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G'day, I'm Kat John. My mission is to make self responsibility your #1 go to place when your life isn't turning out the way you'd hoped. Through sharing relatable stories, real guidance and raw truths, this podcast is sure to inspire you to move out of your pain and into your power.

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I stand behind that being a true leader is to lead from the front. That you can show up, not be okay and still be a powerful fkn legend. I believe a true leader doesn't just preach the, "it's okay to not be okay" message, but instead embodies it and applies the tools to shift the shit.
It's painful watching the people around you that you love suffer. You want to help them, cheer them on to victory and offer pumped up words in hope of inspiring change. But if you're doing this, nothing is changing and you're meeting resistance, here's what I suggest.
Hold Your Own

Hold Your Own


FOMO often got the better of me, which meant it took a while to stop habits like smoking, drugs, binge drinking, binge bitching, binge complaining and all the rest. My people pleasing desire to fit in and be part of the gang overrided my true desire to live life how I wanted to. I had to make peace with the fact that shifting to a new level of life involved growing pains and that my life wasn't about fitting in anymore.
Control Issues

Control Issues


I hate to admit it but yep, I do have control issues and it comes out in the form of wanting a perfect house with perfectly puffed pillows that are perfectly colour coordinated. Over the years I have made this matter more than what is truly important and it's been recently tested since becoming a step-mum. For anyone out there who knows what I'm talking about, you'll want to listen to this.
You can be anxious about your dreams and still fulfil them. You can be overwhelmed about your souls vision and still bring it to life. You can be scared about making changes that lead into the unknown and still take that step forward. Trying to fix the sh!t conditions before fulfilling your dreams only puts your dreams heartbeat on hold and keeps the unwanted condition alive.Meet life heart on with all the shit and show up anyway.
Steve and I don't fight. We sure as hell see things differently (because he's always wrong and I'm always right, haha), and we absolutely have our moments where we want to yell, scream, shutdown and control the other - but we don't. We have committed to a relationship that has a certain energy, emotion and vibe and when we're off path, we do specific things so we remain connected, in our hearts and in love.
Fking Around In Indecision

Fking Around In Indecision


Making powerful choices and decisions means you are a powerful person, and most of us have forgotten how powerful we truly are. I catch myself plenty of times pretending not to be powerful and it results in behaviours that are counterintuitive to where and what my heart truly longs to do. Awareness is always key to shift the sh!t but it isn't enough - you have to do something about.
You contribute nothing to your life, others or the world when you sit on the sidelines and comment on all the things that would be great if they were different. For real change to take place you've got to stand up, rise up and walk down to the arena of life and overcome your fears of playing big. This is what I faced when becoming a step-mum.
Overwhelm is a state your ego creates to act incapable, taking your focus away from the obvious next best step. When you're overwhelmed you feel lost, confused, blocked, stuck, stressed and all the fun things (not) which literally blocks you from knowing what your next best step is. But as always, when there is a will, there's a way.
The first meditation class I ever ran, one person showed up. The following week, no one showed up, and you should have heard the narrative that went on in my head. I was convinced I should give up on my business, pull the plug and never attempt to live my purpose, but instead turned to my heart for real guidance. It was then I understood what it meant to shift the plan WHILST holding the vision, and not give up.
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