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Just a Minute, Please

Author: Michael Licwinko

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A (nearly) daily one-minute recording of whatever is on my mind.
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I have to be physically attracted to someone to take things further.
Relationships and I just don't get along.
I might live alone, but I'll never be lonely.
I've already decided how I want to exit this life.
The covid will be in Mexico longer than a lot of countries.
The purpose that drives my life: I live to give.
Donal Trump is the latest in a long list of human gods.
Religion. The biggest scam in the history of man.
No, not everything is interesting.
Not much left on my bucket list, thankfully.
It's been twenty years since I've felt I truly belonged where I lived.
Reprogramming my mind about time was the toughest of all.
The Democrats can't let this golden opportunity pass them by.
Anti-Asian racism isn't new. It's been in the US since the 1850s.
I made my final set of new friends.
A difficult decision has been made. I want to be a permanent resident of Mexico.
I don't think Covid is going away for a while.
How long ago the inappropriate took place should be a major consideration.
Stopping the publication of books is the same as eliminating historical documents.
It's difficult to keep up with the news when it isn't available to you.
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I am aware which student you were talking about

Mar 4th

nick frost

Michael, I'm your listener.

Jan 10th
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