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A sermon on avarice.
This week we discuss who we should—and should not—pray for.
A sermon on the Resurrection
Four messages on Christ's suffering for us
A sermon on praising our King.
This week, we delve deeper into the nature of prayer.
This week, we begin looking at Keach's Catechism on prayer.
Conclusion of our series on Esther
This week, we continue discussing Holy Communion, focusing on how we are to receive.
A message about spiritual momentum
This week, we begin our discussion of Holy Communion.
A sermon on God's sovereign goodness
This week, we discuss baptism as a command, not a recommendation.
A message on intercession and complacency
This week, we discuss the modes and the proper subjects of baptism.
A message on sin and grace
This week, we look at baptism as a means of grace, which communicates the benefits of redemption.
A sermon on Christ's glory and his suffering
This week, Pastor Zach tries to convince Baptists to use the “S-word.”
A sermon on God's timing and our response
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