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Jumpstart Sessions for your Videography Business
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Jumpstart Sessions for your Videography Business

Author: Michael Gebben

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Jumpstart Sessions is designed to give Filmmakers & Videographers a much needed resource in the areas of business & mindset, it could be work load, rates you're charging, work/life balance, what you love and hate most, etc…. There is plenty of tech info out there but not enough helping to create Clarity, Confidence, & Connection
which in turn will give you more TIME, MONEY, FUN, & FREEDOM!

So my name is Michael Gebben or as most call me GEBBS :) I've been in videography for a long time, I started my Video Production Company at the age of 19 with no college and have traveled the world shooting weddings, events and working with some of the biggest names in the world such as Richard Branson, Tim Ferriss, Lewis Howes, Tony Robbins and more.

Today, I pour my focus and energy into mentoring and coaching Filmmakers & Videographers in the areas of business & mindset so they can have a business & life they've always dreamed of.

Episodes are released every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday.
There are "Solo Sessions", "One on One Coaching Sessions", & "Guest Sessions (Expert Interrogations)".
160 Episodes
Today's Jumpstart Session are questions asked by YOU! Head over to if you want to ask a question to be answered on a future episode. Today we will chat about tech, viral videos, Facebook content and pricing etiquette with clients. SHOW NOTES :00 Jumpstarting and how it's different 4:12 What gimbal or glidecam should I use? 9:41 Losing a $3,000 client over a 25 dollar charge 13:35 Overdeliver: you want people to remember you created a great experience 16:26 Viral videos 21:14 Facebook hosted video for content sharing
Ben wants to make an impact in the world, and sees video production as a stepping stone to that dream. Right now his experience is specific to one industry, and he's unclear on his next moves. I dig around with Ben to get clear on what his underlying passion is, and remind him to rely on his current network and expertise. In this episode, we will discuss: Lean into your the network you already have Leveraging your knowledge of an industry to land and serve clients SHOW NOTES 1:26 Ben introduces himself and his current experience with video production 6:58 Ben discusses how he was able to start his studio and leave his job 13:20 Ben asks how much investment he needs for startup 19:27 Going after specific work that you want to do to portfolio / case study build instead of cold-emailing/calling 25:05 Ben discusses one of his dreams about community building 38:01 MIA and Clarity 49:47 Leveraging your knowledge of an industry to land and serve a client 1:05:10 Recharging and having time off from doing what you love is important
For the past six years, Avery has dabbled in several areas of video production but has decided in the last year that it was time to start making money primarily with video. We get to the root of Avery's passion, which is sports and action videography. Avery has the personality type that makes being out on a job the best form of advertising and networking possible. We talk a bit about how focusing your intentions and showing what you want to shoot can help you rise to the top of your niche quickly. In this episode, we will discuss: You in your zone of genius is your best advertising Intentional portfolio building SHOW NOTES 1:33 Avery introduces himself and his experience with videography 10:10 Gebbs asks what Avery would do if he didn't need money 16:48 Avery asks about being his own worse critic 19:16 Avery explores his dream scenario with sports/action videography 34:08 Bridal shows VS Same Day Edit 42:16 Competitive advantage of being passionate about what you are doing 49:28 Remove the things you don't want to do from your portfolio 51:10 Sizzle videos VS offering more value to clients 57:10 Being intentional in a niche 1:08:01 Self awareness and giving advice based on others personality types and situations
John is a one man band who wants to offer everything to his clients - from social media content videos to drone footage. But what is John's TRUE passion? He comes into this one on one session thinking he needs to do everything from editing to selling, but we really dig deep to discover what John can outsource and where he can lean into his super power. In this episode, we will discuss: Leveraging your expertise Pricing project vs day rates Outsourcing what you're not passionate about SHOW NOTES :16 John introduces himself and describes his current situation with his media production company. 6:46 John goes over what his current struggles are. 11:20 Different reasons for procrastinating 19:00 Different kinds of retainer strategies 24:34 The nuances of pricing 31:53 Understanding your client's language to help deliver more value 38:44 John discusses his biggest struggle 43:07 John discovers he doesn't actually like editing 10 out of 10 54:59 John decides he is hiring an editor
Curtis has a strong video background and started YouTube when he was 13. His biggest struggles right now in booking more consistent higher paying clients lies in the confidence to own and leverage his expertise. Gebbs walks Curtis through a scenario where he doesn't have to edit and falls into more of a leadership role. In this episode, we will discuss: Leveraging your expertise Pricing project vs day rates Outsourcing what you're not passionate about SHOW NOTES :22 Curtis introduces himself and his professional experience 4:33 Curtis explains his biggest struggles right now in regards to charging more in his video business 9:22 Building relationships that lead to referrals 12:01 Pricing and deliverables in Curtis's video packages 14:57 The Subway Model 15:49 Curtis describes his selling process 20:35 Leveraging your expertise 25:23 Project pricing VS day rates 31:42 Retainers  38:23 Magic wand and hiring editors 43:33 Michael discusses Curtis's Clarity Assessment results and what that means for his business 50:41 If you didn't need any money, how would you spend your time? 54:30 Turning passion projects into opportunities   View to view full show notes, take the Clarity Assessment and more!
There are many issues we can face when it comes to dealing with clients - communicating effectively, selling, confidence in our presentation and so forth. In this solo session, Michael discusses some tools and tricks to help with these areas in which many videographers and freelancers struggle. In this episode, Gebbs will discuss: How to land more clients when you hate sales What to do when a potential client doesn't email you back Outsourcing with a budget SHOW NOTES 2:34 How do I land more clients when I hate sales? 4:41 Your passions can align with selling 11:01 Advantages of mentors 12:14 Success story of an editor Michael coached 13:48 Charging appropriately (live audience question) 19:00 TOMA: Top of Mind Awareness 20:20 Modern technology anxiety and the power of a follow-up 23:33 Confidence and alter-ego 27:45 Not having time to get everything done 31:39 Discussing budget
Tristan is a story teller at heart and has done a variety of video work, from weddings to hockey to real estate. He currently works full time on a farm during part of the year, which supports him well financially but does not allow for much time to take on video clients. He wants to build his business the quickest and best way with the time he has. By the end of this one on one session, Tristan has changed his 5 year plan to a 3 year one. In this episode, we will discuss: Knowing what you offer and how to pitch it Putting the right work in your portfolio Managing client expectations Tracking opportunity cost SHOW NOTES :32 Tristan introduces himself and explains where he is at with his video production company. 5:16 Michael explains Tristan's DISC results and what they mean for his business. 13:23 Michael explores the idea of having team members to help with different aspects of business, such as editing. 17:56 Hobby vs Professional and how to reflect that in your branding 27:00 Packages vs a la carte 35:08 Michael asks Tristan to describe is selling process 43:28 Knowing a client's budget when pricing 50:09 Managing expectations 1:23:00 Tracking opportunity cost Go to for show notes, to take the Clarity Assessment and more!
Full Time Filmmaker student Paul has been working as a film photographer for years but has been lacking passion. He recently conquered his fear of video, got a DSLR and dove right in. Now he is questioning his path and what he can do for clients to give the most value. Michael digs deep as they discover where Paul needs to put his focus - and it's not necessarily shooting and editing video. In this one on one session, Gebbs will cover: Transitioning from photography to video Burnout Necessity VS desire Imposter syndrome Trusting your intuition SHOW NOTES 1:20 Paul introduces himself and his experience in the creative industry 6:48 Michael asks Paul if he loves shooting/technical or the strategy/marketing/business side of video production more 9:01 Michael asks the Magic Wand question 12:27 Paul talks about his desire to build something that can scale up 19:12 Leaning into your strengths and recognizing your weaknesses 23:00 Paul describes a recent client he acquired for marketing videos 36:36 Scarcity mindset  41:40 Gebbs describes a management/producer role scenario and Paul says that is his dream role he is searching for  47:35 Paul explains fears he has moving forward 1:01:02 Trash to treasure 1:05:05 Self fulfilling prophecies and letting go of the past 1:08:50 Seeing value in yourself 1:15:50 Does a director/producer need to have the skills in each area they oversee? Go to for show notes, to take the Clarity Asessment and more!
In this solo episode, Michael Gebben talks about the downfall of letting others define success for you. The path to success is different for everyone, so it is important to understand how YOU are the differentiator in your work. Gebbs will also cover supply in demand and how it affects pricing, the importance of building trust with clients and ignoring jackass whisperers. SHOW NOTES 2:18 Supply and demand & how it affects pricing 11:36 Pricing on websites 16:16 YOU are the differentiator 17:43 Free work 20:19 Trust issues with potential clients 25:58 Being hard on ourselves as creatives 33:04 Jackass whisperers 36:03 Allowing others to define success for us 41:50 Gebbs 10 Year Transformation Go to for show notes, to take the Clarity Assessment and more!
Ashley is on an open road right now, and looking for some clarity. She knows she enjoys video production, video editing, marketing and social media. She has been told by others that there is no money in the local market for video production outside of weddings, but she isn't sure if weddings interest her. Michael talks Ashley through some of the roadblocks and thoughts she has had to see if she is on the right path. In this one on one session, Gebbs will cover: Pricing video projects Freelance VS employment Uncertainty in your craft SHOW NOTES 1:13 Ashley introduces herself and her experience within the video world 5:10 Pricing reflecting experience 6:55 Fear of selling, and shifting from selling to serving 8:18 Michael asks Ashley what her 'magic wand' goal would be with video 14:14 Michael discusses Ashley's DISC graph and how it affects her business 22:22 Dealing with others who don't take creative roles as serious income generators or career paths 32:16 One trick pony VS diversifying to build your value 35:40 The Subway Model VS clear value 59:58 Getting advice from others who do not resonate View full show notes, take the Clarity Assessment and more at
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