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Junior Doctor's Corner is a podcast created by a resident medical officer who was surprised at how lacking the support can be for junior doctors in the work environment.

This podcast aims to help medical students and junior doctors not only survive, but thrive in their careers. It covers topics and conversations that doctors seldom broach but wish they had. Junior Doctor's Corner hopes to provide some support, encouragement, and inspiration to fellow junior doctors who need it.
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Fairy Floss Friday, the brainchild of Dr Michael Kale a few of his colleagues, is an annual event that spreads joy and mental health education among hospital staff. I catch up with Michael to chat about how Fairy Floss Friday came about and what the future holds for their charity organisation.
#24 Locuming 101

#24 Locuming 101


In this episode, I sat down with Dr Victoria Cox who has been locuming in RMO and junior registrar roles for the past few years and talked about all its perks and drawbacks. So if you've been thinking about locuming, don't start without listening to this episode first!
Over the years, Dr Louise Stone has helped many junior doctors deal with their trauma from sexual harassment. In this eye-opening episode, she shares her best advice on how junior doctors can tackle sexual harassment without jeopardising their own careers.
Dr Nadine Kelly fell in love with Pathology during medical school. But as she progressed through her career, she found that the very thing that she loved brought her a lot of pain. Nadine shares her story of the challenges she faced with leaving medicine and how she overcame them. Head to for more info on Dr Nadine Kelly.
Dr Dinesh Palipana is an inspirational human being that did not let his disability define him. After a horrific car accident that rendered him quadriplegic, he went on to complete his medical degree albeit a few years later than initially planned. Dinesh shares with us the challenges in the workplace he has conquered and an exciting research project he's currently involved in.For links and more info:
In this episode, I had the privilege of chatting to Dr Vijay Paul and Dr Nishanth Krishnananthan, co-founders and co-CEO's of Vantari VR. Born from their love for technology and solving problems in Medicine, Vijay and Nish are changing the way doctors in Australia provide care to patients. In this interview, Vijay and Nish share the ups and downs of their journey and everything an entrepreneurial junior doctor should know before venturing into a startup. For links and more info:
Supporting junior doctors in the workplace is inherently full of challenges but Onthewards co-founder Evangelie Polyzos shows us how a bit of fun and creativity can provide a great solution. Evangelie talks about the humble beginnings of Onthewards as a podcast for residents at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital to now a community of doctors dedicated to providing free open access medical education. For links and more info:
Over the years as a vocational psychologist, Dr Elton has seen many doctors walk in and out of her office, in tears and distress. Some of them went on to have "happy ever after"s in Medicine, whilst others didn't. In this interview and her book "Also Human", Caroline breaks down how the system fails to look after junior doctors. She also talks about the keys to choosing the right specialty. For links and more info:
This episode was produced in collaboration with MDA National. Dana talks about the Live Well Work Well retreat that she had the privilege of attending earlier this year. She also talks about what she has been up to, basically, her own attempt at living well and working well after leaving full-time hospital work.For links and more info:
We'd all like to think that our patients understand what we explain to them. But when you come across a patient who has been "non-compliant" with their medications or treatment, you should really consider that maybe they haven't understood your instructions after all. In this episode, Dr Genevieve Yates talks about the common pitfalls that a lot of junior doctors unwittingly make when it comes to communication with patients and how we can easily fix them. For links and more info:
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