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The waiting room can be a struggle, boy don't I know it. When you schedule your appointment, not knowing it is just a confirmation, not an exact time you will be seen. Then you get there and have to witness EVERYBODY else's name getting called. That can be VERY frustrating. Your patience is tested, and your attitude in how you wait is being tested. Even when your time has seemed to go past what you thought it should be, just remember your time was confirmed. That means your time is coming. Continue to wait. Don't give up. Don't walk away. Don't fuss. Stop focusing on the amount of time you are waiting. Try reading the book. Try talking to the Administration. YOUR NAME IS COMING UP; THEY ARE JUST PREPARING THE ROOM FOR YOU!!!!Oh, yea, this was all about God! Just in case you missed it.Support the show (
Waiting on God: Part 1

Waiting on God: Part 1


When you ask God for something, He will reply back to you with one of three replies "Yes" "No" or "WAIT." What does it mean to wait on God? Join Janett and Kita as they discuss part 1 in the season finale "Waiting on God: What does that mean?" You will not want to miss this!!! Be sure to share it with your friends and family!Support the show (
Receiving Forgiveness

Receiving Forgiveness


How do I receive forgiveness from the Lord? What do I have to do to get it?EASY two words......... ACCEPT Jesus!Join Janett and Kita as they discuss receiving forgiveness. Support the show (
Giving Forgiveness

Giving Forgiveness


When someone hurts us, it's our natural response to be sad, disappointed, and even angry. Our flesh tells us to walk in offense. It tells us that it is about our feelings, BUT that just simply is not true. Jesus commands us to walk with a heart of forgiveness! Forgiveness should be our constant posture and chosen mindset. Parents can be the most outstanding teachers, but they are still just flawed humans who will make mistakes. In learning to forgive them for their flaws, turn your eyes to our flawless God. Begin to mirror the way Jesus walked as your guide and reference on how to FORGIVE. Support the show (
In Matthew 17:20, Jesus says "Faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains." It is through that very faith we can go to our Heavenly Father and confidently ask Him for something, and know that He will meet all of our needs.In this week's episode, Janett and Kita discuss how their faith enabled them to pray for a friend battling COVID.  Was their prayer answered? What lessons did they learn? This is an episode you don't want to miss.... what are you waiting for? Hit play already! Support the show (
WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?So many times in our lives we have allowed the words of others or the mistakes we've made in our past become our identity.  You have been redeemed by the Redeemer.  You are only who God says you are. So WHO ARE YOU? Support the show (
We have all heard the saying, "There is purpose in your pain."  How true is that?Janett and Kita discuss how by way of the Holy Spirit, their obedience and willingness to surrender ALL of themselves, give purpose to their pain. Submitting over every emotion to God allows His hand to control it. It also removes any space to be fleshly led.Even in this very impromptu episode, they allowed the spirit of God to move and control. The presence of God is ALWAYS present.Support the show (
Is It Ever Too Late?

Is It Ever Too Late?


Is it ever too late in your life for redemption from the Lord? The answer to that FUNDAMENTAL question can be tricky. The complicated response is “NO - as long as you still have the time left.” Also, think of this: what if your accepting Christ was directly related to someone else’s walk with Christ? Join Janett, Kita, and Wayne for this week’s episode of Just Keep Waiting. What are you WAITING for... HIT PLAY ALREADY!!!!!Support the show (
Is your plan really a "GOOD PLAN" if it makes you fall out of alignment with God's plan for your life? Join Janett, Kita, and Wayne as they each open up about how God convicted them when they tried to do things their way instead of God's way.Support the show (
Meet the Crew

Meet the Crew


Come hang out and get to know the hosts of Just Keep Waiting. Janett, Kita, and Wayne will give you insight into who they are, why they started the podcast, and where they are in our walk with Christ. Support the show (
Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!


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