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jumbleThink is a podcast focused on sharing the stories of dreamers, makers, innovators, and influencers from various segments of life. Along the way we will share tips that you can use in your pursuit to chase your big idea or dream. Our guests include artists, authors, business owners and executives, film makers, artisans, builders, politicians and other world changers. We set out to learn how their big idea started and what keeps them chasing their dreams. Our host, Michael Woodward, has worked with hundreds of businesses to help them refine their ideas and create their big dream.
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Living Your Created Purpose with Michael Woodward
Have you found what you were created to do or do you feel unfulfilled and stuck? Do you feel like you are tapping into your destiny or that you live without purpose? If you have then you found your ‘created purpose’. If you haven’t then it’s time that you start finding it!If you’ve been listening to the podcast for any extended period of time you most likely have heard me mention created purpose. But what does that mean and how can you tap into it?  Over the past few years I bump into people who say something like ‘I feel like I’m doing what I was created to do’, ‘I found my passion’, or ‘I’m walking in my destiny.’  They always seam to be joy filled, passion driven, and completely walking in their zone of genius (another term you often hear). Now zone of genius is pretty easy to define and it’s a great place to start the discussion around Created Purpose, but they aren’t the same.Now the zone of genius is the mental state in which you will actually thrive. This whole concept comes from Gay Hendricks’s book ‘The Big Leap’ where he outlines four different zones of function.1. The zone of incompetence: In this zone, you are engaging in something you inherently do not understand or are not skilled at.2. The zone of competence: In this zone, you are doing what you are efficient at, but recognize that many people are likewise efficient at it, thus not distinguishing your capabilities in any significant way.3. The zone of excellence: In this zone, you are doing something you are tremendously skilled at. Often, the zone of excellence is cultivated, it's practiced and established over time.4. The zone of genius: In this zone, you capitalize on your natural abilities which are innate, rather than learned. This is the state in which you get into "flow," find ceaseless inspiration, and seem to not only come up with work that is distinguished and unique, but also do so in a way that excels far and beyond what anyone else is doing.Zone of genius is a great starting place but it’s not the fullness of Created Purpose. Let’s break it down. Created which steams from the word create.  Create can be defined as 1) to bring (something) into existence. 2) cause (something) to happen as a result of one’s actions. 3) (of an actor) originate (a role) by playing a character for the first time. 4) invest (someone) with a new rank or title.Purpose: 1) the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. 2) have as one's intention or objective.When you put the words together you get something like this… Created Purpose is to bring something into existence with reason and intention.  So how do you find your created purpose?Step One: Slow downStep Two: Seek God and listenStep Three: Evaluate your life and giftingsStep Four: Be intentionalStep Five: Face fear and make your moveStep Six: Play big but for the long game Episode Sponsors:Opportunity in ChinaFlocksy
The Business of Collaboration with Kenneth Bator
Collaboration can take many forms. It could be with a business partner, coach, mentor, mastermind group, employees, family members, contractors, strategic partners...and the list goes on. Collaboration can be working with your team on a new project, bringing in a specialist to help you with a project or something deeper. At the basic level collaboration is the action of working with someone to produce or create something. For Ken Bator collaboration was having the right teacher to pull the best out of him and point him in a new direction. This changed Ken's direction and led him to entrepreneurship. In this episode we go deep with Ken on the importance of collaboration on the entrepreneurial journey. Other topics we discuss include:Creating 'customer experiences'Serving Law EnforcementHow to navigate partnershipsBrand, culture, and strategyMaking your business successfulDriving the right business to your businessKen's Website: Reading: Good to GreatEpisode SponsorsFlocksyOpportunityInChina.comSegmentsSegment One: 1:15 minutesSegment Two: 28:04 minutesRapid Fire Questions: 47:58 minutesAbout Kenneth BatorStarted by Kenneth C. Bator an independent business consultant in 2001, Bator Training & Consulting, Inc. (BTC) offered sales training and hospitality consulting from its Naperville, Illinois location. Ken’s background in banking and retail attracted a number of service-based businesses such as credit unions, restaurants, hair salons, therapists, real-estate firms, communications specialists, healthcare providers, and more.In 2002 given the needs and requests of clients, BTC began to offer Strategic Planning services. This included the facilitation of planning retreats and working with the business to compile the written strategic plan. Not having offered this service in the past, Ken quickly discovered that a combination of the Brand Strategy he learned at The University of Chicago coupled with some key pieces from the curriculum he was exposed to during his MBA in Entrepreneurship at DePaul University formed the perfect foundation for planning facilitation. His former experience as an executive in the financial services industry allowed Ken to quickly understand and provide the needed ebb and flow required for a productive planning process. In short order, Strategic Planning became the desired starting point for most BTC clients.After years of client engagements including business strategy, brand development, integrated marketing, and sales management it became clear that there was one common obstacle to proper implementation: the Corporate Culture. The best written Strategies do nothing but collect dust in a binder unless the employee base willingly supports it and allows for the execution of the plan. Even the most attractive and compelling Brand falls flat on its face unless staff consistently provides an experience that inspires customer loyalty. It was clear that BTC needed to incorporate Culture Building programs that allowed the team to grow from within.Thus, the B+C+S Formula was born – a unique approach to management consulting to with a laser focus on Brand, Culture, and Strategy alignment. Ken often jokes that he wishes he could say that he created the B+C+S Formula simply because he was just that incredibly brilliant. The truth is the genesis of this concept began when he was working his way up the corporate ladder in the 90’s. In a desire to learn he would grab a book on re-engineering, then run to a seminar on empowerment, and then read an article on Six Sigma and so on.While certainly learning a lot, it also led to some confusion and the question of how all this could fit together. For instance, if you wanted to re-engineer a business but also empower your employees couldn’t you do both rather than jumping from one corporate buzzword to the next. Ken’s need to understand eventually led him to believe that everything falls into at least one of three buckets: Brand, Culture, and Strategy. He later understood that the B+C+S Formula is an integrated system.
World Changing Grandmothers with Ilana Landsberg-Lewis
Many people choose to celebrate their golden years by kicking back relaxing and sailing into the sunset. What if your golden years where your most impactful years? What if your wisdom and knowledge could change culture and society with answers that bring real change? Ilana Landsberg-Lewis is doing just that by challenging grandmothers to become 'Grandmothers on the move'! In today's episode we chat about:Building missions of compassion without agendaFinding your voiceBecoming a human megaphoneCreating global movementsThe women's movementMoving past conflictSeeing and creating the long viewHuman RightsEpisode SegmentsSegment One - 1:18 minutesSegment Two - 20:18 minutesRapid Fire Questions - 56:01 minutesMore about Ilana Landsberg-LewisIlana Landsberg-Lewis has spent her entire adult life engaged in the struggle for the rights of women and girls. From her early days as a human rights and labor lawyer to her years at the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM), Ilana has worked with women’s groups around the world, and has learned that no amount of so-called expertise can replace that of women at the frontlines of their own struggle for justice.Ilana has been the executive director of the Stephen Lewis Foundation since she co-founded it in 2003 – a charitable foundation that has sent over 100 million dollars (every penny raised) to sub-Saharan Africa, to community-based organizations at the frontlines of the AIDS pandemic.She launched the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign in 2006, and it has since grown into a social movement – with over 10,000+ grandmothers in Canada, Australia, the U.K. and the U.S. to support African grandmothers raising millions of orphaned grandchildren. The G2G Campaign has raised over $27 million dollars in the last decade, and Ilana has been deeply grateful to learn from indomitable grandmothers the world over. Website: episode was sponsored byOpportunityInChina.comFlocksy
The Superpower of Thankfulness with Michael Woodward
I want to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving week. Many of you have already celebrated with a big turkey, spent time with friends and family, hit the stores and dropped money shopping in the madness of Black Friday, watched your favorite college or pro team play football. We took a moment to be thankful and we are off to the next think. Now we are fully into the holiday season and have past Halloween and Thanksgiving and into our march towards Christmas and New Years we begin to reflect on the past year and look to the future. I want to challenge you to get a leap on 2019 and slow down now. Often we jump into the next year with our bucket list items, our new dreams, the ideas that we will concur but we never come up with a plan to get there. Starting with gratitude and thankfulness is an incredible superpower to propel us into the future we want to create. It’s easy to be thankful when things going well or when life is great, but what happens when things seem grey, bleak, or in ruins. How can you be thankful then? Two of my favorite movies of all time are Holiday Inn and White Christmas…and strangely they talk about this very topic in both movies through their incredible songs. In Holiday Inn Bing Crosby sing’s Irving Berlin’s song ‘I’ve got plenty to be thankful for’. If you don’t know the lyrics, here you go:I've got plenty to be thankful for (Irving Berlin / Bing Crosby : Holiday Inn)I've got plenty to be thankful forI haven't got a great big yachtTo sail from shore to shoreStill I've got plenty to be thankful forI've got plenty to be thankful forNo private car, no caviarNo carpet on my floorStill I've got plenty to be thankful forI've got eyes to see withEars to hear withArms to hug withLips to kiss withSomeone to adoreHow could anybody ask for more?My needs are small, I buy 'em allAt the five and ten cent storeOh, I've got plenty to be thankful forI've got eyes to see withEars to hear withArms to hug withLips to kiss withSomeone to adoreHow could anybody ask for more?My needs are small, I buy 'em allAt the five and ten cent storeOh, I've got plenty to be thankful forAnd in White Christmas Bing Crosby sing’s another of Berlin’s amazing songs… Count your blessings….Count your blessings (Irving Berlin / Bing Crosby : White Christmas)When I'm worried and I can't sleepI count my blessings instead of sheepAnd I fall asleep counting my blessingsWhen my bankroll is getting smallI think of when I had none at allAnd I fall asleep counting my blessingsI think about a nursery and I picture curly headsAnd one by one I count them as they slumber in their bedsSo if you're worried and you can't sleepCount your blessings instead of sheepAnd you'll fall asleep counting your blessingsI know for me the past year has been one of many big victories. It’s been an incredible year of growth for the podcast, I was named an ‘Icon of Influence’ in the podcast space by New Media Summit, our podcast hit number one on iTunes business charts. We’ve also met and become friends so so many incredible people who where guest or connected with us because of the podcast. Beyond the podcast it’s been a hard year in many ways. Transitioning and building a new business can be hard and that is exactly what we’ve been doing with closing down Woodward Design Group, the web agency that I own, and going all in with the new stuff we are doing at jumbleThink. It’s a journey of faith and at times exciting and at other times filled with fear. I know it’s not just me. I can think of many people who have really rough year struggling through financial issues, health, depression over politics, and recently loosing all they had in recent fires. It’s been a great year for many but a rough year for so many others.So how do you stay thankful in seasons of turmoil, disappointment, and devastation? Here are some of the ways that I navigate those seasons of life.Look back at what has been great. Find things that I can be thankful for even in dark seasons.Look for a better futureCelebrate with othersFind small things to be thankful for and celebrate those.Being thankful in difficult seasons can be hard, but it will help motivate you towards the future. Thankfulness has been scientifically proven to be beneficial in life in many way.Opens doors to more relationshipsImproves physical healthImproves psychological healthEnhances empathy and reduces aggressionHelps you sleep betterImproves self-esteemIncreases mental strength Thankfulness is a superpower. I know it can be hard to keep positive and thankful when things get rough, but it will be worth it. So take a moment today and be thankful. Small changes in gratitude will go a long way in your journey of creating your dreams and ideas. Make the choice to stop and reflect. It’s good for you. Episode SponsorsOpportunity in China:
Learning to Pivot Your Business with Adam Capes
Evolving and growing a business can be challenging and difficult to do. Learning to pivot your business is critical for the long term success of your entrepreneurial journey. So how do you pivot your business? Today on the podcast Adam Capes shares his story to pivoting his businesses to build long term success on his journey. We also discuss:-The importance of business partners-Celebrating and growing from the failures in business-Creating a new model for business and charity -Doing good-Making business decisions while giving back-Finding your motivation-Cultivating relationships in businessSegment 1: 1:10 minutesSegment 2: 24:07 minutesRapid Fire Questions: 41:18 minutesRecommended Reading: Start with WhyAdam has always had longstanding passions for entrepreneurship, travel and philanthropy.Prior to co-founding G2G Collection and The Giving Plan Foundation, Adam graduated from Cornell University and launched Jezebel Magazine when he was just 23 years old, one of the fastest growing city publications in the country, which he sold in 2003.As one of the earliest members of Private Escapes, a destination club, Adam identified two problems inside the first-generation business models – availability and financial security. This led him to co-found Equity Estates in 2006, the most successful Luxury Residence Fund in the country, raising over $60 Million and building a world-class portfolio of vacation homes that is still around and thriving today.In 2012, Adam combined his passion for philanthropy with his entrepreneurial drive to start his first social enterprise, Getaway2Give (G2G), which is one of the fastest growing social enterprises in the country. It has also raised over $12 Million for charities and is positioned to be a game changer for charitable fundraising in the U.S.Website: Episode is Sponsored by:Opportunity in China:
How to build a lifestyle of Entrepreneurship with Stephen Little
Entrepreneurship is an interesting journey. It's filled with highs and lows. For many entrepreneurs they end up giving up along the way. What does it look like to create a sustainable journey of entrepreneurship? Stephen Little has lived a life of entrepreneurship and started his first business at 15. In today's episode he shares how building your businesses around the end game is critical to their success, however it's even better to know the life you want to create so you can remember why you started.In the episode we discuss:A life of entrepreneurshipM&A versus InvestingCreating your exit strategyKnowing your business's true valuePhilanthropyBuilding businesses that do goodCreating businesses of impactInvesting in growth valueRecommended ReadingThe Surrender Experiment Play BiggerEpisode SponsorsOpportunity in ChinaFlocksy About Steve LittleSerial entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist and M&A expert, Stephan Little generates accelerated value growth and very high exit multiples for his clients. He sold his first company at age 15 for a significant 6-figure sum and since has led 6 of his own successful startups to private acquisitions of over $100 million each, and provided explosive growth and lucrative exitsat 8-12X multiples for many dozens more – with top tier Silicon Valley venture firms and now with Zero Limits Ventures. As Founder and Managing Partner of Zero Limits Ventures Steve and his team spot unique opportunities for valuation growth where others don't, whether triple bottom line "evolved enterprise" models, social engagement strategies or other vehicles beyond revenue and earnings growth. Known as "The Activator", Steve has mentored hundreds of executives and entrepreneurs, helping clients overcome complex challenges and assure peak performance and conscious leadership to generate astounding financial returns. Steve has raised more than $1B in startup and growth funding for 11 different businesses.Steve is also a 4-time champion body-builder and power-lifter, an accomplished musician, and a dedicated and loving father to two amazing and talented daughters.As a purpose driven entrepreneur who recognizes how blessed his life is, Steve is committed to address the needs or a broad range of vital initiatives giving generously to:Support Younglife Africa and the daily care needs of hundreds of children and orphans in Malawi Africa.Support The Pachamama Alliance permanent protection of the sacred headwaters of the Amazon rain forest.Support the BVI Art Reef Project and the creation of a new underwater coral reefs in the US and British Virgin IslandsAssist Oceans Unite with the extensive global ocean cleanup initiatives around the wordSupport Beneath The Waves and the preservation of shark species in the US and British Virgin IslandsSupport for Virgin Unite, the non-profit foundation created to unite people and entrepreneurial ideas to create opportunities for a better world.
The World of Paid Speaking with Thom Singer
What does it take to speak at a professional level? Thom Singer's journey into public speaking was a leap of faith into the unknown. Now he is a well respected speaker sharing on 'The Paradox of Potential'. In the episode we discuss:-Embracing the journey ahead-How to become a Professional Speaker-The Art of Giving Small and his TedX Talk-Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do-Podcasting-Pivoting careersTedX Talk: Reading: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleToday's episode is sponsored by Opportunity in China: a successful career in sales and marketing, Thom Singer became a growth leadership speaker in 2009. A decade later he has brought his high energy presentations and action-oriented content to over 750 audiences. Thom knows that as the speaker or master of ceremonies he has a responsibility to set the tone for a strong conference attendee experience. Known as "The Conference Catalyst" he creates an atmosphere of fun and interaction that lasts beyond his presentation.Thom earned his Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) in 2014 and is committed to the business of meetings. He is the author of 12 books and is the host of the popular "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" podcast. On his show he has interviewed over 350 entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, business leaders and others with a focus on discovering how the most successful people get farther across the gap between potential and results.
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