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jumbleThink is a podcast focused on sharing the stories of dreamers, makers, innovators, and influencers from various segments of life. Along the way we will share tips that you can use in your pursuit to chase your big idea or dream. Our guests include artists, authors, business owners and executives, film makers, artisans, builders, politicians and other world changers. We set out to learn how their big idea started and what keeps them chasing their dreams. Our host, Michael Woodward, has worked with hundreds of businesses to help them refine their ideas and create their big dream.
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jumbleThink Revisited 2.0

jumbleThink Revisited 2.0


In today's episode we are revisiting three more episodes from Seasons 1 & 2. This is a great time to catch up on some past episodes. We revisit our conversations with Jeffrey Shaw, Johnathan Grzybowski, and Chad Frey. Today's episode is sponsored by Penji (use code 'JUMBLE' to get 15% off your first mont)
jumbleThink Revisited

jumbleThink Revisited


We are revisiting some great past episodes in today's episode. With many new listeners, it's easy to miss the past episodes with power packed guests. In segment one we chat with Leon Logothetis. He shares his story of going from stock broker to traveling the world on the kindness of strangers. In our second segment with chat with Ryan Williams about the world of influence. In our final segment with chat with former Late Show with David Letterman writer Bill Scheft about his career in writing. Today's episode is sponsored by...Penji - Use code 'JUMBLE' to get 15% off your first
Everyone is told to find a 'work-life' balance, however Tamara Loehr doesn't think this is healthy. As a successful entrepreneur, wife, mother, boss, and active global citizen she realized that balance was impossible. Instead she is blazing a new way by creating the blend of work and life. This has freed her up to become at all of them. Removing the barriers and segmentation in life has opened new possibilities of creativity. In today's episode we talk about this new blend, creativity, being an entrepreneur, building businesses that give back, building an impactful life, defining your values, and finding your freedom.Today's episode is sponsored by:Penji - Use code 'JUMBLE' to get 15% off your first month of unlimited graphic design.OpportunityInChina.comAbout Tamara LoehrEntrepreneur and creative powerhouse Tamara Loehr has spent her life making disruptive change for good by ‘doing the opposite’. Now she’s encouraging other women to leverage their personal power for global impact.  Born in Australia into a third-generation mining family, Tamara was raised in a mining town of less than 10,000 people: a culture of hard work and moderate aspirations. She was an artistic, nature-loving free spirit: catching tadpoles, dancing, singing, drawing and dreaming.While her classmates expected to follow their parents into the mines and marriage, Tamara longed for different challenges. As a teenager, she spent long hours in her room writing songs, started a band and performed locally. She was an enthusiastic fundraiser and school council president, later competing in Miss Australia and winning the title of ‘Miss Fundraiser.’ This was when she first realized that she had a talent for making money—and the impact she could create by using that talent for the good of others.Her high school results would have won her place studying Law at university, but she ‘did the opposite’ (to the horror of her parents) and pursued Fine Arts majoring in Illustration, with a minor in Marketing. Graduating with top marks, she was snapped up by a Gold Coast marketing agency as a graphic designer. Less than one year in the job, she realized she loved the work but hated the ego-driven, male-dominated industry. This pushed her to start her own digital marketing agency with a different approach, Mitara Empresa, which she still owns over twenty years later.Inspired by reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Tamara started asset-building in her early twenties. She lived on vegemite and toast to save up the deposit for her first investment property, a site overlooking the river and city where she later built a block of units. While Mitara skyrocketed into the top 2% of marketing agencies in the country, Tamara continued songwriting and worked on projects around the world as an indie writer and recording artist. Performing under the stage name ‘Claire’, Tamara kept her parallel career separate from her marketing clients, who often assumed that the singer they saw on TV and performing at football games was Tamara’s sister! Heading up her own agency gave Tamara the flexibility to go on six-week overseas writing tours while the business remained running under her team. This is when Tamara first started blending: business, travel and music.Retiring from music at 30, Tamara was on her final tour when she met her husband during a stopover in London. He moved to Australia, and when their first child was born he chose to become a stay-at-home father. With her husband delighted to ‘do the opposite’ with roles in their family life, Tamara was able to continue as a passionate entrepreneur and the family breadwinner.She refocused her energy and ambitions on business, getting her first business coach. In 2015 she joined Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and found her tribe. With her typical drive and natural leadership, she became the president of her chapter in only her third year of membership. Through EO she learned about the ‘sweat equity’ model of business and started her first venture in the wellness space, growing a business from under $1M annual turnover to over $10M in less than two years with no capital investment—an astonishing achievement for a first-time investor.Hungry for more, Tamara was accepted to the Entrepreneurs Masters Program (a.k.a. ‘The Birthing of Giants’) at MIT in Boston, where she completed a three-year course with fellow entrepreneurs from around the world. Here she focused on defining her values, establishing her mandate and creating her legacy project. Jeff Hoffman (guest lecturer at EMP, founder of and advocate of ‘Business for Good’, regularly representing entrepreneurs at the UN) agreed to mentor Tamara to transition into her next growth phase: global impact. Feeling limited by the model and partners from her Australia-based business, Tamara sold out and moved on to expand her investment in ethical wellness, through capital raising and breaking into the United States market. With her instinct for picking brands that elevate the industry, Tamara invested in a gut health functional snack food company called Gutsii, and premium vegan haircare brand Hot Tresses. Within 12 months of launching Hot Tresses in the States, the products were available at a range of premium outlets such as Nordstrom and Hudson Bay and featured on QVC’s Beauty IQ. Gutsii was launched more recently and has also achieved amazing results out of the gate, picking up 600 stores in six weeks from launch date and being available in-store in four countries.Forever determined to ‘do the opposite’, Tamara has set her sights on disrupting the beauty industry with her Dollar Beauty Tribe. Tamara believes the purchasing power of consumers in the beauty industry can abolish animal testing, set a new ethical standard for beauty brands and positively impact the world. In 2018, Tamara was accepted into the Young Presidents Organisation (YPO), becoming one of 25,000+ global members turning over an average of $45M across their businesses. Sadly, only approximately 10% of members are female, a disconnect from the fact that 40% of households in the States are now supported by a female breadwinner. This revelation prompted Tamara to write a book to empower female breadwinners to play a bigger game in business, titled Balance is B.S. In the book, Tamara shares her personal formula for building a work/life blend (not balance!) in order to scale your business without burning out.The book also addresses the recurring issues women (and many men) face as entrepreneurs: the reality of losing more than we win, the need to take a stand against bad behaviour in business, and misconceptions around having to ‘compromise’ as a working parent.A major share of Tamara’s profits from the book are being donated to Buy1Give1. For every 200 books sold, a business loan will be provided to a female in a developing country. From a frustrated creative spirit in small-town rural Australia, to the leader of a global tribe of beauty influencers, Tamara’s passions and priorities have remained the same: “Doing the opposite”, disrupting old patterns to create positive change, and leading other passionate people to create a legacy that changes the world. 
Many business owners feel like they are providing the best customer service possible, however only 8% of consumers feel like they are getting the experience they want. Why is there such a delivery gap? In today's episode Jill Raff shares how businesses can begin to use customer experience to change the game. Today's episode is sponsored byPenji - Use code 'JUMBLE' to get 15% off your first monthOpportunityInChina.comMore about Jill RaffJill Raff, founder and the driving force behind The Jill Raff Group, is a highly experienced CX Strategist (Customer Experience) and published author. For over 25 years she has been delivering world-class customer service and experiences. Jill developed her customer-first philosophy growing up in the “McDonald’s family.” In 1959 her family opened store #150 in Ocala, Florida. From age seven, while shadowing her father and working her way around every station in the restaurant, she experienced first-hand the results of founder Ray Kroc’s philosophy of QSC & V (Quality, Service, Cleanliness & Value). Jill was raised with a robust understanding of a strong work ethic and knowing what good customer service can ultimately do for a business.Jill has made a name for herself by empowering businesses to create company cultures that deliver extraordinary customer experiences so that customers will become obsessed with doing business with them. This work has been led by the creation of her proprietary 7 Ingredient Customer Experience Transformation process.
Throughout Martin Dugard's life, running has been a consistent place he always returns. He's written for Outside, Sports Illustrated, and Runner's World about the world of running. He recently updated and rereleased his best selling book 'To Be A Runner'. Since his start as a writer, Martin has gone on to be a New York Times bestselling author writing books with Bill O'Reilly, James Patterson, and Mark Burnett. In today's episode we chat about his rereleased book, taking the risk to leave a corporate job to chase his dream of being a freelance writer, the process of writing, collaboration with others to write books, and his tips for those who want to take the risk and go 'all in' on chasing their dreams.TODAY'S EPISODE IS SPONSORED BY Penji - Use code 'JUMBLE' to get 15% off your first monthOpportunityInChina.comAbout MartinMr. Dugard is also the author of the critically lauded memoir To Be A Runner, a series of essays which takes the reader around the world as he recounts his personal journey through the world of distance running. It is a book about life itself, and how the simple act of stepping outside for a run is a metaphor for our daily desire to be the best possible version of ourselves, step by step.This attribute can be seen in the diversity and depth of Mr. Dugard's body of work. His writing and research into global exploration resulted in The Explorers (Simon and Schuster, 2013), an engaging narrative about the motivations for pursuing adventure — even at the risk of death.His ten years covering the Tour de France resulted in Chasing Lance (Little, Brown, 2005) a travelogue combining history, sports and gastronomy. Other works include the New York Times bestseller The Murder of King Tut (with James Patterson; Little, Brown, 2009); The Last Voyage of Columbus (Little, Brown, 2005), which tells the riveting tale of the legendary Admiral’s final, ill-fated journey in crisp, swashbuckling fashion; Into Africa: The Epic Adventures of Stanley and Livingstone (Doubleday, 2003), Farther Than Any Man: The Rise and Fall of Captain James Cook (Pocket Books, 2001), Knockdown(Pocket Books, 1999), and Surviving the Toughest Race on Earth(McGraw-Hill, 1998). In addition, Dugard lived on the island of Pulau Tiga during the filming of Survivor's inaugural season to write the bestselling Survivor with mega-producer Mark Burnett.Mr. Dugard is the writer and producer of A Warrior's Heart, starring Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2011.An adventurer himself, Dugard regularly immerses himself in his research to understand characters and their motivations better. To better understand Columbus he traveled through Spain, the Caribbean and Central America. For Tut he explored pharaohs' tombs in Egypt's Valley of the Kings. He followed Henry Morton Stanley’s path across Tanzania while researching Into Africa (managing to get thrown into an African prison in the process), and swam in the tiger shark-infested waters of Hawaii’s Kealakekua Bay to recreate Captain James Cook’s death for Farther Than Any Man. And for To Be A Runner, he ran with the bulls in Pamplona, suffered electric shock and hypothermia as part of Britain's Tough Guy competition, and explored Japanese WWII bunkers on the island of Saipan.On the more personal side of adventure, Dugard competed in the Raid Gauloises endurance race three times, and flew around the world at twice the speed of sound aboard an Air France Concorde. The time of 31 hours and 28 minutes set a world record for global circumnavigation. Dugard’s magazine writing has appeared in Esquire, Outside, Sports Illustrated, and GQ, among others. In 1997, Dugard was awarded the Dallas Area Press Club’s Katie Award for Best Magazine Sports Story.Mr. Dugard spends his afternoons as the Head Cross Country Coach at JSerra Catholic High School in San Juan Capistrano, California — a position he has held since 2005. His boys and girls squads regularly qualify for the California State Championships, and his girls team won the state title in 2010, 2011 and 2012. In addition, he serves on the Board of Directors of the USA Track & Field Foundation, charged with growing youth distance running in America. Martin Dugard and his wife live in Orange County, California. They have three sons.
Faith is a powerful tool in the journey of chasing big ideas and dreams. It often is the driving force into facing our fears, step into the unknown, and put our trust into things bigger than us. In today's episode we dive deep into the journey of faith and how it can superpower our dreams.In the first segment we discuss why faith matters. 1) It kills fear2) It gives us hope3) It allows us to trust4) It reminds us of what matters / our priorities5) It gives us confidenceIn our second segment we chat about 'Where to find faith.' And in our final segment we discuss the steps to faith including:1) Face fear, the unknown, the situations you face2) Rise above what you see and feel3) Take Action4) Find joy in the suffering5) Pray, meditate, reflect6) Sleep7) Speak with certainty, know where you are going and paint that picture8) Celebrate small victories9) Don't fear failure, lean into it and learn10) Ask for help11) Celebrate others and their wins12) Stay humble
Quotes are used to inspire us. In today's episode I explore four quotes all about ideas. What can we learn from these quotes?"Everything Begins With An Idea." – Earl Nightengale"Ideas Won't Keep. Something Must Be Done About Them."– Alfred North Whitehead"A Pile Of Rocks Ceases To Be A Rock When Somebody Contemplates It With The Idea Of A Cathedral In Mind." – Antoine De St-Exupery“There Is One Thing Stronger Than All The Armies In The World, And That Is An Idea Whose Time Has Come.”– Victor HugoLater in the episode we talk about fining inspiration on the journey of chasing big ideas and dreams.Today's episode is sponsored by...Penji: Use code 'JUMBLE' to get 15% off your first monthIdea Camps
We picked ten recent questions from listeners and are answering them on today's episode.What is something about yourself that nobody knows?What are the best ways to think of ideas for a startup?I want to start a business but I don’t have money… What do I do?What does this quote mean? ‘Great minds discuss ideas, Average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.’ If I have an idea to start a startup, what are the first things I should do?What are some good ideas for a YouTube Video? What does it take to create a great podcast?Why do you watch true crime shows, podcasts, and documentaries?What podcasts do you listen to when you are alone?Is it better to create my own website from scratch or use sites like weekly or Squarespace?Today's episode is sponsored by:Penji: Use Code 'JUMBLE' and get 15% of your first
What does it mean to be a disruptor in technology? Adrien Schmidt and the team at Bouquet have created Aristotle to help businesses and individuals better understand their data by using voice activated AI. This innovation helps humans turn big data into meaningful information.Throughout the interview we go deep into Innovation vs Inventing, the importance of creating a new future, overcoming expectations, having healthy systems for using failure to succeed, the future of AI, communicating your message, and more.Web Summit VideoAbout Adrien SchmidtIn 2004 Adrien Schmidt co-founded Squid Solutions, a software company based in Paris that provides usage analytics to publishers around the world. As Squid Solutions rapidly turned companies into data-driven enterprises, he went on to open offices for Squid Solutions in Beijing in 2006 and San Francisco in 2014.On a mission to become a market leader in a new generation of analytics tools, Adrien co-founded Bouquet in 2015, creating a product that brings fulfilling experience of analytics to thousands of users in their daily jobs with chatbots powered by artificial intelligence.Raised in both the U.S. and France, Adrien has dedicated his career to innovation and entrepreneurship on a global level. In 2013, Adrien served as Chairman of NUMA, France’s most recognized accelerator, supervising the transition from local non-profit to international accelerator, increasing its budget, facilities, and international presence. Adrien speaks five languages, is a Huffington Post contributor and most recently a featured speaker at Plotcon and IOT World.In 2013, Adrien served as Chairman of NUMA (formerly Silicon Sentier), France’s most recognized accelerator, supervising the transition from local non-profit to international accelerator, tripling its budget and increasing its facilities and international presence. Additionally, Adrien served as the Vice President of JCI France, an economic empowerment program promoting the cooperation between French SMB’s and large companies in China. In 2010, he went on to serve as Treasurer and Board Member for Comité Richelieu, the leading French lobby for technology SMB’s. 
In today's episode we give you an update on some exciting news around Idea Camps, upcoming guests, and more news from jumbleThink. Later in the episode we talk about The Power of Perseverance as we chase our dreams and ideas.In our modern time perseverance has gone out of vogue. We want quick answers, fast success, and an easy journey of making our dreams and ideas a reality. For some this is their reality, however for most of us the journey is much harder. The Power of Perseverance is what we need to see our dreams and ideas come into fruition. My own journey has been one that is built on perseverance. I share a few of my own stories past and present on how perseverance has been a powerful tool in making my dreams and ideas become real.Later in the episode I share 8 tips on how to make perseverance your super power too.Set clear mini-goalsCelebrate victories and successMaintain optimism and enthusiasmGet the right people around you to encourage youStay FocusedWork HardWhen you want to give up, do one more thingTake care of yourself and make sure to get rest
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