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Author: Rev. Zachary Bartels

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Each week, Pastor Zachary Bartels opens God's Word and expounds on the meaning of a passage, helping you to apply it to your life. For full sermon archive, see
330 Episodes
Phil 2:1-4 | Decrease

Phil 2:1-4 | Decrease


A message on humility and unity
A sermon on hearing the music and dancing the faith
A sermon about life, death, Christ, and gain
A message on the power of the Gospel
A message on the most Pauline prayer ever
A sermon about thoughts and prayers
A message on joy and prayer
A Sermon on Pentecost
Eastertide Sermon #7
Eastertide Sermon #6
Eastertide Sermon #5
Rev 5:1-14 | Worthy

Rev 5:1-14 | Worthy


Eastertide Sermon #4
Eastertide Sermon #3
Eastertide Sermon #2
An Easter sermon about Christ our Resurrection and our Life
A sermon for Palm Sunday
A sermon about confession and repentance
A sermon from Ezra
A sermon on prayer
A sermon on a list of names
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