long time friend Ronda Rousey while she was the UFC Champion.  He now works with Many UFC & Bellator fighters including Dominick Cruz, Jessica Penne and more.    Check out part 2 as he walks us through his coaching journey.  He goes though the highs and lows and the  amazing experience  he had working with Ronda.  We finish up talking about American Judo and the focus we should be taking on the 2028 Game in Los Angeles!
A former Division 1 Wrestler that holds Black belt ranking in Both Judo and Jiu Jitsu.   He was a 3  Time United States National Judo Champion and a 3 Time UFC Championship Coach.   He traveled the world  for over 10 years representing Team  USA as an athlete... and now he shows his unwavering support  for  the sport of Judo  as a mat-side coach for the national team.    Learn about the difficult  balance of coaching & fatherhood and challenges of coaching your own kids.  Justin  spent his childhood under the tutelage of his   father who made him  take  a very  scientific approach to judo at an early age.   This Analytical study of judo  later helped him excel both as an athlete and a coach  as he utilizes Judo to help re-frame the  conventional wisdom in other  grappling arts.   He was a California State Wrestling champion and one of the most sought after high school athletes in the country.  Upon his graduation from Temecula Valley high school he was offered a   full ride wrestling Scholarships to  to  th University of Nebraska.... You will here the story of how he ended up circling back to his first love of Judo.  Please welcome former judo champion and current coach to many of the greatest combat athletes Judo,  Jiu Jitsu and MMA,  Justin Flores.
Dr. AnnMaria DeMars  became Champion of the World in 1984,  she was the first American to accomplish this feat.   During her Judo career she simultaneously pursed her education, earning an MBA even before her world title.    Her inspiration continued beyond the mat as she tackled life with the same ambition and energy she put into judo.  Her life  has been full off success stories that range from  Judo greatness to entrepreneurial ventures and community service.  Along the way she found a way to raise 4 very successful children, one of which  who followed her mothers  Judo footsteps becoming an Olympic medalist and UFC champion (Ronda Rousey).   An interview that is  full of golden nuggets of parental & coaching advice.    Please welcome America's 1st ever World Judo Champion  Dr. AnnMaria DeMars.
Keith Nakasone was a member of the US Olympic Team in 1980   Today we will hear the story of an athlete who solidified his position to represent his country,  but was unable to fulfill his dream because of political turmoil that led to a US Boycott of the 1980 Olympic games in Moscow.  Keith was Born and raised in Okinawa  Japan, he was a graduate of Kubasaki High School & San Jose State University.    His story of motivation and inspriration has made a lifelong  impact all of those around him.
Eitan Gelber, an Israeli native,  he spent 15 years  at Stanford University where he became the director of the Athletic Training Department.    He has spoken nationally and internationally on a variety of sports medicine topics.   Eitan is now the Director of Assessment at a start up in Menlo Park called Aperion Life.   They offer a concierge health service where they assess, educate and plan for long term healthy living for variety of executive clientele.   Eitan has spent the last 20 years working with high level athletes of all kinds,  he has worked with USA Judo,  USA Wrestling  & the Israeli National Judo Team.  In this episode we talk about everything from athlete development, coaching, human health and longevity. 
Mike Swain  is a 4 time Olympian  and 3 time World Medalist.     One of the most  successful athletes in History of American Judo.     We will hear the his Judo story that began at just 8 years old in 1968.    After his career,  he pursued his luck in entrepreneurship, understanding it is not luck, but hard work will breed success.  Hear  the story of how his work ethic continued after his days on the mat.   He spent the last 20 years building a success business and now spends his free time coaching at SJSU   chasing waves  on the California coastline.
Welcome to Judocast

Welcome to Judocast


Welcome to Judocast with Chuck Jefferson.  Chuck is  a life long  Judo practitioner and former US National team member.  He was a Multiple time US National Champion and a 2 time Pan American Champion.    Judocast will  be dedicated to all things Judo!   Getting into the minds of some of the most successful Judo players on the planet.  We look forward to sharing some great stories from some amazing athletes, coaches and more.  We will explore Judo on and off the mat as we talk with  some the bet best minds in Judo.
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