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Author: Rev. Zachary Bartels

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Each week, Pastor Zachary Bartels opens God's Word and expounds on the meaning of a passage, helping you to apply it to your life. For full sermon archive, see
A message on boldness and shrewdness in evangelism
This week, we look deeper at the resurrection of the saints on the Last Day.
A message on submitting to the Great Commission of Christ
A message on proclaiming the truth in love
This week, we move on to the benefits of our salvation received at the Resurrection
A sermon on setting aside our own rights for the cause of Christ
This week, we begin looking at the blessings that believers receive at death.
Acts 21:1-15, "As You Wish"

Acts 21:1-15, "As You Wish"


A message on discerning and submitting to the will of God
This week, we look at the remaining benefits accompanying our salvation in this life.
This week, talk more about the blessed assurance that accompanies and flows out of our salvation.
A message on shame and freedom.
This week, we continue discussing the ongoing war that is sanctification and then move into the benefits of justification, adoption, and sanctification.
A message on faithful ministry
This week, we finish discussing adoption and begin our discussion of sanctification, our becoming holy in our lives and conduct.
A message on the Living Church.
This week, we look at the second benefit of the effectual call: our adoption as sons and daughters.
This week, we look at the first of the fruits of God's effectual call: our justification.
A message on proclaiming the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit.
Acts 19:11-20, "Holy Fire"

Acts 19:11-20, "Holy Fire"


A message on burning old bridges and following Jesus
Acts 19:1-10, "Full Light"

Acts 19:1-10, "Full Light"


A message on proclaiming the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit.
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