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Just Laser It!....and all things Cosmetic
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Just Laser It!....and all things Cosmetic

Author: Dr. Raminder "Minni" Saluja

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The world of lasers for the skin can be confusing and overwhelming with new treatments popping up daily. What works? What doesn't? And a little clarity, please, on what these "energy based devices" can and cannot do. This podcast helps both patients and practitioners navigate through the different energy based devices (Laser, IPL and RF) as well as decoding the numerous injectables such as Botox, Fillers and PDO threads, to help gain a better understanding and to evaluate if these types of procedures are right for you. Yes, so true...we all age, but how we age is our choice and hopefully you will walk away with a greater insight into the wild, wonderful world of lasers. This show is hosted by Dr. Raminder "Minni" Saluja (board certified ophthalmologist and fellowship trained in Cosmetic Dermatology) and Kane Rogers. No quizzes at the end so sit back and enjoy and DM us for questions you would love to see answered in upcoming shows. Instagram: SalujalaserMD
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Episode #22: Pavise

Episode #22: Pavise


Join Dr. Saluja and Kane discuss the Dynamic Age Defense Cream by Pavise which is a cutting-edge skincare innovation, meticulously designed by Sophie Bai to address the signs of aging through advanced scientific technology. At its core, this cream features a unique diamond core nanostructure particle surrounded by uniform crystals of zinc oxide. This proprietary formulation enhances the stability, transparency, and delivery of potent bioactive ingredients, ensuring maximum efficacy.The d...
Our diet is a key component that can add to our aging.Did you know that sugar can cause "Skin Sugar Sag"?In this episode, Dr. Saluja and Kane explore how sugar consumption can significantly impact skin health through a process known as glycation. This occurs when excess sugar molecules attach themselves to collagen and elastin, the proteins that keep skin firm and elastic. Over time, this reaction forms harmful new molecules known as Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs). AGEs accumulate, le...
Welcome Back! In this episode, Dr. Saluja and Kane will be analyzing fictitious case studies of patients who are seeking to enhance their appearance through various cosmetic procedures. From tackling fine lines and wrinkles to addressing skin discoloration and texture irregularities, we'll explore the nuanced decisions that go into recommending treatments such as neuromodulators, fillers and energy-based devices as well as how to protect and improve you skin at home! Tha...
Photobiomodulation (LED or LLLT) utilizes light to trigger biological changes. It primarily involves red (633 nm) and near infrared light (830 nm) for wound healing and tissue repair by promoting cellular growth and regeneration which accelerates the healing process. It also helps reduce inflammation and pain in muscular injuries.Neuroprotective effects are also being studied to enhance cognitive effects and help protect from neural inflammation seen in a variety of disease states ...
Episode # 18: Denza

Episode # 18: Denza


Denza RF combines both monopolar and bipolar RF for greater tissue tightening than either one alone.Listen to Dr. Minni Saluja and Kane Rogers as they discuss the newest RF device.Thank you for your listenership!
Episode 17: AdvaTX

Episode 17: AdvaTX


AdvaTX is our foundational laser that treats both red (hemoglobin) and browns (melanin) with the 589 nm wavelength AND also treats wrinkles and sebaceous glands with the 1319 nm wavelength.Dr. Saluja and Kane talk about who the right patient is for this treatment as well as the number of treatments and what you can expect from the laser.Thank you for your listenership!
Welcome to another episode of Just Laser It where we discuss cutting-edge technologies and advancements in Cosmetic Dermatologic procedures.Today we discuss the AgeJet Plasma Energy Rejuvenation Device.Dr. Saluja and Kane will cover: 1. Understanding Plasma EnergyPlasma is the 4th state of matter and we discuss what this means and how it interacts with the skin to create a rejuvenative effect.2. What is involved in a typical treatment including numbing3. Post procedure healing4.&nb...
In this episode, Dr. Saluja and Kane will discuss:1. Diamond Glow:Allergan's medical grade facial that exfoliates, extracts and infuses with a choice of different SkinMedica serums.Earn Alle Points with each treatment!2. SunscreenThe difference between chemical and physical blocksWhat does SPF really mean?3. UPF FabricYes, this is important!Enjoy!Thank you for your listenership!
Automated Microneedling utilizes tiny needles which penetrate into the skin at very fast rates (from 100 to 150 hz or repetition rate).These tiny needle insertions create pinpoint bleeding which initiates the wound healing cascade to stimulate elastin and collagen.This episode discusses the Exceed MN Pen and discusses pre-treatment recommendations as well as post treatment care.We like to utilize Exosomes post treatment (refer to episode #12 for more info on exosomes).Enjoy! Thank you fo...
Hands are one of the most exposed areas of the body. We remember to wear sunscreen on our faces/neck area, but we often forget the hands. Over time we begin to see the changes of aging on the hands.This episode will cover:1. Signs of hand aging2. Home care tips to help minimize 3. In office procedures to help with volume loss of the hands, pigmentation and laxity.Enjoy!Thank you for your listenership!
Episode 12: Exosomes

Episode 12: Exosomes


Regenerative medicine is beginning to be the "next generation" in medicine and this also applies to aesthetics.We are learning how to not just treat the signs of aging, but to actually return cells back to their healthy, youthful state.We are only at the precipice of this exciting new era, but "exosomes" will begin to become an important aspect in aesthetics.Today we are going to discuss:1. What is an exosome2. How this differs from PRP and will it make PRP obsolete?3. What ...
Laser Hair Removal remains one of the most popular lasers that is performed in aesthetic practices. Things to know:1. Do not be tan prior to treatment (no spray tans)2. Shave the area prior to treatment3. No waxing of the area to be treated4. No tweezing of the area to be treatedWho is the “optimal” patient? How many sessions?Listen to Dr. Saluja and Kane navigate through this topic in less than 20 minutes.Thank you for your listenership!
Episode 10: Sculptra

Episode 10: Sculptra


This episode will take a deeper dive into Sculptra which is a biostimulatory.We will discuss:1. What a biostimulatory is2. How Sculptra differs from fillers3. Where Sculptra is injected4. What to expect from the collagen stimulation 5. What a treatment consists ofAt the end of this 18 minutes episode, we hope that you have a better understanding as to when and why we choose Sculptra and fillers.Enjoy!Thank you for your listenership!
PDO threadlifts use sutures (PDO threads) to help give a subtle lift to the skin.Kane and Dr. Saluja will go through:1. What is a PDO threadlift?2. What are the differences between lifting threads and smooth threads?3. Who would be the ideal candidate for a PDO threadlift?4. What is the recovery like?Listen to the podcast to answer these questions.Thank you for your listenership!
Happy New Year! Have you ever laughed hard, sneezed or coughed and oops, you tinkled a little bit? This can definitely effect the quality of life. Today, Dr. Saluja and Kane will discuss the Emsella Chair by BTL.They will cover1. What HIFEM technology is2. Who can benefit from Emsella Chair3. Who would NOT be a candidate for the Chair4. What a treatment consists of with the Emsella Chair5. What you can expect post treatment with the Emsella ChairHope ...
Fractional CO2 laser was first brought to market in 1964 but really did not gain notoriety for cutaneous or skin conditions until the 90's. It was "fractionated" in 2006 and from that time, it became popularized in that now skin conditions could be treated without having the excessive downtime of the older, full field lasers. As patients lives invariably have become busier and busier, the desire for a laser that can give visible results but without the extreme downtimes beca...
Lasemd is a fractional non-ablative laser that keeps the top layer of the skin (epidermis) intact and lays down tiny little micro zones into the top layer of the dermis to help stimulate elastin and collagen. It also is a powerful tool to allow for the topical delivery of cosmeceuticals. This laser does not carry a very long downtime (there is some redness and a "gritty" sensation) for several days.It is one of our "gateway" laser procedure to begin to minimize the fine lines and ...
Daxxify, the new 6 month toxin is coming to market. How does it compare with the current toxins? What are the differences between Botox, Dysport, Xeomin and Jeuveau? The next 6-9 months will give us a greater amount of information on how to best utilize Daxxify and how practitioners can incorporate this into their practice. Thank you for your listenership!
Episode 4: Fillers

Episode 4: Fillers


The basics on Fillers. When did fillers become a thing and who is the appropriate patient? Where are fillers used and how to avoid the freaky filler face? Techniques, placement and the right patients are selected to give the best results.What are my favorite filler products? And why? There are reasons why certain fillers excel over others for certain areas. We hope you get something out of this episode!Thank you for your listenership!
IPL is one of my favorite energy based devices to utilize to help tackle the red broken capillaries and benign brown pigmentation of the skin. It helps to clear up the photodamage and reveal your beautiful underlying skin.There are some things to know about IPL, pre and post care and so listen to the episode and you will find all about IPL!Enjoy!Thank you for your listenership!