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Getting to what matters. That’s what Katie Couric does best. She asks the questions you’d ask and pushes for real answers. She helps make sense of a crazy world. And now she’s bringing her thoughtful, relatable style (along with the occasional show tune) to the world of podcasting. Join Katie and her co-host Brian Goldsmith as they talk to the most fascinating people in news, politics, and pop culture. New personalities, new insights, and new episodes—every Thursday.

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Comments (6)


since october 2018 Castbox does not show new episodes anymore 😕

Dec 4th


Krista J Finally it does work on castbox again. 🙄

Dec 10th

Krista J

bani I found them on stitcher

Dec 6th

Kinny Ramoeng

love Katie's singing

May 9th

Drea Griffin

I don't think you needed to question Mona further about Minster Farrakhan. She was absolutely on point that he has been trying to uplift his people who do indeed deserve reparations which mainstream America refuses to address. NOI an offshoot of mainstream Islam that needs to considered in relation to African Americans rather than Muslims orArabs - don't confuse the two

Apr 26th

Sal Posimato

This is a great podcast show. My name is Sal. . I have been a Katie Couric fan since she started on the today show. This podcast is a great show and is very entertaining and we'll performed. This show continues to show the intelligent and talented Katie Couric at her best. Every show she has ever done was terrific and this show is amazing too. This is why Katie Couric is a success.

Apr 25th
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