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Author: Judd Dowhy

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An eclectic high-concept podcast. No interviews. No opinions. Very little common sense, or good taste. Untainted by success. Because there was nothing on TV.
43 Episodes
The season 4 finale! A terrifying medical pamphlet from 1885 is the basis for this...thing. This is not your Gramma's Just Gonna Read This.Email justgonnareadthis@gmail.comEvery Episode www.justgonnareadthis.caHave you heard of this? Wow! It's got everything!
Bobby Orr. Politics. Ghost Stories. Ambrose Bierce. Boopy boop boop boop.Email justgonnareadthis@gmail.comEvery episode can be found at Unrelated, but KICK ASS
A lesson on the pitfalls of gluttony, but in an 18th Century kind of way.Send us an email, right now. RIGHT NOW!justgonnareadthis@gmail.comListen to every episode. Because I said so.www.justgonnareadthis.caYou do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around.That's what it's all about.
FIG. 35. Bent wood propellers and the methods of fastening them to the shaft.Email justgonnareadthis@gmail.comEvery Episode:
Season 4 Episode 6, and the last of 2020, The Story of A Pumpkin Pie! A kind and wholesome story about some kids from 1898 and their quest for pie, with a special appearance by The World's Most Infectious Band!Listen to every episode of Just Gonna Read This at www.justgonnareadthis.caEmail
The 2020 Christmas Special - A Visit From Saint NicholasWhat was hung by the chimney?Watch the video: A Middle-Aged Idiot Reads A Visit From Saint NicholasEmail:
S4E4: Familiar Animals

S4E4: Familiar Animals


An invisible red thread connects the elements of the improperly-stored microwave. Cows, calfs, and horses. Contact Just Gonna Read This at
S4E3: Lest We Forget

S4E3: Lest We Forget


From An American Crusader at Verdun, by Philip S. Rice, this is Chapter 13, Under Fire in an Ambulance.  Published in 1918.The horrors of The Great War had to be renamed World War 1, because we didn't learn our lesson the first time.Lest We Forget.Contact Just Gonna Read This at
If you listen to this or any episode, send us an email and say hi! Even if you think this is the worst garbage you’ve ever heard, we want to hear from you. justgonnareadthis@gmail.comThe Sudden Death of Levi Pinkerton is our very first "true crime" episode. I hang out on IRC and ICQ on Thursdays between 9pm and 11pm, and the people there tell me that true crime is a very popular podcast genre, so I figured I'd throw my flat cap into the ring with this doozy of an episode.Ripped straight from the newspaper account and official transcript of the Coroner's Court Inquest into the death of Levi Pinkerton, 34, in Birmingham England in July 1889.Email us:
The dumb little podcast, Just Gonna Read This, is back with the first episode of season 4:REDACTED: I Fought The Lawyers and The Lawyers WonSometimes you just have to give in and admit that your original plan wasn't, in the legal sense, a very good idea.Got a question? Comment? Hate mail idea? Drop me an email and say hi! I’d love to hear from you.justgonnareadthis@gmail.com
This special season 3 bonus episode is a cringey reading of the virally retweeted poem, The First Lines of Emails I've Received While Quarantining, by Jessica Salfia, the first live author to be featured!
Monstrously dumb, the season finale of Just Gonna Read This Season 3 is a measles fever dream breaking at the zoo. 
The title serves as a warning.
This episode can best be described as a plea for help.  Alternatively, it is what happens when an astronaut loses consciousness and slowly comes back. Very slowly.  If you listen, say hello at
Wildly reckless abridged audio book classics, to be enjoyed in the comfort room, washroom, bathroom, water closet, terlet, john, or crapper. Listen all at once during a serious session, or listen in quick bursts spread out over the aftermath of Brenda’s chili.Find it all and more at www.justgonnareadthis.caThe absurdity continues on instagram @35mmfindsThis episode is not suitable for children that you care about.
Have you ever actually read any of the real Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes? Let's just say, I am of the mind that the woman liked the sauce. Have a listen and you tell me.
This special March 14 episode is a memorial, of sorts, to a dear friend and former bandmate. Yeah, it's a little personal, but sometimes ya just gotta. Not a typical Just Gonna Read This episode, but not a drag either. Join us for the ride and hear sounds that you never ever learned.Under The Sky Video (1992) Fish - The Way It Goes (1991) it all and more at
Ever wonder what THE celebrity chef of the 19th Century had to offer? Me neither. Regardless, here is a selection of his best recipes for us working folk. Random (or are they?) selected recipes from A PLAIN COOKERY BOOK FOR THE WORKING CLASSES. BY CHARLES ELMÉ FRANCATELLI. Published in 1852. The most riveting episode yet. Be careful who you share this with. 
S3E3 Too Many Eggs

S3E3 Too Many Eggs


Everybody likes fried eggs for breakfast, but would a chicken?
“It's not so bad, being on trial for murder.Of course, it's a little embarrassing—whenthe principal witness is the corpse!”
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