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Episode 13 - The Comeback

Episode 13 - The Comeback


Episode 13 - The Comeback by KahnQuist Podcast
Today we were visited by our buddy Ty. Ty is a cool guy. Ty and I have a lot in common. I like Ty. I hope you like this podcast. Enjoy!
Episode 11 -  Carpe Diem

Episode 11 - Carpe Diem


All good things start with one step in the right direction. In this episode we talk about things that set us on paths that we normally wouldn't have chosen.
Today we took a deeper turn, mostly into politics. Enjoy!
Episode 9 - Frank The Tank

Episode 9 - Frank The Tank


Everyone, meet Jayson. Jayson, meet everyone. There, now you are best friends. Enjoy!
Episode 8 - Story Time

Episode 8 - Story Time


Alcohol sure makes for good stories. Listen to a few of ours!
Today we went deep into each other...s concept of happiness, we drank beer, and reflected on the chaos that has been the last two weeks.
Today we discussed the cool stuff (and crazy stuff) in the news, and talked about our past jobs. Enjoy!
Today we engaged with WTF moments in WWE history, talked about Episode 3 of Against the Odds, and went to battle with the concept of Ego.
Today we interviewed Devin, and turns out the guy is super interesting! Check out his music at It is really good stuff.
Today, we review another Beer, go over Thanksgiving myths, answer emails, and discuss the take-over of Christmas!
Today we kick it off with some beer tasting and our feeble attempts to review said beer. Then we get into the news of today! Finally we delve into the magical world of "Stitches" (on Netflix now!) Total Tarpein's money raised in Roll-A-Thon = 300 or so bucks!
Battle in Mosul: Clinton Emails: Tesla Solar: Crazy Realtor: Email -
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