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YOUR DAILY JUMPSTART Your thoughts have incredible power to shape your life and the lives of others, because your thoughts and interpretations of circumstances directly influence your beliefs, and ultimately, your actions. Henry Ford said, "Whether you think you can or cannot, you're right." In other words, what you think is what you get. What consumes your mind, controls your life.” That's when everything made sense to me. I know now that my negative attitude and thinking attracted more negativity. ➡️When you're ready....ways I can HELP YOU!
YOUR DAILY JUMPSTART Self-esteem impacts your decision-making process, your relationships, your emotional health, and your overall well-being. It also influences motivation, as people with a healthy, positive view of themselves understand their potential and may feel inspired to take on new challenges. If someone does not value you, then you are doing the loving thing by not allowing them to treat you that way. If people choose not to value me, they are free to do that. But after a while, I observe their behavior, and if it continues, I just walk away. These people are dangerous. They either do it unconsciously because they don’t know how to treat others, or they are fully aware and do it to feel superior. ➡️When you're ready....ways I can HELP YOU!
YOUR DAILY JUMPSTART The ability to make good decisions can help us become happier people, thus better at human relations. When we understand how we feel about a certain decision we have to make, we can look realistically at all possible solutions from a cognitive level, which allows us to also make better decisions. Having had the experience of making poor decisions and having to deal with the outcome of those decisions will serve as a tool to help you make better decisions in the future. The key to making better decisions is to educate yourself and make certain that you are fully informed about the contributing factors. Undoubtedly, most of us have heard the phrase “knowledge is power”. If you educate yourself and make an effort to learn as much as you can about the issue, you will find the power within yourself to be decisive. ➡️When you're ready....ways I can HELP YOU!
YOUR DAILY JUMPSTART Imposter syndrome is loosely defined as doubting your abilities and feeling like a fraud. It disproportionately affects high-achieving people, who find it difficult to accept their accomplishments. Many questions whether they're deserving of accolades. Self-doubt can be understood as a feeling of uncertainty regarding one or more aspects of the self, such as confidence or likability. Some degree of self-doubt is generally held to be normal, because many people may question their ability to master new or challenging situations. When you know what you stand for and what is important to you, it becomes easier to make decisions that are aligned with your values, with what matters to you. Self-doubt cripples our ability to make important decisions—knowing yourself and living your values is one of the best antidotes to self-doubt. ➡️When you're ready....ways I can HELP YOU!
YOUR DAILY JUMPSTART Believing in yourself means having faith in your own capabilities. It means believing that you CAN do something — that it is within your ability. When you believe in yourself, you can overcome self-doubt and have the confidence to take action and get things done. Self-belief makes you relax, feel more capable, and you can see things with crystal-clear clarity. In such situations, you're able to perceive not just one but a myriad of solutions to the problem at hand. Self-belief gives off an intoxicating aura. It both enchants and captivates others. ➡️When you're ready....ways I can HELP YOU!
YOUR DAILY JUMPSTART Taking breaks allows your brain and body to get the necessary recharge it needs to keep going,” Keeping up the grind may seem fruitful, but it can negatively impact your long-term performance and mental health. If you’re feeling distraught or scatterbrained, spend your break engaging in mood-boosting activities. increase your mental sharpness for better memory, focus, understanding, and concentration. ➡️When you're ready....ways I can HELP YOU!
YOUR DAILY JUMPSTART Extroversion and introversion refer to where people receive energy from. Extroverts are energized by socializing in larger groups of people, having many friends, instead of a few intimate ones while introverts are energized by spending time alone or with a smaller group of friends. An introvert is a person who remains isolated or enjoys the company of a few close ones. An extrovert is an outgoing and outspoken person who enjoys being around and talking to people. They think before speaking. The reason things out by speaking them. ➡️When you're ready....ways I can HELP YOU!
YOUR DAILY JUMPSTART  Don't quit in life because when we decide not to give up, we can enjoy our life more because there is happiness in success and contentment. You Learn Something New. We learn a lot when we keep going and decide not to give up. We can learn that there are hidden strengths and potentials within us. You have to embrace the unknown every single day, and push forward regardless of what challenges arise. Most of the time, people give up on their goals simply because they lack discipline. They can't get themselves to see something through to the end, regardless of how small the project. ➡️When you're ready....ways I can HELP YOU!
YOUR DAILY JUMPSTART  Fear of making the wrong decision is one of the reasons that many people hesitate when faced with a choice. You may be afraid of failure or even the consequences of success. You may worry what other people will think about you. Perfectionism may be getting in your way.
YOUR DAILY JUMPSTART  When we decide not to give up, we can enjoy our life more because there is happiness in success and contentment. You Learn Something New. We learn a lot when we keep going and decide not to give up. We can learn that there are hidden strengths and potentials within us.
YOUR DAILY JUMPSTART  We have the responsibility not to let our environment or the events around us control our response. In other words, if we are having a bad day, we have the power to turn it around for good! The first thing we have to do is accept our circumstances. Maybe our day really truly is terrible! Instead of living in denial or complaining about it, accept what's been dealt. Then change your response from defeat back to control! You CAN control the outcome of your day simply by implementing a positive response no matter what life may throw your way!
YOUR DAILY JUMPSTART  Everyone has made mistakes or done things they realize they should not have done. Living with regrets means living with constant stress, worry, pressure, and sometimes fear of your past. There is nothing that can be done to change what has already happened. Do the best for your future life and career. manage properly your career. Career management is a must if you expect to gain maximum success and happiness from the hours you invest in work. 
YOUR DAILY JUMPSTART  When we decide not to give up, we can enjoy our life more because there is happiness in success and contentment. We learn a lot when we keep going and decide not to give up. We can learn that there are hidden strengths and potentials within us. By never giving up, you can change the world. - This is a daily decision that you must make in order to impact yourself and those around you. Think of what our world could be if we never gave up on ourselves or each other.
YOUR DAILY JUMPSTART  Thinking before you speak is a really good habit to develop, to avoid causing trouble in your life, whether in your relationships, career, or elsewhere. And if it's unavoidable to say something negative, thinking before we speak helps us be more tactful and understand how to offset negativity with something positive. It will be frustrating and you will have pain, doing the right things at the wrong time. But doing the right things at the right time, you will have amazing success. One of the hardest things to do in life is to do the right thing.
YOUR DAILY JUMPSTART Being happy with what you have is a matter of focusing on the good things in your life, letting go of unrealistic burdens and expectations, and doing your best to make yourself feel good in the here and now. And positive emotions – such as enjoyment and hope – help us to connect with others and build our capacity to cope when things go wrong. Trying to live a happy life is not about denying negative emotions or pretending to feel joyful all the time. Taking time to appreciate the pleasures life brings, however small, can promote satisfaction even when things don't turn out how you hoped. The positive emotions you experience when savoring life's little joys could: improve heart health. strengthen your immune system.
YOUR DAILY JUMPSTART Positive thinking isn’t magic and it won’t make all of your problems disappear. What it will do is make problems seem more manageable and help you approach hardships in a more positive and productive way. Challenging situations and obstacles are a part of life. When you’re faced with one, focus on the good things no matter how small or seemingly insignificant they seem. If you look for it, you can always find the proverbial silver lining in every cloud — even if it’s not immediately obvious. 
YOUR DAILY JUMPSTART Productivity is important because you can get more done. If you're a productive person, you can do more with less time. That means you can take on harder, more important tasks. It also means that you have more time to do the things you enjoy like hobbies or spending time with friends. Success provides confidence, security, a sense of well-being, the ability to contribute at a greater level, hope and leadership. Without success, you, the group, your company, your goals, dreams and even entire civilizations cease to survive. Success is important in that it is required in order to continue on!
YOUR DAILY JUMPSTART Many people live and act in ways to ensure that they never make mistakes. They don’t take risks or step outside of their comfort zones for fear that they will fail. In doing so, they never take action or look forward. The truth is that the journey towards success is paved with failures that test our ability to rise above disappointment or flounder in self-pity. It all comes down to your mindset. If you’re afraid of making mistakes, don’t be. The truth is that if you want to succeed, you need to fail more often because it is through failure that you learn some of your most valuable lessons in life.
YOUR DAILY JUMPSTART You can find a passion for your work in many ways. 'Follow your passion' is not bad career advice, but it's not enough to guarantee a satisfying career. Having the right skills, making an impact, and being adaptable is just as important. When you follow your passion in life, you're happier overall. You're more sated with yourself and the decisions that you make, and not weighed down by the common stressors that come along with not doing what you love. Overall, you feel more uplifted and have far greater peace of mind.
YOUR DAILY JUMPSTART Fear and the fear of failure have stopped many people from achieving the results they wanted, but it’s something you can control. Many successful entrepreneurs have had moments in their lives where things didn’t go right for them, but the difference between those people and people who did not succeed is that they picked themselves back up, got back out there, carried on and were driven to get the results they wanted. Successful people have the same problems and challenges as less successful people. The difference between the two is how you deal with the issues that you’re confronted with.
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This is so inspiring! thank you so much!

Mar 6th
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