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jumbleThink is a podcast focused on sharing the stories of dreamers, makers, innovators, and influencers from various segments of life. Along the way we will share tips that you can use in your pursuit to chase your big idea or dream. Our guests include artists, authors, business owners and executives, film makers, artisans, builders, politicians and other world changers. We set out to learn how their big idea started and what keeps them chasing their dreams. Our host, Michael Woodward, has worked with hundreds of businesses to help them refine their ideas and create their big dream.
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The world of startups is filled with dreamers and idea makers. But the funding from VC money usually only serves a small pocket of entrepreneurs. There is a diversity gap in the startup world. Bianca Caban, The Republic Team, and SheWorx has set out to open doors to women and other founders to get the funding to make their dreams and ideas reality too. In the episode Bianca and I chat about how diversity is a benefit to the world of VC and what we need to do to rethink how we invest businesses run by monitories.Today's episode is sponsored byNorth American TEFL - Get certified to teach English as a Foreign Language. Learn more at https://northamericantefl.comPenji - Your source for unlimited graphic design as a low monthly subscription. Use code 'JUMBLE' to get 15% off your first month at penji.coAbout Bianca CabanBianca Caban is Managing Director of SheWorx, a 20,000+ global female founder communityand events business owned by Republic. Republic is a fundraising platform for startups andblockchain projects. Before Republic and SheWorx, she worked on Wall Street, including atCredit Suisse, BlackRock, and Atlas Merchant Capital, where she conducted business in Africa,the Middle East, and Europe. Bianca also established a consultancy, Taino Capital, where sheworked with clients on fund formation and strategy, and launched a nonprofit accelerator forfemale entrepreneurs called AccessLatina. She is on the Advisory Board of Lilu, an innovativefemale-led hardware startup, and an alum of the World Economic Forum Global Shapers andMilken Institute Young Leaders Circle. Bianca earned an MBA from Columbia Business Schooland a BA from Harvard College.
To be successful in business you quickly learn that you need the support of the people around you. But often those closest to you do not know how to help you. You need to find a community of entrepreneurs and business owners. In theory that makes sense and is an easy concept to understand. But where do you find this community? How do you help and support each other? In today's episode John Bundy and I go deep into the importance of community in the entrepreneurial journey.Today's episode is sponsored by...Penji: Your source for unlimited graphic design at a low monthly rate. Use code 'JUMBLE' to get 15% off your first month at Penji.coNorth American TEFL: Certifying you to teach English abroad. https://northamericantefl.comAbout John BundyOriginally from Long Island, New York. John Bundy has been a Designer/Creative Director for over 20 years. He has worked on projects for companies such as Peace Frogs and Organic Avenue. As owner/creative director os Scribe Design he and his team create humorous video ads and social media strategies to draw the attention of the crowd to the client's products or services. John currently lives with his wife and two daughters in Yorktown Virginia.
The business of laundry is steeped in tradition. What happens when you approach an old philosophy of business by integrating new technology solutions? This is the question that Rechelle Balanzat set out to answer. For her, the way laundry and dry-cleaning services worked felt outdated. It was inconvenient, slow, and frustrating for customers to use. If Uber and Lyft could reinvent taxi services, why couldn't she use that same tech approach to solve the pain of laundry and dry-cleaning? That's when she launched Juliette. Soon she found out that the tech issue was only a part of the issue. This led her down the road of reinvention of the entire industry. In today's episode Rechelle shares the unexpected journey of a promising tech company into something more, we talk about how humanity is key to leadership, and how you can scale your own business when you experience obstacles and failure.Learn more about Juliette at http://www.juliettelaundry.comToday's episode is sponsored byPenji: your source for unlimited graphic design at a low monthly subscription. Use code 'JUMBLE' to get 15% off your first month at penji.coNorth American TEFL: helping you become TEFL Certified. https://northamericantefl.comMore about Rechelle BalanzatAfter graduating from Fordham University with honors in philosophy, Rechelle worked as a junior controller for Kohlberg Capital Corporation, a publicly traded business development company, for 3 years. Finding the work unfulfilling, she left to continue her Italian studies in Florence then travelled through Budapest, Vienna and Prague for inspiration. Upon returning to NYC, Rechelle moved to the creative industry to work for Stellarhead, a visual storytelling agency. It was at Stellarhead that Rechelle learned the power of branding, perception and social media. One year later she left to start her own boutique social media agency, Johnny Social. She signed on Stonehenge, a luxury NYC real estate developer with a portfolio estimated at $2.2 billion, as her first client. Rechelle’s next big challenge came when Romio, a technology start-up based in Flatiron asked her to write their entire social media strategy. Within 6 months Rechelle had grown Romio’s online community nationwide to 30 cities and over 1.2 million people, helping secure a round of funding for the promising start-up.Today Rechelle is ready to take what she’s learned in finance, branding, and technology and use it to disrupt the laundry industry.
Big data has been at the center of conversation is business, politics, and marketing for the last few years. We are in a time in history in which we have more data than ever before. Data is great, but what do we do to fully understand it and use it to the benefit of building our dreams, ideas, and businesses? Jim Caruso is the co-founder and CEO of Apollo Program where they have set out to allow their customers to understand their customers better through the use of data. This allows them to make wise decisions on the campaigns they create, the people they target, and the messages they share. In today's episode we go deep into the topic of data, how to use it, the importance of privacy, and the culture of tech based startups.Learn more about Apollo Program at http://apolloprogram.comToday's episode is sponsored by:Penji: unlimited graphic design and a low monthly rate. Use code 'JUMBLE' to get 15% off your first month at helping you become TEFL certified to teach English around the worldAbout Apollo ProgramApollo is a proprietary consumer intelligence platform that listens to billions of data signals from a wide variety of content, creative and in-app sources, enabling brands to assess real customer behavior at scale. These behavioral insights can be applied across an entire business, from product planning to marketing execution.
What holds us back from reaching the possibilities of our dreams and ideas? Many people blame funding, not knowing where to start, fear, or getting the breakthrough opportunity. Unfortunately we get stuck by these things and hope for one day to make our dreams or ideas a reality. On today's show, Dan Greenwald shares how it's really our thinking that is holding us back from what is possible. Once you rethink what is possible you can make those dreams and ideas real. But Dan goes one step further and gives us an easy way to rethink. It's called 'Thirty, Ten, Zero.' When you have these pieces in place a whole new level of what is possible opens up to you.Thirty, Ten, Zero Website: https://www.thirtytenzero.comToday's episode is sponsored by:Penji: Use code 'JUMBLE' to get 15% off your first month at penji.coNorth American TEFL:
There are things that you know, things you know you don't know, and things you don't know that you don't know. As an entrepreneur how do you navigate the icebergs that could derail your ideas, dreams, startups, or business? Todd and Kim Saxton set out to answer that very question by using their experience as entrepreneurs and academics. This led them to write 'The Titanic Effect' to help entrepreneurs successfully avoid the mistakes that most startup founders make.Learn More about The Titanic Effect: about Todd & Kim Saxton70% of startups fail. Drs. Todd & Kim Saxton, award-winning professors at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, have witnessed this firsthand, and have made it their mission to help startup founders and investors navigate the “icebergs” that so often sink startups in their early stages.Relying on decades of academic and professional experience in business strategy, entrepreneurship, marketing, and angel investing, Kim and Todd co-authored The Titanic Effect, with serial tech entrepreneur Michael Cloran. The book is a practical guide to help entrepreneurs and their supporters successfully launch and grow ventures.Kim and Todd have advised, helped launch, and invested in hundreds of startups spanning life sciences, software, sports, consumer products, and services. They serve on various boards of entrepreneurial ventures and startup advisory associations. The pair have shared their expertise from the stage to dozens of audiences, including entrepreneurship and professional development associations, academic societies, and global companies like Roche Diagnostics and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. Today's episode is sponsored byPenji: Your source for unlimited graphic design at a low monthly rate. Use code 'JUMBLE' to get 15% off your first month at penji.coNorth American TEFL Academy: Certifyint you to Teach English as a Foreign Language. Visit to learn more.
Life doesn’t always give you Lemonade. Sometimes you have to make Lemonade from the lemon’s you are given. How do you find this place of joy, happiness, purpose, and fulfillment? Zack Friedman shares his story of how he found happiness in the craziness of entrepreneurship. In today’s episode, Zack shares a few steps you can use right now to fuel success, create happiness, and conquer anything.Today’s episode is sponsored - Connecting you with learning and teaching opportunities abroad.Penji - Use cod ‘JUMBLE’ to get 15% off your first month of unlimited graphic design at penji.coAbout Zack FriedmanZack Friedman is the founder and chief executive officer of Make Lemonade, a leading personal finance company that empowers you to live a better financial life. He is an in-demand speaker and has inspired millions through his powerful insights, including more than fourteen million who have read his advice in Forbes. Previously, he was chief financial officer of an international energy company, a hedge fund investor, and worked at Blackstone, Morgan Stanley, and the White House. Zack holds degrees from Harvard, Wharton, Columbia, and Johns Hopkins. He lives in New York with his wife and children.Links:
It seems that everyone is a social media marketer or influencer making millions of dollars of their content. The reality is that it is much harder to monetize your digital content. Emile Mimran built Adinlay to solve that problem by making it easy for everyday people to monetize their social media posts. Adinlay is making it simple to connect with corporations you love and then to turn your posts into extra cash. In today’s show, we chat about how you can leverage your social media channels to make more money, the power of content creation, what it’s like to build a startup, and much more.Today’s episode is sponsored by
 Penji: Penji is your source for on-demand graphic design at a low monthly subscription. Use code ‘JUMBLE’ to get 15% off your first month at penji.coMore about Emile Mimran
Emile is the founder and CEO of Adinlay. Adinlay connects great brands to real people (sorry robots!), to create a social advertising platform fueled by great content, honest connections, and real engagement. Learn More about Adinlay at
Life is hard and often leaves us with trauma. How can we overcome the trauma and wounds of life? Shana Yadid found that animals helped her to overcome her trauma and now she is helping others overcome their trauma. She has always had a special bond with animals, especially the misunderstood. Using her unique bond with dogs, she has trained over 500 dogs and their owners over the course of her six-year dog-training career.In 2018, she launched Yadid’it Dog Training and have been building her business. Fast forward to today, 2019, and she launched her campaign for her organizations to move into their very own, built-to-spec space. To some, it’s a whirlwind of events. To her, it’s a passionate pursuit in a career that was meant for her. Over the years, she has developed a unique training program that incorporates the whole family, children included.Episode SponsorsPenji: Get 15% off your first month of unlimited graphic design when you use 'JUMBLE' at Connecting you with learning and teaching opportunities abroad.About Shana YadidShana Yadid is the Founder, CEO & Lead Trainer at Yadid’it! Dog Training, the Executive Director at Yadid'it! Sustainable Dog Rescue and an ABCDT (Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer). She is super quirky, a loving dog-mom, the eldest sister to two loving siblings, and a sexual trauma survivor.Yadid'it! Dog Training Website:
Content is king in modern marketing. Every guru has a formula on what kind of content you should be creating and how often you should be posting. Often in the push to create more content, we lose our focus. The content becomes sloppy and the needs and desires of our audience are not met. So how do we keep our authenticity of message in the content we create? Erik Cabral and his team at OnAir Brands are helping content creators navigate the complexities of content creation reminding us to always keep the audience first. In today's show, Erik walks us through the steps to create content that brings hope to your audience all while helping them. He also reminds us to remember who we are and not lose our authenticity in the content that we create.OnAir Brands Website:'s episode is sponsored byPenji: Providing unlimited graphic design at a low monthly rate. Use code 'JUMBLE' to get 15% off your first month when you visit penji.coAbout Erik CabralErik Cabral is the founder of the creative agency, On Air Brands; the real estate investment company, Mindado Investment Group; host, co-host, and producer on several shows: Entrepreneur’s Circle, Capital Hacking, LIVE at the Hive!, Real Estate Hackers, SJREIA LIVE, and many more in progress. With multiple businesses and partnerships, Erik is the quintessential “serial entrepreneur” who spends much of his time helping others grow their businesses, brands, and personal brands. After leaving corporate America after 20+ years, Erik jumped headfirst into real estate investing. He spent roughly a year educating himself, forming relationships, and analyzing hundreds of deals before he purchased his first multi-family apartment building, which he now manages. He is also a partner in Renault Winery & Resort, which is a (the 3rd oldest winery in the US) and offers private capital to his network of investors for fix and flips, wholesale deals, and various other investment strategies. Erik sits on the board for the South Jersey Real Estate Investment Association (SJREIA) headquartered in Cherry Hill, NJ, and has made a major impact on this non-profit organization by volunteering in various areas such as marketing strategies, social media integration, business development, and growth strategies. He is the co-lead for their main meeting in Princeton, NJ. Erik loves to share his decades of experience in creative, branding, and marketing strategies and how it can apply to the creative and real estate investment industries. Erik holds a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in NYC and lives in Robbinsville, NJ, with his wife and two daughters.
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