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Hear daily news updates, breaking news from across the LCMS, web only specials, and other items from the KFUO News Desk, brought to you by staff journalist Kip Allen.
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In today’s News: St. Louis-area LCMS school groups visit the International Center The Trump Administration tells California it cannot force abortion coverage Concordia University Irvine is closer to full Healthcare Management accreditation
In today’s News: President Trump attends today’s March For Life Democratic presidential hopefuls all pledge to support abortion on demand A senator and a representative want to tighten federal law for abortion centers Once again, a religious freedom case is being heard in Colorado
In today’s News: President Trump announced he will attend the March For Life in person The Little Sisters of the Poor once again head to the Supreme Court Medicaid funds are granted to Texas crisis pregnancy program A U.S. commission warns of increasing religious oppression in Iran
In today’s News: Arguments are made today for choice for religious schools Lutherans prepare for the annual March For Life President Trump declares today ‘National Sanctity of Human Life Day’ States move to protect women’s sports
In today’s News: The LCMS will have a strong presence in the 47th annual March for Life A non-profit organization pledges $52 million to help elect pro-life candidates South Dakota moves to make gender ‘transitioning’ for minors illegal Virginia lawmaker hope to enshrine abortion in the state’s constitution
In today’s News: President Trump protects prayer in public schools Tennessee’s governor signs into law protection for religious adoption agencies A senator wants to remove abortion as a tax deduction The Reverend Doctor Arthur W. Scherer is called home
In today’s News: George W. Wright is named Dean of CUI’s business school Hundreds of pro-lifers march to a new California abortion facility A Florida high school recognizes a student pro-life club Michigan adds ‘non-binary’ to drivers’ licenses
In today’s News: A report to the Missouri legislature shows a 78 percent drop in abortions for 2019 Doctor assisted suicide remains illegal in Massachusetts Tennessee is close to protecting faith-based adoption agencies Atheists are outraged that a Bible was used to swear in the commander of the Space Force
In today’s News: The abortion giant appeals Missouri’s cutting Medicaid funding for abortion LCMS President Matt Harrison told a crowd of 9,000 that abortion doesn’t make sense Pro-life forces in Kansas consider banning dismemberment abortion
Thousands march for life

Thousands march for life


In today’s News: An estimated 9,000 marched in Chicago Saturday in support of life Democrats in the House killed a bill describing pre-born children as ‘human beings’ A brief filed before the Supreme Court calls Roe v. Wade obsolete Atheists want to remove a cross on an Illinois mural
In today’s News: Sweet Cakes by Melissa is argued before the Oregon Appeals Court Maine’s school choice program is challenged A new cartoon series features demons and witches Organ harvesting of euthanasia victims takes place in Canada
In today’s News: LCMS officials are going to Puerto Rico to assess earthquake damage Abortions supporters try to unseat a pro-life Illinois Democrat A Congressional report calls for sanctions against China Chick-fil-A president apologizes for discrediting Salvation Army
In today’s News: The Trump Administrations asks the Supreme Court to uphold Louisiana’s law The plug will not be pulled in an 11-month-old baby girl Planned Parenthood loses hundreds of thousands of donors Football quarterback Kirk Cousins says God gives him strength
In today’s News: Jerry Wulf, LCMS CFO, retires at the end of the month Planned Parenthood’s annual report shows $1.6 billlion in revenue Thirty-six abortion facilities closed last year The Methodists split over traditional Biblical views of sex and marriage
In today’s News: An evangelical editor partly walks back his editorial calling for President Trump’s removal More than half state capitols are displaying nativity scenes Senators remove items from spending bills that would have benefited abortions The Supreme Court receives more briefs regarding religious freedom
In today’s News: The Postal Service is taken to court for banning religious stamps Medical professionals are challenging a New York law forcing them to aid euthanasia A man is sentenced to 16 years in prison for burning a Rainbow LGBT flag The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom receives funding
In today’s News: The Rev. Luis Coronado was killed in Venezuela Lutheran Church Charities is on standby to aid tornado victims in the Southern District Students for Life of America are denied recognized status at a Christian university The U.S. Supreme Court agrees to hear another religious liberty case
In today’s News: New York City residents can now list ‘X’ on their death certificates The House approves $500 million to Planned Parenthood A Montana school de-recognizes a Fellowship of Christian Athletes club Tennessee moves to restrict school athletics to gender at birth
In today’s News: Mississippi is taking its pro-life law to the Supreme Court A Kentucky college reverses itself and recognizes a pro-life club Texas adoptions reach record levels Christian diners leave a Glory to God tip
In today’s News: The Washington Post gives Planned Parenthood its biggest ‘Pinocchio’ award Pro-life forces are fighting to keep a North Dakota law on the books The U.S. leads the world in children living in single-parent households
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