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Karen Rands is a bestselling author, a nationally recognized expert on angel investing and the founder of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement. This show features conversations with business success experts, venture capitalists and venture catalysts, and leaders from the Angel Investor Community who provide insights on investing and wealth creation through entrepreneur business success.
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Karen as an educator, author, investor and entrepreneur herself, has been involved in the early stage entrepreneur development and investor cultivation since 2001. When Karen speaks, people listen to what she has to say about creating wealth through entrepreneurship and private investment!
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Hydroponic and Vertical Farming is a technoligical advancement in agriculture that shows great promise in creating sustainable farming, reducing environmental impact, and improving access to produce in densely populated communities.   Eddy Badrina is CEO of Eden Green Technology, a vertical farming technology company dedicated to changing the way we farm our food and feed our communities with their regenerative business model.  Eddy joins Karen Rands on this episode of the Compassionate Capitalist Podcast to talk about the advancement of this Agro-Tech for economies of scale for making this an affordable and effective method for urban farming.  In one year, a 1.5 acre greenhouse built with Eden Green’s technology (on a roof top or in repurposed empty office and retail locations) can grow 2.7 million heads of leafy greens and harvest 11-13x more times than a traditional farm, while using exponentially less energy and water than a typical greenhouse. Visit to learn more about the technology and the company mission to help the world grow produce locally to end food insecurity and regional food dependence, and more how their regenerative business model is profitable and offers community impact sufficient to sustain charitable contribution of 10% of the product for non-profits in the community.  Karen Rands is the leader of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement, dedicating to bringing more resources, capital, and accessibility to entrpreneur endeavors to bring innovation to the market, create jobs, and wealth for all those involved.   Learn more about how Karen and her team work with entrepreneurs and investors to succeed at  This podcast is also recordes as a youtube video:
Karen Rands is joined by Ryan Rafols, the founder of the hot new startup cohort in Austin, TX:  Newchip Accelerator where they offer Silicon Valley moxie to Startups from around the world with amazing results.  Just since 2019, Newchip's 200 graduates have represented 30+ Countries and 150+ Cities.   On average they have raised 17.5x more funding than average startups for a total of more than $150M in funding raised.   Ryan and Karen will discuss the vision behind NewChip and the secret of their success.  Part of their success can be attributed to their rigourous application process on the front end and their connection of graduates to their investment community from around the world on their quarterly demo days.  It is what happens in between that leads to the true success of their program and what squarely puts Ryan and Newchip in the Compassionate Capitalist Movement. Ryan Rafols is the Founder and CEO of Newchip. After multiple startup exits, he launched Newchip to bridge Silicon Valley level mentorship and investors with startups around the globe. To learn more about Newchip visit: Karen Rands is the Founder of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement and CEO of Kugarand Capital Holdings, a premier advisory firm for entrepreneurs seeking to accellerate their growth to grow nationally and get access to capital through her Launch Funding Network.  Through her best selling book, Inside Secrets to Angel Investors, investor resource portal and due diligence services, Karen helps  investors learn how to create wealth and mitigate risk when investing in the private equity of entrepreneurial endeavors from startup to emerging growth stages.   To learn more, visit:
You know you need to raise capital, but how? Do you go the traditional Angel Investor to VC that most tech companies follow or is one of the 5 ways to solicit for investment from the public (Crowd Funding) the best route for your company? In this episode of the Compassionate Capitalist Podcast, Karen will explore which methods are best for the specific companies raising capital, and when should strategies be integrated. Since the JOBS Act of 2012, 5 methods for raising capital from a crowd found have been added to the traditional pipeline of Friends & Family, to Angel Groups, to VCs. They are Reward Based CrowdFunding, Equity Based CrowdFunding (REG CF), Intrastate Crowdfunding, REG D 506c and Reg A+. Karen has worked with entrepreneurs and investors for over 15 years, educating them on the best practices to succeed in business and get the funding necessary to reach their goals... for the company seeking capital and the investor seeking to get a good return on their investment. Karen Rands uses her podcast platform to amplify her message that the greatest way to create wealth is to have a successful entrepreneur endeavor, and the 2nd best way is by being an investor in a successful start up the scales and exits by selling the company or going through an initial public offering. She is the best selling author of Inside Secrets to Angel Investing that is a primer for those seeking to increase their wealth by owning a percentage of multiple private companies. To learn more about Karen's company and the services they offer to entrepreneurs and investors, and to get her book, please visit Subscribe, Rate/Like to the Compassionate Capitalist Podcast.
"People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision." John Maxwell  The 'buy in' part can be customers, partners and investors. Each are motivated in different ways, and all are critical to the success of the business.  You will find universal agreement that the leadership skill set for standing in the fire as as a startup founder and building a team to launch and the skill set to build a team to grow the company and manage all the moving parts to scale through growth stages is are different.  Startup Founders can and must be hands-on, involved in much of the day to day and the strategic planning.  As the company grows in employees and operations, it is impossible to be involved in everything. How does the Founder/CEO navigate that transformation?  Listen and learn. Tune in to this Compassionate Capitalist Podcast conversation with Karen Rands and Jason Adler to learn why and how to become the leader you need to be to scale your company to a profitable exit. Jason Adler is a certified John Maxwell business coach. Jason brings over 30 years experience as an entrepreneur and a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that exist for managers, executives, and business owners in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors.  To learn more, please visit: Karen Randshas coached hundreds of startups how to launch and get funding, with an emphasis now on companies poised to SCALE if they can get UNSTUCK.   She is the best selling author of Inside Secrets to Angel Investing... creating wealth through equity ownership in multiple companies.
For Compassionate Capitalists committed to investing in entrepreneurs to bring innovation to market, create jobs, and create wealth, deciding which investments are most likely to succeed is a challenge.  The market operates on an assumption that only one out of 10 will produce enough of a return to offset the losses and small gains generated by the other 9.   For the most part, the approach to investing in entrepreneurs is an inexact science. Joe Milam, Founder at AngelSpan/The Legacy Funds, joins Karen Rands on this episode of the Compassionate Capitalist Podcast show to discuss how they are bringing WallStreet caliber analytics and fresh perspective on portfolio management to Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors. Karen and Joe discuss the past, present and potential future of making better investments in startups -- mitigating risks and making money by using analytics and risk management tools long employed by successful wallstreet fund managers.Learn more about AngelSpan Charts from How to Deploy More Capital With Confidence presentation are included in video. See the full presentation here: Entrepreneur and Investor webinars on best practices and those links can be found on Karen's Blog. Karen Rands is a nationally recognized expert on the mindset of angel investors, and the best selling author of Inside Secrets to Angel Investing, a primer for those new to angel investing and want to evaluate the risk and rewards, and have a road map for getting started in angel investing.  Learn More Watch the podcast as video recording:
When it comes to Compassionate Capitalism, as with any investment Due Diligence is a critical part of the investment decision process.  What is it exactly?  What do investors look for?  What should entrepreneurs have ready?  What are the best practices for the Due Diligence records?   Listen to this episode of the Compassionate Capitalist Radio Podcast for the Answers.   Karen Rands, as the author of the bestselling investor primer: Inside Secrets to Angel Investor, emphasizes Due Diligence throughout the book and provides templates and tools for investors in the investor portal that comes with the purchase of the book:  Learn More and get a free ebook of 12 of the 46 Inside Secrets.   Her firm, Kugarand Capital Holdings, assists company founders and C-level executives to understand what their funding options are and the strategy to attract the capital.   As Managing Director for the National Network of Angel Investors, Karen assists Angel Investors and Groups with Due Diligence best practices.  Learn More Karen's guest on this episode is Graham Gintz, serves as the Sourcing and Fundraising Associate at Techstars Social Impact, is a diligence analyst at Atlanta Technology Angels, and holds an MBA from Georgia Tech.  Graham is the Founder of Knightley, which provides founders a ready-made data room to help organize their business for growth and any future fundraising processes. Knightley is Graham's 3rd company as a founder, and he has served as a first 10 employee at 3 other investor backed startups.  To learn more about Knightley and try out their due diligence portal visit:
Colin McIntosh, Founder and CEO of Sheets & Giggles, joins Karen Rands on the Compassionate Capitalist Podcast show to share his journey to identify a way to address a cause he was passionate about with a clear material need in the market, make a profit each step of the way as the company scaled and have some fun doing it.   S&G is a luxury brand in the $12B US Bedding space that offers a sustainable alternative with eucalyptus bedding.  Softer and more breathable for body temperature fluctuations, eucalyptus derived bedding uses up to 96% less water to make than cotton, and requires no insecticides or pesticides to grow and harvest.  S&G validated their market with a successful Indiegogo reward crowdfunding campaign raising $284,000 in 2018 and went on to raise nearly $2M in venture capital, leading to a record $1M in revenue in its first 12 months of sales.  This is a case study in an entrepreneur journey to use crowd funding to validate a market, get to market, attract venture capital, and scale to $1M in sales the first year and a story that you will want to hear.    Learn more about Sheets & Giggles at  Listeners get a discount on a purchase with the discount code Karen Rands.  Like this info and want more tips on creating wealth through entrepreneurism and investing in entrepreneurs?  Sign up for the Compassionate Capitalist Coffee Break - short video tips sent about once a week. You can learn more about the services Karen offers entrepreneurs and investors, and get a free excerpt "12 Inside Secrets" from her best selling book "Inside Secrets to Angel Investing" at under the Resources tab
True equality comes with economic prosperity. The Compassionate Capitalist Podcast will explore the history of black enterprise, and government policies intended to aid in economic prosperity, and the racist practices that created barriers and obstacles to African American prosperity so that wealth and education gap which exists today has its roots dating back to the late 1800.  History shows time and time again how naive, well intentioned white people, in the spirit of compromise, released authority and control to other white people that had a sole intent to harm and hinder black people from achieving equality - socially and economically.  There are many examples of progress being made and initiatives seeking to grow black entrepreneurship, wealth creation, and reinvestment into the communities that have been neglected and abandoned.   As we look forward with these new sources of funding and entrepreneur development, we must also look back to see how to fix the fissure that over a 100 years of systemic racism has caused in our communities.  If you are opposed to giving hand outs, then give a hand up.  Work to get the loopholes that enable racists to harm and prevent the success and empowerment of people of color out of our financial, judicial, and legislative systems. Links referenced in the podcast: Economic Wealth Gap: History of Black Veterans: Drug Policy & Race: Banks: Funding: Top 100: System Racism Video:
Karen Rands is an economist by training and passion.  In March 2019 she interviewed Dr. Mark Thornton of the Mises Institute at Auburn about his book The Skyscraper Curse and discussed the factor leading to his prediction, based on Austrian Business Cycle Theory, of an economic collapse in 2020.   In the middle of a pandemic, extreme civil unrest, extremists bent on destruction, we find ourselves in the beginning of what many predict as the greatest economic collapse since the Great Depression.  Dr. Thornton joins Karen on the Compassionate Capitalist Podcast show to discuss the cause and triggers of this economic collapse and ideas for how we will create an economic recovery.  Will cannabis be the holy grail to solve our problems at multiple levels?  Free Resources from Dr. Thornton and the Mises Institute: Bust Wasn't Called by the Virus: Economics of Prohibition: Prior Podcast from 2019: Watch this video interview version: Dr. Mark Thornton is senior fellow at Ludwig von Mises Institute.  He is the author of numerous economic theory books and frequent speaker.  Learn more and contact Dr. Thornton at: Karen Rands is the author of the best selling finance education book: Inside Secrets to Angel Investing, and the founder of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement.  She is a trusted advisor to entrepreneurs and investors.  Learn more at :
This episode of the Compassionate Capitalist Podcast is different than Karen's usual interview of experts and influencers about creating and growing successful entrepreneur companies, and creating wealth by investing entrepreneur endeavors. This is a replay of Karen Rands by Scott Johnson about her experience of getting shot through the nose.  On June 2nd 1985, Karen Rands was shot through the nose by the I-95 Sniper as she was returning home from the airport in Jacksonville, Fl.  As a personal and private part of her life, Karen had not talked about this life changing event very much when she met Scott Johnson at a podcast convention in 2019.  His podcast, What Was That Like, explores the extraordinary things that happen to ordinary people.   In this replay of Scott's interview of Karen, she shares the details of the event, what it was like at that time, and how it was a part of the series of events leading to Karen stepping up to launch the Compassionate Capitalist Movement.   To see show notes, links to articles about the event and more pictures from the original interview from Sept 2019, click here: Episode 33 To learn more about Karen Rands and the Compassionate Capitalist Movement visit  When you visit Karen's website, sign up for her Compassionate Capitalist Coffee Break email with short how to videos on topic relevant to entrepreneurs and investors.  To get her best-selling finance book: Inside Secrets to Angel Investing, or a free document of the top 12 of the 47 secrets shared in her book on how to create wealth through investing in entrepreneurs, click here
Karen Rands brings Compassionate Capitalist viewers & listeners another episode of Cannabis Capitalism with her interview of Michael Scott, Founder and CEO, and Todd Sullivan, Co-CEO, of Cannapreneur Partners.   Karen, Michael & Todd discuss the challenges and opportunities for investing in canna businesses. With a predicted 14% year on year growth trend, the canna industry is expected to be $30B by 2025 making it a hot investment sector to diversify into in a portfolio.  Smart investors are learning how to unlock the liquidity of their 401Ks and reap financial rewards of tax free investing in the growing legal cannabis market. Cannapreneur Partners approaches the opportunities they see with deep financial analytical modelling and proprietary due-diligence for both investors and entrepreneurs enabling great synergies and explosive growth with cash flow in canna investments. Listen to learn: ~ Why Cannabis is the hottest investment sector over the next 5 years ~ Details about how to turn your 401K into a tax free shelter for private investments, even Cannabis investment For more information and a copy of the Michael's book, visit: Watch as Youtube: Karen Rands is the author of the best selling finance education book:  Inside Secrets to Angel Investing and the founder of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement.  Karen advises entrepreneurs on best practices for growing their companies and access to capital.  She assists investors and angel investor groups with due diligence and syndication within her Launch Funding Nework and National Network of Angel Investors.
IPOs get the big press.   Mergers & Acquisitions are usually private transactions.  Startup Founders and their investors plan for an 'exit' that sometimes may be an Initial Public Offering - IPO - but usually the most likely exit happens much sooner than an IPO, when the company gets acquired by a fund or another bigger company.   Listen to this episode of the Compassionate Capitalist Podcast show to host Karen Rands, and guest Ted Bender, discuss the differences in types of acquisitions:  horizontal, vertical, consolidation, strategic, market expansion, roll-up and  how they might pursued as an exit strategy.  Most acquisitions are calculated as a multiple on EBITDA.  For startups and early stage companies, sometimes there is a intangible factor such as the strategic value of tech or customer set that isn't measured by profit.   And then there is 'timing'... when do you sell and does there come a time of diminishing return?  Ted Bender is an expert in the M&A space, founding Croft & Bender, a highly regarded Investment Bank, with 3 private equity funds that invested in more than forty companies across various industries and growth stages. Currently Ted owns & operates TJ Bender & Company, which provides M&A, capital raising, and strategic advisory services to businesses, family offices, and private equity firms. Karen Rands  advises Founders & CEOs on growth strategies and access to capital through her Launch Funding Network.  She works with private investors and family offices on due-diligence and company operational reviews. She is the best selling author of financial primer for angel investors:  Inside Secret to Angel Investing.
Kirk Taylor & Mark Jensen join Karen Rands to discuss how they saw an opportunity to have an impact on the Appalachian Coal Mining region by overcoming the challenges of a community that so no way to turn their economy and environment around. Bees are by far the most significant animal pollinators and critical to the ecosystem. Their ability to thrive has been threatened for decades due to environmental impact of black carbon air pollution and excessive use of toxic pesticides.  Through the Land Betterment Corp, Kirk & Mark are healing the land, growing the local economy, benefiting the environmental ecosystem, giving people a vision for a better future, and making money doing it - Compassionate Capitalism. Entrepreneurs and investors are encouraged to look at novel ways they may invest their time and money to have the greatest impact and ROI as we seek to invigorate regions and industries damaged by economic downturn from COVID 19.  Kirk Taylor, President & CFO, and Mark Jensen, Executive Chairman, of Land Betterment use their extensive knowledge as serial entrepreneurs, with deep experience in financing, acquisitions and fiscal controls of public companies, to bring a bold vision for reversing the environmental and economic devastation of the region. Learn More about their business initiatives, environmental remediation, and impact investing at  Karen Rands' firm Kugarand Capital Holdings offers strategic services for entrepreneurs and investors to increase wealth through funded innovation. Learn more and get her best seller- Inside Secrets to Angel Investing at This broadcast is also available as video:
On this segment of the Compassionate Capitalist Podcast show, Karen Rands and Jim Karrh explore the value of creating an on-point message that will attract investors, increase customer loyalty, and empower your team and community to invoke the power of positive Word of Mouth messaging. Your corporate message isn't your mission statement or your corporate values statement. Your corporate message conveys your value proposition, is memorable, and easy to share. You will also find out how develop your message from startup to scale and avoid the 3 C indicators of when you are off track.  This podcast is also available as a Youtube VideoInterview: Jim Karrh, PhD has recieved national and international awards for his insights and expertise.  He is a renowned speaker and author of The Science of Customer Connections, Manage your Message to Grow Your Business.  More info available at  Karen Rands is a nationally recognized expert on angel investing and entrepreneurial economic growth.  She is the founder of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement and uses her Compassionate Capitalist Podcast Show as her platform to spread the message of wealth creation through funded innovation. Karen is the best selling author of angel investor primer: Inside Secrets to Angel Investing; Step by Step Strategies to Leverage Private Equity Investment for Passive Wealth Creation.  Learn more about how she helps entrepreneurs and investor to create wealth through successful companies and funded innovation
Hall Martin, storied angel investor from Texas, returns to the Compassionate Capitalist Podcast show with host Karen Rands to talk about his novel approach to negotiating a guarranteed ROI when investing in private companies. Both entrepreneurs and investors often focus their attention on the potential ROI of an investment based on an acquisition exit in 5 years. More times than not, that type of exit doesn't materialize because the company doesn't maintain the rate of growth originially forecasted to achieve the 4X in 5 years.   As time goes on, the IRR - the Internal Rate of Return, lowers compared to a straight ROI multiple calculation. Under Hall's 3X in 3Years model, investors and entrepreneurs establish a contracted guarranteed return for the investor if the entrepreneur doesn't hit their milestones, misses their next round of venture finance and therefore fails to scale as originally proposed. This method benefits the entrepreneur to add incentive to their first money in investors, and benefits the investors because they know they have the option to get a return in 3 years that can be put back to work in the community.  Karen and Hall cover many additional topics too.  This podcast was also created as a video and is available here: Youtube Hall Martin is the founder and CEO of TEN Capital Network.  His involvement in building and leading angel investor groups spans decades, beginning with the Central Texas Angel Network through to his current involvement with the Baylor Angel Network. His work with entrepreneurs also spans decades and many organizations.  Learn more at Karen Rands is the best selling author of Inside Secrets to Angel Investors.
Learn how startups use 360 Reputation Marketing to get big results and reach their potential for the founders and investors.   Dean Trevelino joins Karen Rands on the Compassionate Capitalist Podcast to talk about the importance of an integrated strategy that creates a trusted relationship with your target customer, good will to grow the value of the company for stake holders, and conscious capitalism to maintain trust and good will in the midst of a crisis.  Karen & Dean talk about the 5 types of media that makes up 360 Marketing that is outcome driven. 360 Reputation Marketing is a critical aspect of gaining trust from investors when raising capital through General Solicitation. Watch this as a video Dean also shares insights on how to build a team and manage steady growth of Trevelino/Keller over 17 years and multiple catastrophic economic crisis events, resulting in #2 ranking across many industries.  Learn more at  Karen provides insight from her 15 years of working with entrepreneurs and investors and why this information contributes to the wealth creation of an investor backed successful startup.  Karen is the best selling author of Inside Secrets to Angel Investing.  Get more info about how her firm is a trusted adviser to entrepreneurs and investors about wealth creation from Compassionate Capitalism at  Please subscribe to this podcast on your preferred listening platform.  Available on Apple Podcast, TuneIn, Stitcher, Google Podcast and many more.
In an era of social isolation and financial uncertainty, are angel investors still investing? How are they sourcing deals and reviewing new opportunities? Are angel investors holding back like they did in 2009?  Is the optimism in the market? Have the angel networks shifted their opportunity areas or changed the stage of opportunity they are seeking? Listen to learn the answers to these questions and so much more.  This episode of the The Compassionate Capitalist Podcast will explore the creative ways that angel investor networks are staying in the game to make investments in innovation, grow small business and job creation.   Karen Rands is joined by Barry Etra, who runs two Entrepreneur / Angel Investor forums in Atlanta. The first is the RAISE Forum, which focuses on local early-stage companies in an effort to fund more local companies at higher levels and to keep them in the SE. The second is the Atlanta chapter of the Keiretsu Forum, that sources emerging growth companies on the East Coast providing them access to investment capital from the the largest and most active Angel Investment network in the world, with 52 chapters on 3 continents. To get more information Karen Rands is nationally recognized for her expertise in entrepreneurs' access to capital and the best selling author of the financial primers for angel investors:  Inside Secrets to Angel Investing.   She ran one of the most active angel investor group in the Southeast and pioneered the Entrepreneur/Investor conferences in Atlanta before the 2009 recession spooked investors who took their money out of the market.   Karen launched the Compassionate Capitalist Movement then. Learn More
Karen kicks off this Compassionate Capitalist Podcast by talking about financing and leadership best practices for the small businesses during this time of economic and financial uncertainty to come out the other end stronger and better prepared grow your company and profits in 60 days. Karen first briefly covers the types of capital available through the SBA under the CARES Act, other types of capital, business disruption planning, exercising your mind and your strategy for coming out of this downtime better and stronger.  Karen then sets the stage for part two of the podcast with her interview with Interim CFO, Niki Bell.  Karen provides clarity on phrases and terms discussed in the second part, specifically 'public offering' and 'return on investment'.   Investors and Lenders consider the company's financials as a key basis for any decision to invest or lend money.  CFOs are critical to accurate financial reporting -- forecasting as a startup and accurate reflecting the health of a business if a going concern.  Interim CFO's are temporary or part time until the company has the need for a full time CFO.  Niki Bell is offers Financial Advisory, Business Consulting and Leadership Development for growing companies and connects company projects up with investors seeking those types of opportunities. Karen Rands is the best selling author of Inside Secrets to Angel Investors, working with angel groups to turn their underperforming portfolio companies and helps them build implement a fresh capital strategy to match their growth business strategy, while providing access to capital through the Launch Funding Network.  Learn more at
As Investors and Entrepreneurs, it is hard to anticipate what a crisis, internally or externally, may have on the future of your business.  Listen to hear Karen Rands and David Nour talk about how to anticipate and respond to business disrupters that can send your company, and your investments, into crisis.  Change, creativity, and collaboration are the 3 Cs that can keep a company on it's growth curve.  In David's new book, Curve Benders, he explores the intersection of the Future of Work and Strategic Relationships. Curve Benders outlines 15 forces that will dramatically impact the way we work, the way we live, the way we play, and the way we give.  How will the way that we work in next 20 years change in the next 2 decades, or in the next 2 years with the devastating impact of COVID19?   Listen to this lively conversation with Karen and David on the Compassionate Capitalist Podcast. David Nour is internationally recognized as the leading expert on strategic business relationships. The author of ten books, including best-sellers CO-CREATE and Relationship Economics, as well as the upcoming Curve Benders (IdeaPress).  Nour serves as a trusted advisor to global clients and coaches corporate leaders and rising entrepreneurs.  Intro to Curve Benders:      Visit for more information.  Karen Rands is a nationally recognized expert on Angel Investing, the leader of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement, and the author of the best selling finance book for wealth creation:  Inside Secrets to Angel Investing.   Learn more about how she helps companies grow their business and get the capitali to do it at
As part of the Compassionate Capitalist Podcast series, we produced this video episode too.  Although crowdfunding started with reward based, the advent of the JOBS Act in 2012 introduced 4 ways to raise equity capital from the crowd.  The expanded pool of additional investors are not your typical angel investors.  The 4 methods to solicit from the general public are not created equal.   Watch and Listen as Karen explains the difference and how companies are having success using the 4 methods: Intrastate Exemption (Reg D 504), Reg D 506c, Reg CF and Reg A+.   This Compassionate Capitalist Video is availabale on Youtube: You can also listen and subscribe on these popular players: iTunes: Stitcher: TuneIn: Get Karen's bestselling book here: Engage Karen to get access to capital and investor relations:
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