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Kawaii-Fi Radio is all about Anime and Manga!

Every episode we look at what's we're watching right now, touch on the big anime stories of the fortnight, and try to answer some big questions - like who approved the Netflix Death Note?

New episodes fortnightly, Videos on YouTube Monthly!

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EP 70: Cowboy Bebop

EP 70: Cowboy Bebop


This episode…. it’s time to talk about THAT Cowboy Bebop Live action.Netflix’s adaptation is out in the wild – the team have watched it and we have some thoughts on it… In fact, it’s pretty well balanced!Join us as we dive into what it truly means to create an Adaptation, strong facial features and disappointing endings – plus the latest news and reviews too!EPISODE SEGMENTS00:00:00 – Show Opener00:00:58 – Opening Chat: MHA Movie 300:05:49 – What We’re Watching00:21:58 – Live Action: Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop01:04:49 – Anime Communique01:14:46 – Back Catalogue: Cowboy Bebop01:24:32 – Show OutroJOIN THE KAWAII-FI COMMUNITYInstagram: USPatreon: us a Coffee: ELSEWHERE?Spotify:!Youtube:
Well, it's finally come to this - we've hit our 69th episode and after applying pressure for months, the team finally convinced Kyle that this was a good idea.This time we talk about the lewd, rude and occasionally crude world of raunchy anime to celebrate our 69th episode! From zombie apocalypses to animes about trialling brothels... there's a lot to address.EPISODE SEGMENTS00:00:00 – Show Opener00:00:57 – Opening Chat00:10:54 – What We’re Watching00:26:18 – Retro Classic: Ninja Scroll, Rin Daughters of Mnemosyne00:46:30 – Anime Communique00:59:40 – Back Catalogue: Highschool of the Dead, Interspecies Reviewers01:22:12 – Show Outro JOIN THE KAWAII-FI COMMUNITYInstagram:!Youtube: SUPPORT USPatreon: us a Coffee: LISTEN ELSEWHERE?Spotify:
It’s October! And that means Halloween is just around the corner!So let’s talk spooky anime and – as voted by our Patreon Members – this years Halloween episode is all about Demons in anime.We have a LONG list of anime featuring Demons so join us as we look through them and generally act a little spooky!___________________________________________________________________EPISODE SEGMENTS00:00:00 – Show Opener00:00:57 – Opening Chat00:08:32 – What We’re Watching00:23:45 – Halloween: Demon Anime00:47:05 – Anime Communique01:00:09 – Halloween: Demon Anime01:24:25 – Show Outro___________________________________________________________________JOIN THE KAWAII-FI COMMUNITYInstagram: USPatreon: us a Coffee: ELSEWHERE Spotify:!Youtube: ANIMEDragon Ball (1986 | Toei Animation | Action, Adventure, Martial Arts)Demon Slayer (2019 | UFOTable | Action, Supernatural)Jujutsu Kaisen (2020 | MAPPA | Action, Supernatural)Devil Survivor 2 The Animation (2013 | Bridge | Action Supernatural)Princess Mononoke (1997 | Ghibli | Action, Adventure, Supernatural)Dororo (2019 | Tezuka Productions/MAPPA | Action, Adventure, Supernatural)Inuyasha (2000 | Sunrise | Adventure, Supernatural, Romance, Comedy)Welcome to Demon School Irumakun (2019 | Bandai Namco | Comdey Supernatural)Somali and the Forest Spirit (2020 | Satelight | Adventure, Fantasy, Slice of Life)Chrono Crusade (2003 | Gonzo | Action, Romance, Supernatural)Dance with the Devils (2015 | Brain’s Base | Romance, Supernatural)Black Butler aka Kuro Shitsuji (2008 | A-1 Pictures | Action, Comedy, Mystery, Supernatural)Blue Exorcist (2011 | A-1 Pictures | Action, Fantasy, Adventure)7 Deadly Sins (2014 | A-1 Pictures | Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural)Reincarnated as a Slime (2018 | 8bit | Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy)The Demon Girl Next Door (2019 | J.C.Staff | Comedy, Slive of Life)
This episode it’s hard to believe it, but we’re already in the last season of the year! The Autumn Anime season has kicked off this week, bringing with is a deluge of new shows – but surprisingly less isekai than you’d expect! From Vampire Cosmonauts to a returning series of old, there’s plenty to check out this Autumn/Fall season! EPISODE LINKSHoshi: After Dark - Shop - Pop on Instagram - Japanese PM is a fan of Demon slayer - SEGMENTS00:00:00 – Show Opener00:00:36 – Opening Chat:00:09:20 – Season in Review: Summer 202100:28:15 – Autumn Anime Season 2021 – Part 101:00:22 – Anime Communique01:20:58 – Autumn Anime Season 2021 – Part 201:38:10 – Show Outro ______________________________________________JOIN THE KAWAII-FI COMMUNITYInstagram: OUR YOUTUBE: ______________________________________________SUPPORT USPatreon: us a Coffee: ______________________________________________LISTEN ELSEWHERESpotify:
EP 66: What is Chaos Anime?

EP 66: What is Chaos Anime?


This episode – it’s time to get a little Chaotic!We’re talking Chaos anime – the shows that leave you stunned, confused or laughing out loud at the sheer insanity of their stories.From pulling on cosmic strings to school-life madness, there’s so many of these stories to share – and we’ve got 4 that are worth a look! This plus What We’re Watching, the latest Anime News and all the usual antics!  EPISODE SEGMENTS00:00:00 – Show Preview00:00:57 – Opening Chat!00:06:22 – What We’re Watching00:22:59 – Back Catalogue: Chaos Anime00:43:50 – Anime Communique01:02:56 – Retro Anime: Chaos Anime00:00:00 – Show Outro JOIN THE KAWAII-FI COMMUNITYInstagram:!Youtube: USPatreon: us a Coffee: LISTEN ELSEWHERE?Spotify:
As mentioned on our Discord and Social Media, this week’s episode is a short programming update as the team plans the rest of the year's shows and gets some well-deserved time off! We've also got a few fun events coming up that you might want to check out including Dreamy Pop's first live - Sugar High: More details on Hoshi: After Dark on our social media in the coming weeks :) ______________________________________________EPISODE SEGMENTS00:00:00 –Opener00:00:59 – Anime News Update00:05:29 – Programming00:09:45 – Outro______________________________________________VIDEOS!Youtube: THE KAWAII-FI COMMUNITYInstagram: USPatreon: us a Coffee: TO LISTEN ELSEWHERE?Spotify:
EP 65: What is a Tsundere?

EP 65: What is a Tsundere?


This episode we’re talking about that character archetype so many of us know all too well – the Tsundere. It’s been a mainstay in anime for almost as long as the art form has existed, but where did the term actually come from? The answer to this, a list of some of the biggest Tsundere characters and the highest-rated Tsundere anime – all in this episode! EPISODE SEGMENTS00:00:00 – Show Opener00:00:58 – Opening Chat: World Cosplay Summit00:15:13 – What We’re Watching: GF GF, Opera Girl, The Great Jahy, Godzilla SP00:29:34 – Ani Talks: What is a Tsundere?00:49:33 – Anime Communique01:02:31 – Back Catalogue: ToraDora01:14:31 – Show Outro JOIN THE KAWAII-FI COMMUNITYInstagram:!Youtube: USPatreon: us a Coffee: PREFER TO LISTEN ELSEWHERE?Spotify: 
With Winter truly hitting Western Australia shores with torrential downpours and frosty temperatures, what better way to warm up than with a delicious Anime Hotpot! The team have brought an anime of their choosing to talk about ranging from political intrigue to isekai! And there’s been plenty to talk about from around the world too! So grab your hot beverage of choice, settle yourself into a comfy chair with a blanket and join us! Or you could crank that air-con and hide from the sun – your choice!  ______________________________________________EPISODE SEGMENTS00:00:00 – Show Opener00:00:57 – Opening Chat00:17:58 – What We’re Watching00:40:55 – Back Catalogue 1: Starlight & Gate01:06:34 – Anime Communique01:27:43 – Back Catalogue 2: Slime & ACCA1301:54:25 – Show Outro  _______________________________________________LINKS FROM THE EPISODEGhibli Museum Fundraiser - THE KAWAII-FI COMMUNITYInstagram: ______________________________________________SUPPORT USPatreon: us a Coffee: ______________________________________________PREFER TO LISTEN? Spotify: ______________________________________________VIDEOS!Youtube: 
It’s a bumper episode as we look ahead to the 2021 Summer Anime Season, and recap our favourites from Spring – and we’ve got Keiralee from Anime-niacs Cosplay with us too!We’ve found 10 shows from this season that are worth checking out (in our humble opinion) but let us know what’s grabbed your interest too!EPISODE SEGMENTS00:00:00 – Show Opener00:00:57 – Opening Chat:00:04:50 – Summer Season01:17:44 – Anime Communique01:29:30 – Season in Review01:49:50 – Show Outro VIDEOS!Youtube: THE KAWAII-FI COMMUNITYInstagram: SUPPORT USPatreon: Buy us a Coffee: TO LISTEN ELSEWHERE?Spotify:
Josee, the Tiger and the Fish has been in Australian cinemas – so we went to check it out! And then... half the team got sick (Thankfully, just a cold - it’s winter here!)So Kyle and Aaron dragged Emma in to join us for this episode!EPISODE SEGMENTS00:00:00 – Show Opener00:00:58 – Opening Chat:00:04:48 – What We’re Watching00:24:54 – Cinema Club: Josee, the Tiger and the Fish00:50:38 – Anime Communique01:05:56 – Show Outro JOIN THE KAWAII-FI COMMUNITYInstagram: VIDEOS!Youtube: USPatreon: Buy us a Coffee: ELSEWHERE?Spotify:
This episode Sailor Moon is on the agenda, and with the new Eternal films out in the wild we have to ask – are they any good? Special Guest Emma joins us as we look at the history and importance of this iconic show – and address some of its problems. Episode segments:00:00:00 – Show Preview & Opener00:00:57 – Opening Chat: Guest, Videos and Show Ahead00:07:21 – What We’re Watching00:28:33 – Back Catalogue: Sailor Moon00:51:48 – Anime Communique01:14:57 – Cinema Club: Sailor Moon Eternal Movies01:45:21 – Show Outro  Notes on AnimeLab becoming FunimationAnnouncement: Come join us!Discord: Patreon: us a Coffee: Listen Elsewhere? Spotify: Join us on YouTube!Youtube:
Hot off our live show at Tokyo Alley, we’re talking about travel in anime and how it showcases the world! Our Special Guest Japandaman joins us via Skype to talk all things travel anime, before he shares one of his favourite series – time travel included! Episode segments:00:00:00 – Show Opener00:00:57 – Opening Chat: Japandaman, Tokyo Alley, Reviews!00:05:56 – What We’re Watching: Brothers Conflict, Sk8 the Infinity, Golden Kamuy, Dr. Stone00:19:49 – Anime World Tour: Showcasing the World00:55:54 – Anime Communique01:13:34 – Back Catalogue: Steins;Gate01:29:00 – Show Outro JapandamanGo check out Cristian’s photography and his Japanese Pop Culture website!www.japandaman.com Come join us!Discord: Patreon: us a Coffee: Join us on YouTube!Youtube: Want to Listen elsewhere?Spotify: 
This episode we talk about comedy anime – shows to make us laugh and that make us poke our friends to pay attention! From classic gags to witty conversations – there are so many great shows and we’re going to touch on 4 that we love. And as comedy can sometimes go awry - this episode comes with a mild parental guidance warning. These shows, while hilarious, do contain a bit of content that may be a bit much for our younger listeners. Episode segments00:00:00 – Show Opener00:00:57 – Opening Chat:00:04:57 – What We’re Watching00:19:44 – Back Catalogue: Yuru Yuri, Nichijou00:39:56 – Anime Communique: Komi, Abyss, KonoSuba, Dragonball Super00:55:07 – Retro Classics: Zatch Bell, Ranma ½01:27:53 – Show Outro Tokyo Alley: FMA Theatre - Scar’s Real Name: Come join us!Discord: Patreon: us a Coffee: us on YouTube!Youtube: to Listen Somewhere Else?Spotify:
This episode on Kawaii-Fi Radio - the beloved shoujo series NANA has returned to streaming after disappearing for a little while back on Funimation - and the English dub is being re-released along with it! We also touch on the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize awards, with some incredible manga winning the honours. And sticking with the theme of independent young women, we look back at a Ghibli classic – Kiki’s Delivery Service! Episode segments:00:00:00 – Show Opener00:01:00 – Opening Chat:00:03:47 – What We’re Watching00:29:05 – Back Catalogue: Nana00:47:11 – Anime Communique01:06:47 – Miyazaki: Kiki’s Delivery Service01:32:39 – Show Outro  Come join us!Discord: Patreon: us a Coffee: Prefer to Listen somewhere else?Spotify: Join us on YouTube!Youtube: 
The Kawaii-Fi Team look at which anime could make the move to the Live-Action format and which one’s really shouldn’t with the help of Keiralee from ANIME-NIACS Cosplay! We touch on the big news stories of the past week, what the team’s been watching and dip our toes in some Chaos Culture Anime. Check out Anime-niacs Cosplay on FB and Insta! Episode segments:00:00:00 – SHOW OPENER00:00:57 – OPENING CHAT00:04:38 – WHAT WE’RE WATCHING ft Bobo Bo Bobobo, Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song, Farewell My Dear Cramer & Nomad00:20:23 – MAKING A LIVE ACTION00:50:07 – ANIME COMMUNIQUE ft JoJo, YuruCamp, Anohana, Dororo, Kamen Rider01:12:03 – BACK CATALOGUE: Galaxy Angel01:22:52 – SHOW OUTRO JOIN US!Discord: Patreon: us a Coffee: VISIT OUR YOUTUBE!Youtube:
Snow is apparently melting somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere as Spring gets underway - and that means there's some new anime knocking on our door! We’ve picked 11 anime from the 2021 Spring Season that we think are worth checking out and we’ll be running you through them this episode! Also – we look back at the 2021 Summer Season and talking about our favourite anime of the past 3 months…. and one big disappointment. If you’ve listened to our previous episodes this year, you probably won’t struggle to guess which show this is. And one of our team has joined an idol group! Well, not really – April fools and all! If you’re up for a Goofy Laugh, check out the Video here:  SHOW SEGMENTS00:00:00 – Show Opener00:00:35 – Opening Chat: Videos, Puns, Idols and Patreon00:06:35 – Season in Review00:23:55 – Spring Anime 100:59:31 – Spring Anime 201:38:54 – Show Outro JOIN US!Discord: Patreon: us a Coffee: VISIT OUR YOUTUBE!Youtube:
This episode the team ask an important question - What existing anime franchise could work as a weekly, long-running show like One Piece, Naruto or Fairy Tale? It might sound easy, but some shows definitely won't work!We also touch on a certain franchise, what we're watching and the big anime news from the past fortnight!Oh and Discord! It's finally active and the perma-link is below; come join us for a friendly community discussing anime, games and nerd culture! Episode segments:00:00:00 – Show Preview00:00:57 – Opening Chat:00:05:00 – What We’re Watching00:18:41 – Feature: What anime could become a weekly series?00:41:08 – Anime Communique00:58:00 – BackCata: A Certain Series01:10:18 – Show Outro JOIN US!Discord: Patreon: us a Coffee: VISIT OUR YOUTUBE!Youtube:
Demon Slayer has been taking the world by storm thanks to its most recent film – Mugen Train, but there’s still an important question to answer: Is it actually any good? Join us this episode for a look at the Demon Slayer manga, the anime, it’s history and the phenomenon it’s become – along with our special guest: Asumi Cosplay! Episode segments:00:00:00 – Show Opener00:00:56 – Opening Chat00:05:03 – What We’re Watching00:18:12 – Manga-Kai: Demon Slayer00:32:00 – Anime Communique00:46:30 – Cinema Club: Demon Slayer The Movie – Mugen Train01:05:38 – Show Outro Find Asumi and Hoshi on Instagram:Asumi:  JOIN US!Discord: Patreon: us a Coffee: VISIT OUR YOUTUBE!Youtube:
This episode we’re talking about our first anime loves – that show that tipped us from the casual anime viewer to the dedicated otaku consumer of japans anime industry. We also tell Crunchyroll why their award system is broken and how they can fix it – and the nominees are not the problem. Episode segments:00:00:00 – Show Opener00:00:57 – Opening Chat00:05:11 – What We’re Watching00:25:11 – Back Catalogue: Naruto & Samurai Champloon00:49:10 – Anime Communique01:09:33 – Retro Classics: Sailor Moon & Trigun01:35:03 – Show OutroJOIN US!Discord: Patreon: us a Coffee: VISIT OUR YOUTUBE!Youtube:
EP 52: CloverWorks in Focus

EP 52: CloverWorks in Focus


Hoshicon is done and dusted and the Kawaii-Fi team are back - with an updated format!In this episode we're locking our gaze on a studio many of us would have heard about in the past 3 years - Cloverworks.Where did they come from and why are their shows consistently great quality?All this and more with new regular segments and plenty of laughs!Episode segments:00:00:00 – Show Opener00:00:47 – Opening Chat00:06:02 – What We’re Watching00:19:08 – Studio in Focus: CloverWorks00:37:30 – Anime Communique01:04:11 – Cinema Club: Her Blue Sky01:23:13 – Show OutroJOIN US!Discord: Patreon: us a Coffee: VISIT OUR YOUTUBE!Youtube:
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