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A weekly discussion of theology from a Lutheran perspective.
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Today's program is a lecture I gave at Trinity Lutheran Church in Ithaca, NY on the Reformed tradition. I discussed both Zwingli and Calvin, and then some of the key theological differences between the Reformed and Lutheran traditions.
Today's program follows up on the previous discussion of Lutheranism in America with an overview of some significant thinkers in the Lutheran world. The figures I discussed here are: Revere Franklin Weidner, Henry Eyster Jacobs, Milton Valentine, and C.F.W. Walther.
This program is a discussion of the beginnings of Lutheranism in America, and the splits which occurred in the nineteenth century. 
On today's podcast, I addressed the recent public apostasy of Joshua Harris and the ramifications of it. This led to a discussion of the critiques of purity culture which have been prominent in the past couple years. 
Q&A July 2019

Q&A July 2019


This month's Q&A podcast addressed these questions: Did Christ assume a fallen human nature? Should preaching always follow a law/gospel structure? What is the chief end of man?
Today's program is a discussion of Holy Absolution in the theology of Martin Luther. Specifically I looked at his treatise The Babylonian Captivity of the Church.
This is the second talk from Rev. Dr. Eric Phillips on the subject of the third use of the law. In this talk, he focuses on preaching. 
On today's program, I discussed the idea of Holy Absolution. I addressed the definition of a sacrament and asked whether Absolution qualified as a third sacrament along with Baptism and the Lord's Supper. I then gave a Biblical defense of this practice from Matthew 16, Matthew 18, and John 20.
Q&A Podcast June 2019

Q&A Podcast June 2019


Today's podcast was another Q&A program. I discussed a number of topics, including: the Eucharistic sacrifice, the use of the term "priest," views of the church fathers, and systematic theology textbooks.
On today's podcast, I played a talk from Rev. Dr. Eric Phillips on the three uses of the law. The talk focuses on the third use and some of the contemporary debates on the subject within Lutheranism. Wherever you stand on these debates, his talk is definitely one worth listening to!
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