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Juicy by The Outlaws

Author: FCB Radio Network

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Juicy by The Outlaws Radio Show is an exciting and unpredictable relationship segment. A "juicy" question or relationship topic is brought up and the Outlaws team react.
22 Episodes
How long is too long to be in the "talking" stage? (feat. Will the Genaral)
What would you do if your mate said their ex's name during sex?
Would you lose your virginity to the same person you lost it to?
Would you rather be broke and happily in love or rich and lonely?
What do you do if the person you really like is hesitant about being with you?
What is the craziest thing a loved one has done to you?
If your mate treats you well but the sex is bad, do you stay in the relationship?
What is one thing that you will not tolerate from your significant other?
Should spouses defend their mate against their parents?
If you're interested in someone else, are you truly in love with your mate?
Is It True that a Man Can't Handle the Same Hurt He Gives to a Woman?
Is it true that someone can cheat on you and still love you?
How old were you when your parents found out you were having sex?
If you were adopted and became rich, would you give some money to your birth mother?
A man wants to leave his girlfriend because of her stretch marks
Are you suspicious if your mate stops positively reacting to what you KNOW turns them on?
Would you give your mate an ultimatum if you've dated for multiple years with no proposal?
Should you delete your social media accounts if your mate asks you to?
What does it mean to be a voyeur?
Would you willingly have children with someone who has a family history of mental illness?
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