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Hosted by KFC and Feitelberg, KFC Radio is the quintessential bar conversation brought to podcast form. Listener interaction is the name of the game as Barstool readers and listeners contribute their Stoolie Voicemails to drive the conversation to strange places including embarrassing personal stories, bizarre hypothetical questions, and more. New episodes of the hilarious Barstool Network flagship show are released every Tuesday and Thursday.

701 Episodes
Patrick Mahomes landed a megacontract. Can he keep pace with Tom Brady. What would be your first purchase if you got $500M? KFC guarantees Steven Cohen will buy the Mets.
Subscribe, rate, and leave a review! -Feits is convinced he accidentally ingested drugs -We learn about vaginas by way of Instagram -Doge coin has taken over the streets -JK Rowling has signed a petition to end cancel culture -Kanye West has officially jumped the shark -AITA Thursday returns with a rapid fire round of all the ones we missed over vacation -Voicemails include stupid superpowers and casket at a yardsale -(1:09:30) Max Greenfield, Schmidt himself, joins the show. We discuss going viral while teaching his daughter during quarantine, the bromance of Nick Miller & Schmidt, and much more.
Subscribe, rate, and leave a review! -KFC and Feits speak on the controversy of the 2015 Barstool Rundown clip and how it was handled. -(18:00)We discuss how the our quest to make it the year of mental health has been near impossible. -(28:00) Kanye is "running for president" -(34:30) KFC is determined to #FreeBritney Spears -(46:00) Cam Newton to the Patriots -(56:30) David Price opts out of MLB season -(1:02:00)Patrick Mahomes secures the bag -(1:11:30) Hamilton review -(1:20:30)Top 5: Hamilton Songs -(1:34:30) Voicemails -(1:57:18) Interview with Mike Posner discussing the success of his music career and his journey walking across the United States. Let us know what you think on twitter: @kfcradio @kfcbarstool @feitsbarstool @mikeposner Check out daily clips on our youtube channel:
Subscribe, Rate, and Leave a Review. It's vacation week so we're releasing our Snyder Cut. If you listened last week you know we stopped and rerecorded the first half of our podcast so here it is. We talk baseball being back, loch ness monster, and aliens. (35:28) Scott Eastwood joins the show. We discuss his role on Fast and the Furious, portraying a real life war hero, which marvel superhero he would want to play, and basically how he's the most manly man out there. Check out his move The Outpost this Friday July 3rd, on demand and in drive in theatres.
What is the loudest sporting event? The Jackson 5 turns Jared on. Entourage vs Sex And The City. Wire fans are the worst. Dennis Rodman kissed a dead body.
Subscribe, Rate, Leave a Review. We kick off the episode discussing how drug dealers are walking casually through the street side bars of New York. (16:62) Hookin up at your parents house as an adult. (28:19) AITA Thursday Kicks off with a man who accidentally saw his roommate's boobs. (40:40) AITA: Man misinterprets his doctor suggesting a colonoscopy as the doctor making a pass at him. (50:05) AITA: Woman catches her boyfriend sucking on a used pregnancy test. (58:36) We preview our experience in the Barstool Hot Dog Eating Contest. (01:16:52) Voicemail: What Celebs have the best sex life? (01:31:11)Voicemail: A Barber for men's genitals? (01:39:45)Voicemail: Caught Laughing During Dirty Talk (01:46:34) Howie Mandel returns to the show. He talks to us about how he's been doing during the pandemic. We discuss the new show he's producing on Quibi called Kirby Jenner (the forgetten Kardashian). He tells us about his relationship with the Kardashians and how he got them involved with the show. Howie goes on to tell us why he loves producing new content and much more.
Subscribe, rate, and leave a review! We kick off the show talking about comedians reactions to the accusations against Chris D'Elia, his statement, and how no matter how hard they try people won't be able to cancel Joey "Coco" Diaz. (33:50) We discuss the unintentional comedy surrounding the Trump Rally and the photo of him looking disheveled. (41:36)A woman is trying to cancel Ancient Aliens and we don't know if she's kidding. That leads us into a conversation about conspiracy theories and the CIA. (54:28) Feits has dove into the world of Randonauts and the mystery surrounding them. (1:02:57) KFC reacts to the rumors of Dave Portnoy trying to buy the Mets. (1:22:32) Top 5 Tuesday returns with Top 5 HBO shows of all time. (1:42:25) Our first voicemail (about rather having gnats swarm you at all times or always have a pebble in your shoe) leads to a childhood story of Feits' and a guest appearance from Polly Feitelberg herself. (2:06:59) Eric Andre joins the show. We discuss what he's been getting up to in quarantine, favorite drinks, and his time at Berkley. We also discuss what goes into making his pranks, whether or not he gets uncomfortable, and the one guest who is impossible to make uncomfortable (hint: he's been on our show before). Catch his new special on Netflix now. Let us know what you thought of the podcast on twitter @kfcradio @kfcbarstool @feitsbarstool @ericandre Subscribe and check out daily clips on Youtube:
Jared's found and interesting tattoo on Facebook. Is Fauci trying to shutdown baseball AND college football? When Will The Rocket go back to the gym. Is Kayce part of a cult?
Subscribe, Rate, and Leave a Review. We start off the episode talking about the many allegations that have come out against Chris D'Elia. We talk about the people who spoke up immediately, those who didn't, and why you can't trust someone who doesn't have a vice. We go on to talk about the viral video of the cop who freaked out about McDonalds. Feits has a hot take. AITA Thursday returns with an adoption and hot sauce sex. Voicemails include winnable game shows, mapquest, and what grade missed out the most during the pandemic. Carly Aquilino (Girl Code, The King of Staten Island) joins the show. We discuss the clip KFC saw of hers that made him know she'd fit it on the show. She also gives us her perspective on the Chris D'Elia allegations. We go on to discuss why she doesn't drive, stand up comedy, acting, and much more. Check out her podcast Secret Keepers Club here: Kevin Bacon returns to the show. He has a new scary movie coming out (June 18th) called You Should Have Left. We talk about the what he likes about scary movies, adapting them from novels, and more. We also get his take on celebrity selfie video compilations (Imagine, I Take Responsibility), their intention, and their reception on social media. Make sure to check out his movie on demand. You can catch the trailer here: Let us know what you think on twitter: @KfcRadio @KfcBarstool @feitsbarstool @carlyaquilino @kevinbacon Subscribe to our Youtube Channel for daily clips and full video podcasts (Wed, Fri):
Subscribe, Rate, and leave a review! Take pictures of your friends. Was "Long Gone Summer" the worst 30 for 30 yet? KFC watched the worst movie he's ever seen in his life, 365 days. Donald Trump is being called out for nearly falling down stairs. Donald Trump Jr has called out Howard Stern for an old video where he appeared in blackface and used the n-word. Who are your top 5 home run hitters? Voicemails include a brother in law on grindr, too many compliments, girlfriend wearing ex's panties, and tv tattoo. Krystyna Hutchinson (Guys We F*cked, The Voices in Our Heads) returns to the show with stories about taking mushrooms, a devil's threesome with a porn star and a non porn star, and much more. Check out her new documentary Funny Pains, available to stream now here: Jo Koy returns to the show! We talk about the struggles in quarantine, his new comedy special where he got to travel to the Philippines, showcase his heritage as well as his comedy, and much more. Check out his new special Jo Koy: In His Elements, available to stream on Netflix now (Best described as Anthony Bourdain meets stand up comedy). Let us know what you think on twitter. @kfcradio @kfcbarstool @feitsbarstool @JoKoy @KrystynaHutch Subscribe to our Youtube for Daily Clips:
Who will have the best body coming out of quarantine? Joey Mulinaro moves in on KFC's territory. Who will advance in Ballina Cup? Are there quarantine speakeasys? David Fizdale joins to talk about the NBA's plan to move forward, Roger Goodell and the ongoing protests.
Don't forget to subscribe, rate, and leave a review. We kick off the episode recapping KFC and Feit's sleepover after Feits got locked out of his apartment. We decide we need to fix GPS, the firestick remote, and more. AITA Thursday includes consensual incest, hot dad getting nudes, and more. Voicemails include arousal girl callback, a man who pees on his knees, and who would win an oscar at Barstool? (01:21:54) Josh Gad joins the show to discuss his new show Central Park and new movie Artemis Fowl. We also discuss favorite movies of all time, Josh's role as Bear Claw on New Girl, being on the debate team growing up, taking a break from social media, and much more. (01:55:07) Ricky Velez joins the show. We talk about how he got involved in The King of Staten Island, his relationship with Pete Davidson, how it is becoming friends with comedy icons, his stand up, and much more.
Subscribe, Rate, and Leave a Review. Head over to our youtube to see Feits' new mustachio. We play WWJHD (What Would John Henry Do) if he were put into the Kid Mayor who was shamed out of a protests shoes. We figure out that the hippies were right all along and we should just take their side now so we're not wrong in the future. Feits has a revolutionary solution to make vacations better. Top 5 Tuesday is here with the words that make you sound smarter than you are. Barstool DVR returns. We go over Lost, JK Rowling, Bloodline, High Fidelity, and the upcoming Sammy Sosa/ Mark McGuire Documentary. We also discuss Theo Epstein's wild past times. Voicemails today include living on the moon, tinder hookers, and sacrificing for the perfect temperature. Let us know what you think on twitter. @kfcradio @KFCBarstool @feitsbarstool Check out clips of the podcast on our Youtube Channel. Subscribe here: #KFCRadio #BarstoolSports
Nobody knows what is going on in the baseball negotiations. Laura Ingraham does whatever Fox News tells her to do. Jared Carrabis was on The Blaze in 2016. How Tomi Lahren goes viral. Most read blogs at Barstool. Nate Boyer on advising Colin Kaepernick, the perception of kneeling during the anthem as a form of protest, how it is perceived by some people in the military, what the flag represents, and Drew Brees.
Subscribe, rate, and leave a review. We kick off the show talking about Drew Brees' comments on kneeling during the national anthem. Feits' explains why sports are the exact opposite of an "escape from the world." We talk about how the earth "cries meteor" way too often. AITA Thursday returns with blowing on tan, dressing up for funerals, penis enlargement surgery, and an uptight loser. Voicemails include accents, baths vs brushing teeth, cute lil tummy, and giving a hand. Bill Burr returns to the show. We discuss how he's doing in quarantine, his upcoming movie (highly recommend) The King of Staten Island, meeting Pete Davidson before he was just getting started, the impact The Last Dance had on him, and much more. The King of Staten Island and F is For Family out on June 12th. Let us know what you think on twitter. @kfcradio @KFCBarstool @feitsbarstool @billburr Check out clips of the podcast on our Youtube Channel. Subscribe here:
Subscribe, rate, and leave a review. We kick off the episode discussing everything going on with the protests and why some people should just listen right now. We talk about some of the lighter clips that have gone viral. It's Top 5 Tuesday(54:54), we rank the top 5 things to get from the ice cream truck. Voicemails (01:10:20) include movie letdowns, pencil fingers, and persistent genital arousal syndrome. Jeff Dunham (01:28:45) joins the show today. We discuss the new hobbies he's tried picking up in quarantine, being the world's most famous ventriloquist, how he's viewed in stand up comedy, and much more. As always, let us know what you think. Follow KFC Radio here: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: TikTok: Follow KFC Here: Twitter: Instagram: Follow Feitelberg here: Twitter: Instagram:
An astronaut and a baseball commissioner joined us last week. Did the moon landing really happen? (yes) Do we think we will get baseball in 2020 (no). Target Jennifer got sprayed in the face with a fire extinguisher and so did a bunch of listeners, apparently. Why do baseball players and owners hate each other so much? Fay Vincent explains how the owners stole $280 million from the players in the 80s.
Subscribe, Rate, and leave a review! We kick off the show reminding people that the beginning of summer is the worst season of all time. Is there a worse season? We talk about the ridiculous acne medication we used to take as teenagers that caused depression. While recording, Elon Musk had to delay his rocket launch "because of inclement weather", once again reminding everyone he's a fraud. AITA Thursday returns with a fiancee's family trying to enforce a marriage sex ritual, a guy trying to convince his buddy to upgrade his wife, and more. Voicemails include one hit wonders, ideal length of sex, slidin in Seal's dm's, and people still named adolf. (01:28:10) Jensen Karp joins the show. We discuss his influence in hip hop, how Kanye West owes him $300, his elaborate prank on Shia LaBeouf, how he met his wife Danielle Fishel, and much more. Make sure to check out his podcast "The No-Sports Report".
Subscribe, rate five stars, and leave a review! KFC made his way to Boston to join Feits for Memorial Day and is having his "Jordan Flu Game" of podcasting on a hangover. Would you rather be the Pope or the President? We have a funeral for the term "Karen" on social media. Top 5 Tuesday returns with Top 5 Holidays. Tweet us your top 5(social links below). Voicemails include "am I a virgin?", backhanded gifts, and pro sports vs leisure sports. (01:01:50)Tim Dillon joins the show. We discuss the overuse of the term hero, convincing people you know what you're talking about by speaking with conviction, questioning billionaires, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Call Her Daddy, and much more. (01:41:58) Steve Wilkos joins the show. We discuss how he went from Jerry Springer's body guard to having a show of his own, having an iconic look, and several crazy stories from his time as a body guard. As always, let us know what you think of the podcast and follow along on twitter. @KFCRadio @KFCBarstool @Feitsbarstool @TimJDillon @SteveWilkosTV Subscribe to our Youtube Channel here: Follow Us on Instagram Here: #KFCRadio #TimDillon #SteveWilkos
Behind the scenes on how OnlyFans works with Asa Akira calling in. How much would Kayce pay for Leonardo DiCaprio OnlyFans? The term "Karen" is over. Does Jared want to go to the moon? Is Dak Prescott insane?
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I just discovered this show recently and it's hilarious. KFC, Feits and BC are are great and always have me laughing

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